My top 7 possessions at large.

1. The Chinese way. If it is Chinese it will stick to me. Even what does not suite me, it would stick anyway in a way or in another, before or after. Funny possession.

2. Tomatoes and avocados: The red one started to find its way into me probably at infant state, when i was initiated to real food after the milky one. It was tomatoes like everyday, with bread, with pasta, with meat, on the pizza, in the soup. Nowadays tomatoes taste not like tomatoes but i buy them anyway. I learned to control this purchase very well though. The green one is a modern possession, or about eight years old. I met them in Colombia for the first time and from then i cant stay without.

3. The family ‘hello enjoy daily life together’ attitude: This is a kind of social problem which makes me treat people like I know them since long. The doorman becomes “the uncle at the gate”, the lady in the shop becomes “the auntie of that shop I often go”, and so on. Everybody is good to me, yea lets have a happy life all together style of possession. Very Italian sort of style. Pretty naive too. Quite leaving me alone though. Thanks God..

4. Beauty and esthetic. This is one of the worst possession because it tells: if it s not beautiful its not worth, it s meaningless. It cannot accept that something is just useful or just cool but NOT beautiful sorry! This is Italian style possession again, face must be beautiful, clothes must be beautiful, house must be beautiful, “Life is beautiful” even it sounds not.

5. Sahaja Yoga since 2002. This is one of the most galloping possessions. So galloping that it is thanks to Sahaja Yoga that I am capable to write about my possessions at large and blog about it!

6. HOME. Home is an infinite immense concept for me. It s everything. Anything is related to the homey aspect of life will stick to me in no time and will grow until certain extents. My  psyche is the storeroom of my possessions. My body is the storeroom of my psyche. My home is the storeroom of my body. Just like those colorful boxes one into another.

7. Charity oriented possession. Maybe it takes its roots from the churchy environment of Italy. Sometimes i can control and balance it well, otherwise it s constantly there usually in form of thoughts and sometimes in different kinds of action too.



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