The Tiny Urban Balcony

A metropoly like Hong Kong is the best place for enjoying some green out on the tiny balconies constellating the hyper tall buildings. It’s the perfect job to realize how precious even a little patch of mother nature is. Here at home we keep changing and planting new seeds, we like to make experiments with new flowers and veggies depending on the seasons, the weather and how appealing they look on the print of the seed paper bag. So far we have been quite lucky until now and the freshness of a prosperous green mini zone has brought forth jolly smiles and astonishments on how gorgeous every detail in the Hands of mother earth is:

mix of wild flowers

basil and tomatoes and chili

mint, lemon tree…

wax plant (the flower is amazing looking but not seen yet) and aloe vera and chili

fast germinating salad cress 

First Summer images from HK in Cheung Chau island

Greetings from this tiny and congested world spot of China…Summer has bloomed in full, actually over ripe right now, under a climate which is not just subtropical, but SUPER tropical. Birds are singing no stop twenty-four hours in the greenest areas, monsoon showers pouring down any moment, sky shades constantly muting. What we did to embrace all of that was a jump onto one of the many supersmall but fresh and quite islands.

Cheung Chau, with much less than 30 thousands people living and transports on two wheels. Pristine colors and views were awaiting for us on a casual Thursday. THis is one of those hike with your eyes wide open all the time. You don’t want to miss anything on a sunshine day on an island.

One interesting thing about this island is that it’s attracting Tibetan people to trade their handmade goods in shops. But what we truly enjoyed was the first salty splash of the year (thou in not so clean waters, but i have to admit i was too busy with the feeling of a real swim in open sea that i didn’t care about the wide layer of weed everywhere).

There are some spots of the island which are just so peaceful that you want to sit on a rock an d just contemplate the blu. Among the plants, a spiky yellow flowered cactus and lots lots mimosa tree which, because of the scorching sun, have already delivered all of their puffy ball flowers to the rocks and along the hike road, thus no gorgeous mimosa smell for this season. Watch but don’t sniff. Well, some of them still hanging on the branches! Can u believe mimosa is probably the flower i love most and here it is displayed only on this island so far in all Hong Kong. I can’t stop gazing at it, especially with such a wonderful sky as background.

Detail of the cactus…

and of a picturesque guest between the rocks!

Now here it ends the blu sea mini photo tour of Cheung Chau (Long island). If you want we can keep going with a different tonality, vintage pics of a downtown stroll around the center. I could capture some details and views with a lomo feel by IPhone. Wanna see? On a next thematic post for sure!

Casual easy enjoyement.

I heard that facing the truth is hard and makes u suffering. Or even disgusting like Mr. Jung wrote in his psycho-books. That it s painful but worthy because it s going to help the blossomin of a new personality, and stuff like that.

But facing ourself can also be easier than we think and more comfortable than reading a psycho-book about it. It just happens, just because you want. If you want to play you will get the ball and play. Without any need to feeling hurt nor misunderstood nor even crashed inside. There is no confusion about it. It is already happening this kind of enjoyement.

~ Wide burst ~

Love will surely burst u wide open…

Light will someday split u open…

Even if your life is now a cage…

…Little by little, You will turn into stars…

Little by little, you will turn into

the Whole sweet amorous universe.

Love will surely burst u wide open

into an unfettered, booming new galaxy…

…You will become so free

in a wonderful, secret…

and pure love that flows…

from a conscious, one-pointed, Infinite light.

Even then, my dear, the Beloved will have fulfilled…

just a fraction, just a fraction!

of a promise He wrote upon your heart.

For a Divine seed, the crown of Destiny,

is hidden and sown on an ancient, fertile plain

you hold the title to!

O look again within yourself,

For I know you were once the elegant host

to all marvels in creation.

When your soul begins…

…to ever bloom and laugh

And spin in Eternal Ecstasy.

