The Tiny Urban Balcony

A metropoly like Hong Kong is the best place for enjoying some green out on the tiny balconies constellating the hyper tall buildings. It’s the perfect job to realize how precious even a little patch of mother nature is. Here at home we keep changing and planting new seeds, we like to make experiments with new flowers and veggies depending on the seasons, the weather and how appealing they look on the print of the seed paper bag. So far we have been quite lucky until now and the freshness of a prosperous green mini zone has brought forth jolly smiles and astonishments on how gorgeous every detail in the Hands of mother earth is:

mix of wild flowers

basil and tomatoes and chili

mint, lemon tree…

wax plant (the flower is amazing looking but not seen yet) and aloe vera and chili

fast germinating salad cress 

7 thoughts on “The Tiny Urban Balcony

  1. Great to see the abundance of plants on your balcony. I look forward to planting and reading up on growing some herbs to grow inside. My husband gave me this fabulous book, “Gardening indoors under lights ” by frederick h and jacuelin kranz which discusses lighting etc to growing indoors with winter weather upon us…it’s been quite chilly outside. My husband went to drop off and donate some books and walked out the door with a book. Ha !

    1. Which kind of plants are you planning to grow inside? I am also interested cause it s chilling alot right now and the only survivors outside are a couple of chili bushes, and two more decorative greens. Thanks for stopping by

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