Casual easy enjoyement.

I heard that facing the truth is hard and makes u suffering. Or even disgusting like Mr. Jung wrote in his psycho-books. That it s painful but worthy because it s going to help the blossomin of a new personality, and stuff like that.

But facing ourself can also be easier than we think and more comfortable than reading a psycho-book about it. It just happens, just because you want. If you want to play you will get the ball and play. Without any need to feeling hurt nor misunderstood nor even crashed inside. There is no confusion about it. It is already happening this kind of enjoyement.


Starting point.

Diving is like a meditation. Getting to become one with aquatic nature and watching the colors and the wonders of a deep sea abyssin landscape. Total silence surrounding the human nature. Becoming one with this present silence.

Painting is also like a meditation. Expressing the beauty thru movements of the hand, putting it into colors, lines, shapes.  Without thinking, drawing into the silence.

Tai-chi is like a meditation. Feeling the energy rising up and refreshing the senses and everything else into the being. Each movement is in harmony with inner breathing and spirituality of self.

Photoshooting is just like meditation too. The focus of the nerves, the observation of the present moment. In relax, in dynamism, in fun.

Surfing the net is perfect meditation. Like surfing the waves of something bigger and empty. The vibrations of the entire universe surrounding the digital personal experience.    

Whole life IS meditation. Or at least the starting point of… it. It…?!

The daily connection

The most beautiful thing is when you are tired or stressed or bored or a mix of the above or/and something else different (whatever you want to feel you are free to feel it anyway). It`s when the day was plane and uninteresting, and nothing special happened or you got a great new and you are jumping with joy. You could not reach the heart of that person as you have wished, you have tried many times and things do not change, you have meditated too. Days look flat normal or they look quite gorgeous to yourself.  The most beautiful thing is that despite the flatness or the gorgeousness, you know the truth and its aspects. It goes beyond and ahead of all the above descriptions, and justifications. Perhaps it s not a feeling but it s something that you know and doesnt move and you dont lose it even when you feel what you feel.  I think this is when you are connected to the truth.

Asians ripped off by westerners promising enlightenment and improvements in life


Spiritual teachers, sound shamans, crystal healers, general healers, no idea how much rubbish there is also in Asia. They come from Europe or America  and start estabilishing themselves in China, Thailand, Indonesia…they even succed in opening retreat or healing centers with the sole scope to earn money and live their life. They are very clever and organize lots of workshop using the words: WISDOM – ENERGY – MEDITATION – RELAXING – CREATIVITY – SECRET – CONSCIOUSNESS – SUBTLE – POWER – HEALING- DIVINE SELF – EXPERIENCE TO EVOLVE – MIRACLE – CREATION.

Be careful. And be smart.

Here in Hong Kong they plan saturdays 7 hours workshop for 1.111 HKD and will promise to make you familiar with the keys to success and power, an easy guide to create your own life and improve it in all kinds of aspects.

Be smart and be alert.

They will tell that gratitude is the attitude and that money in this materialistic society is not leading to anything. On the other hand they will charge you a lot of money for a workshop and for 1 hour session (here in HK 800 HKD) of consultation, healing or astrology.

They will come up with some secret code or secret book that will want to teach you about, recalling some master or knowledge from the ancient times. Sometimes they dont live in Hong Kong and travel here in the weekend just to collect the money of their students. But once they go back home their students (are you or have you already been one of them??) are left in a transitive happy mood which will last only for some hours, then it will vanish and again there will be the need to go back to another workshop, and another and another. But the reality of life and the true joy cannot depend upon a workshop or a weekend seminar. It depends only on you.

So be smart and good luck.


Wrapping up of a cute wordpress blog

mother and daughter

It is completed now. It is for all the people who understand the nature of the children at the way Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has always been encouraging. To seek the purity from within and fall in love with our playfullness and the play of life itself. In form of messages and in three languages: see also here

108 Joy Giving Things for Children

Just like a heart beat

How is your heart beat? Do you check on it? Not medically but for real. i found out that my heart beat is regular and especially during two moments of the day/week it goes towards the extreme without even touching them.  During sitting time of meditation it slows down a lot, during a dance performance it does increase.

Traditional Chinese doctors suggest not to take to any hyper dynamic activity after 50 years of age. When we get old we should keep our heart beat on the same regular tune as much as possible. Nowaday there is a big trend to go jogging, running ~ there are big financial companies here in town which promote marathons to push up the heart beat of their employees and throw them in stressful conditions with the pretest of charity events or enhancing team spirit. But a completely conscious person will not listen to them and have great care of his heart beat.

Krishna & the Chinese New Year of the Cow


Here is a short extract from Bhaja Govindam by poet Adi Shankaracharya. One of the Holy names of Shri Krishna, who has extensive control on the ability of the humankind to be collective, is Govinda.


Worship Govinda who is supreme bliss, who is the protector of the world, who made his advent in the world as Gopála through his lilá, who is the protector of the race (of Yádavas) and of cows, who made the cowherds happy by lifting up through his lilá the Govardhana mountain were the gopès used to play, whose name “Govinda” is uttered clearly by the cows (or scriptures), who has may names, and who is beyond the reach of the ignorant.
Worship Govinda who is supreme bliss, who was present in each of the different groups of gopis, who appears in different forms, who is one and nondual, whose beautiful form was covered by the dust raised always by the hooves of the cows, whose blissful nature is realized by sraddhá and bhakti, who is unimaginable, whose existence is known to the wise, and whose greatness is like that of the gem cintámaïi



The Chinese essence (part 1)

There is a recent article on national geograpghic about Russians nights and co. talking about how Russia had fastly grew capitalistically in these last few years. And the author makes a comparisong which goes: americans will never understand Russians because they see or everything white or everything black; a Russian always see 80% of grey. So pointing out about perspectives. and it has been weeks, if not mounths, if not all my life since the moment (at 6 years old) i knew i had something inside that later discovered to be called consciousness, that i have my attention in the perspective. I think perspective is everything and it is the main big anchor to make an human being satisfied with smooth ungoings.