[by sufi poet Hazif]

Small fish smart

A fisherman drew in a net that he had just cast, and it happened to be full of a variety of fish. The little one among the fish fled to the bottom and slipped out of the porous mesh, but the large one was caught and was laid stretched out in the boat. A way to be safe and clear of trouble is to be small, but seldom will you see a person large in reputation who escapes dangers.

(its from the Greek literature, author of the fable is Babrius)

(Fish image fromVancouver downtown Pier Market)


I presume you all know where ego is located in the brain. In case you have no idea about brain deepest anatomy and functions you are still on time for that. It is very easy to understand & useful to know. Here is a species of fish with a big ego which made me laugh a lot. Besids the fact that it seem to have been tatooed Chinese characters with black ink on the body too!

15 reasons why it s good to know own Mr Ego.

  1. because it gives a tremendous opportunity to laugh about your self and have lots of fun with your personal nuts!
  2. because it helps you understanding the real purpose behind your actions, dreams, goals…
  3. because it clarifies for you the purposes of other people ideas in your circle or groups regarding activities, projects ecc. you are involved.
  4. because it gives you the last chance to face your ultimate stupidity.
  5. because it gives you the last chance to understand the meaning of your feelings.
  6. because it gives you the golden chance to distnguish between ego and self confidence, which are two very different aspects of personality.
  7. because it helps to prevent general painful troubles with others.
  8. because it will give you a vision on a large scale of  how things move in the community you belong to.
  9. because it will help you to connect with other people who know their Mr Ego too (they are special and sometimes rare)
  10. because it feels like an amazing satisfiction with no other comparison to silent the ego thoughts.
  11. because an egoless life is much smoother and neater than an egoful life.
  12. because it gives you clarity and dynamism of thinking.
  13. because it makes you different and precious in every place you go.
  14. because it will build like a shield of protection around your personality and space of action.
  15. because it will move your attention on new things, very smart.

Turtle delight

I want to delight you with some turtles we met on our way this past weekend. You know how much Chinese love them historically speaking. They are bizarre pets though and not my fav of all. The only thing i really like about turtles is that they live long enough to enjoy a full amazing life back and forth by water and earth (when they can manage both these elements). In HK turtles reeverywhere located for being admired, photographed or bought. They always remind me of one possibility of being a human who is still perfectly anchored to his old past shell and stubbornly carries it along the way despite of life changes. I guess we all have some turtling aspects hidden inside at some points…nd we all handle them in different ways.

Like in a spiritual Disneyland

Despite of the fact that Chinese culture is often associated to the character of the Moon, cold, silverly, sleep lover, calm…everytime i visit a modern temple in HK the sensations revealed are just the opposite: tryumphing in colors, energetic, strong,  hot! You may get even dizzy by literally swimming into a rainbow of colors and attractions just like in an entertainment park!

Welcome to Kwun Yam shrine, a buddhist site situated on a eastside beach in town since the beginning of Seventies. Most of the statues follow the mosaic tecnique and dress themselves with brilliant colors. Look at the golden fish! He is watched out by three fluffy innocent goats that a child would love to ride and climb up on the horns for sure; everthing happens under the benevolent look of a robust  Wise master.

I did not shooted all of the monuments being some of their faces quite terrifying and  weird, therefore i am just offering you a panorama of what really caught my attention while basking into this glorious sunshine on Sunday, half lost with a couple of other friends in the crowd with mainlanders pouring and pouring in from touristic buses.

Of course the main character here is Kwun Yam, the eternal symbol of chastity and purity although poor lady was bestowed with swastika decorations drawn in the opposite way (like the one used by Hitler). She is a real Mother and believed to be the protector from all the dangers far away at the horizon. Is she protecting Hong Kong?

 She is grand, her impressive figure striking against the modern skyscrapers in the back at one of the most chic marine areas.

Her face shaped like a full moon, Purnima.

I was thrilled like when we go to Ocean Park. It s exciting to know that  spirituality has some nuances of  blast within,  like a bursting laugh or an erupting volcano. It is not always carried along pure white wings or zen materials.