On one side my parents always talked about perspective to me that it is essencial to have one from inside, to refine it and to utilize it like a unit of measure all the time. This is the first reason which brought myself to discover Yoga because when you understand Yoga you start to grow a divine perspective inside and stick to it all all the times, in every moment and with every one. But sorry this is not the topic of this post for now.

The topic of this post is: will the European ever understand the Chinese? as you can imagine i am highly concerned about this one cause i am already gettin Chinese on my right side and European on my left side.

There are some flows characteristics of these modern years which may need  adjustements into our heads otherwise the future years to come will be not nice at all. Of these characteristics everybody talks/writes/speaks a lot about but the only living Person who until now has centered the begin of a concrete and fully balanced examination or introspection you may say is Nirmala Srivastava. Therefore i urge you to find out more about Her speeches and start to consider we need to be realized people to understand the world.

The flows characterizing our EUROPEAN & CHINESE society are:

  • the mind of the people is drunk with matters and most updated possessions (they call it materialism)
  • the mind of the people does want to care minimally for the society and make no real/practical effort
  • the minds are not connected with the heart neither with the spirit which is inside the heart; however people are disconnected and have weak understanding of situations and problems in general
  • there is a lot of confusion about freedom, freedom from within, freedom in the government, religious freedom…again no understanding.
  • people are seeking for a genuine perspective to approach as model of life in order to never fail in all aspects
  • people should know that culture, traditions have to be liberated by conditioning appendix and have to resurrect to an eternal state of what they are and why they were born for; there is a lot of ignorance capturing all around.

In short, i did not wanted to talk about perspectives, not even about whats written here above actually. This is like a “preambolo” to what Chinese essence can give to Europe. It will come hopefully soon.


America wake up darlin!

We have little idea of how music acts on people. Thru music an entire nation can awaken! Be blessed America. And whole World.

I know not from distant time thou

I know not from distant time thou

arte ever coming nearer to me. Thy sun and stars

can never keep

thee hidden from me for aye.

In many a morning and eve thy footsteps

have been heard and thy messenger has come

within my heart and called me in secret.

I know not why today my life is all astir,

and a feeling of tremulous joy

is passing thru my heart.

It is as if the time were come to wind up my work,

and I feel in the air

a faint smell of thy sweet presence.

[radha quoting Tagore – Gitanjali

Star of the Mother of the World


Toward that seven-starred constellation known as the Seven Sisters, the Seven Elders or the Great Bear, the consciousness of humanity has at all times been directed. The Scriptures extol this celestial sign and Buddhism’s sacred Trepitaka dedicates an imposing hymn to it. Ancient Magi and Egyptians carved it upon the stones. And the black faith of Shaman of the wild taiga paid their obeisance to it.
     To another of heaven’s miracles, the constellation of Orion, which the wisuom of astronomers has named the “Three Magi,” were dedicated the ancient temples of mystery in Central Asia.
     As a pair of iridescent wings, these two constellations are spread out across the firmament. Between them, darting headlong toward earth, is the Star of the Morning, resplendent abode of the Mother of the World. By its dominating light, by its unprecedented approach, it foretells the new era of humanity.
     The dates, recorded eons since, are being fulfilled in the starry runes. The predictions of the Egyptian Heiro-phants are being invested with reality before our eyes. Verily, this is a time of wonder for its witnesses. Likewise predestined and also descending over humanity is that satellite of the Mother of the World—Beauty, the living raiment. As a garment of purification must the sign of Beauty glorify each hearth.
     Simplicity—Beauty—Fearlessness: so it is ordained! Fearlessness is our guide. Beauty is the ray of comprehension and upliftment. Simplicity is the sesame to the gates of the coming mystery. And not the menial simplicity of hypocrisy, but the great simplicity of attainment encircled in the folds of love. Simplicity which unlocks the most sacred and mysterious gates to him who brings his torch of sincerity and incessant labor. Not the Beauty of conventionality and deceit, which harbors the worm of decadence, but that Beauty of the spirit of truth which annihilates all prejudices. Beauty alight with the true freedom and attainment and glorious with the miracle of flowers and of sounds. Not the Fearlessness of artifice, but the Fearlessness which knows the unsounded depths of creation and discriminates between self-confidence in action and the presumption of conceit. Fearlessness which possesses the sword of courage and which smites down vulgarity in all its forms even though it be adorned in riches.

words and painting by N. Roerich

Meditation camps


 I have been attending Meditation camps since 2002 and I find them quite incomparable to any other experience for inner growth. Normally they are organized in very beautiful places where the presence of the nature is strong and pervading and you can spend your time in complete freedom, chatting with new people, sharing talks, suggestions, doubts, everything you like. You can even give your support for whatever it is needed from the kitchen to the cultural program, from the singing and dancing performances to the kids area, there is always lots to do and enjoy during a weekend of this kind. And most of all you will feel a little bit like a new person the next week.

Imagine to attend a minimum of two of these weekends  per year for all your life. When you will be 80 you will look at yourself in the mirror and will find a completely transformed person not only in the body but also in the way of feeling and thinking. You will be the embodiment of a new personality who has enjoyed a meditative mood during the whole life. Isn’t it exciting and marvelous?

There is always so much we can learn during a Meditation camp