Morever this blast is enjoyed by careful silent eyes of colorless statues. I loved the way many lady figures were scattered here and there, simple busts in smooth grey stone with nice hair styles nd cute cheeks too…They are witnessing that plyfulness in spirituality, the absurdity of the game and the beauty of the drama… Sometimes they give you their backshoulders, sometimes they smile, sometimes they seem serious. They all come alive!



 To conclude  the visit, my favourite matching colors in a classic animal scene on Chinese talavera:

The oldest connection

Sometimes people look older than their anagraphic age, their eyes are so deep that thousands of lives can be read in them. One of the reason why people mature  like wonderful juicy fruits is that they know how to connect with the elders. I am posting from China which is quite proverbial worldwide for the efforts put at the services of supporting this slice of the population. Althought it does show total unbalance and unrealistic in many cases with local concepts of remaining conditioned and dry for the rest of the life. Beware of the age of a country, it’s a whole world to explore!

How to connect with the elders is the point.

Nothing is simpler for the ones who deeply understand the natural cycling of the life.

Maybe even Klimt did know that to live a serene third age it is necessary to lie the forward down in the hand (should be the right hand, he was slightly confused at this point) and forgive the past.  Then evrything fells at its own place and that old age becomes the goldest of all ~

i had not completely understood my own oldest connection until the day of the chinese banquest we hosted in ShunDa (China) when myself freshly arrived from Europe. Our big rounded wedding table was hosting only one man, the groom, and beside myself, the youngest of all the ladies with most probability was the 70 years groom’s mother. The encompassing sweetness of those giggling ancient eyes i cannot forget, it was the most awsome gift for a special day. The special: Welcome to China, land of oldest …and lost connections.

Keep learning, keep smiling

I am watching the big soft orange placed right here on the office desk, a macrocosmo of vitamins and precious water. And just now i am back from reading a beautiful blog which focus a lot on health, nature, self care, beauty of life. Go ahead you too if like me and other people do cultivate the strong interest of living a vibrant, satisfying,positive life full of energy and in constant growth. With all the best wishes! 


Nature inspired very short stories

Moving the posts from an old fiction blogspot blog to here. ~


~Chiffon chain of children

There is this chain made of a thick thread of chiffon, like a scarf orange and fuxia in color. there are so many children hanging from it, you will never be able to count them…The chiffon scarf is soft and transparent, two children hanging at the same point can look at each other just seeing thru it while holding thightly by their hands. where is it going the little creatures chain? where did it start? i dont remember but it’s here….i am also hanging from it, too. A man came, he was a warrior who have never been defeated on any field for ages, being his powers infinite. he began counting the children, one by one while they were swinging and rocking themseves around the scarf amidst their best laughing and giggling. One/ two, three/four he started touching their heads by couple with both hands towards either left and right side of the chain. He could have extended his arms till the end of times. Today he is still counting and i discovered where the source of the scarf lies.

~Earth children

How full is the earth? i am a earth child and you? Can you go travelling inside the earth? Yes inside inside, in Her magnificent core, we can only meet at that point.
How does it sound? No sound, there is only an enriching silent in the earth core. It is only growing for earth children, not for all kind of earth creatures. the earth is our mother, everybody knows it. But not everybody can feel + fit into her Body.
What’s your name?
earth child, i already told you.
Dont you have another name like susanna, mary, jin….?
Earth children are unnamed cause uncoloured are their faces and unspoken are their lips.

~Tree of life

Titina: Why dont you fall from the tree?

Kwan: Because my tree is too strong

Titina: Why dont you fall from that branch?

Kwan: Because it belongs to a strong tree indeed

Titina: What’s the name of your tree?

Kwan: The tree of life:

~ White chocolate

Time is ending! Yelled the girl – I am going to eat all the white chocolate because the time is ending. Do you know what the chocolate is made of? I give you the last chance yelled the girl to the motherstone. The monolyth was too busy to listen to her. There were like 15 other children on the other side of it and they were all so sweet and interested in knowing its story. The girl had promised white chocolate in exchange for the story and she didn’t turn around the huge stone to explore more. As a consequence she wasn’t aware of the children and ended up eating the chocolate alone without listening the real story of the monolyth.

It is a sunflower as high as the californian sequoias. All the children use the climb it because its stem is soft and ruvid at the same time, made of little bumps which can be helpful during the movement of going up. There are also small platforms where one can rest rising above. each platform is made of intricated roots gently coming out ofthe skin of the stem, they make up a nest of wood and cute leaves heart shaped. During the resting one can watch a movie too! The wall of the stem are so strong and particular that they even have digital screens incorporated. Each platform has a different corto going on, they usually last about 5 tyintys. the tyinty is the time unit inside the flower. it goes with some sort of a power hidden in its root. it goes with that time measure which is different. When it’s night time ths sunflower is still awaken and a huge cascade of light invest its full body. Only the children coming out from its root can have the privilege  to stay awaken when the others are sleeping.


Sssssh the country is sleeping – mocked the wizard with a whisper, overwatching the new earth planet which was developing under his eyes. His daughter was very curious to follow the improvements of this planet and she would check out on the screen every time.
Papy why human love sleeping so much? they dont like sleeping, they LOVvvE sleeping!! why papy? Here we never sleep. what happen when we sleep? will we sleep one day us too?
My adorable, do you want to know more about sleeping? Are you sure?
Go and get a little bit more of yourself, then when you will be back we will start the dynamic story of the freedorm.

~ The mermaid

See the mermaid, her tail is golden. See her face pink and rotten. Don’t go ever with the mermaid, she’e half animal, she plays with humans and make them believe she has divine powers. Only few humans really have those powers, only few of them learned to use their own energy from within. They don’t go with mermaid, sometimes they go with others humans to help them to understand why the tail was golden and why the face was rotten.

~ Vera Ever Planet

It has been hidden under your bed for so many mounths, probably years. How long have you been living in that room? In that home?
The walls were fantastic, all covered by hand painted canvas, modern designs, circles, spirals, futuristic tools and machines, with the colors of silver and gold, glittered sky blue. I have never seen such prolific artwork in all my career, i was totally stunned and impressed by the amount of creativity so strongly perceptible, so palpable, i was absorbed by its vibrations. they were so cool, incredibly cool. This is the genius, and was still looking under the bed.
The most beautiful among the painting was the one of the planet.
TITLE: the Vera Ever Planet.
Tell me something about it? How about life there?

~end~ thanks for stopping by!



Tao couplets

Usually they stop to the first couplet but here’s the rest, even more beautiful and enduring!

1. It is wisdom to know others;

It is enlightenment to know one’s self.

2. the conqueror of men is powerful;

the master of himself is strong.

3. it is wealth to be content;

it is willful to force one’s way on others.

4. endurance is to keep one’s place;

long life it is to die and not perish.

Accompanied by fabulous sitar from Bangladesh…enjoy it ~

My daily panorama back from work

In Hong Kong you get EVERYTHING from any point of view, that is why many people who have lived here a long part of their life can miss the everthing feeling. And that’s what makes this city so unique in the whole world and the kind of place to not be missed once in life. It is just unbelievable! Moreover, if you are a content person that is not seeking special entertainments or adventures in life, Hong Kong is still perfect for you because of its deep Chinese heritage which is all pervading in people and happenings here! There are no cities like Hong Kong, where progress is showering from all sides, there is no fear of Big plannings ahead in the years, a character which is blossoming nd blossoming  every day. If you come to Hong Kong you will leave transformed for sure. In a world that cannot escape the game of transformations, this city is playing each card with the professional skills of a champion. 

My new route at sunset betwen traffic jam in the heart town and the Chinese sea flowing thru the beautiful hills (and hundreds islands).