Where virtual games lead thru herbed halibut and new catastrofi


Popping by hub’s facebook page briskly reading “he just whipped up some fresh herbed halibut at some Cafe place” . Adorable Hub whipping fish at the stove in a Cafe’? No no, cannot be him. Or may be in his dream. So i left him a comment: can you do it at home for 1 time pleeeease? At least it will sound more enthusiastic than cooking halibut thru the Virtual cafe on facebook. I really really want to know where virtual games lead our mind and what is so attractive in them. The answer is nothing and it depends also on the time people spent on them, how big is the portion of our Complete attention stickying on them.

Instead of playing virtually you can just do it. Learn a recipe, have fun in the kitchen, chat with the fish shopper at the market, make up some relationship, and cook your halibut. It s just a fishy example but can be applied to virtual pokers, real estate, farmville, fashion shop: virtual games do cover all kinds of real world fields. They relax the mind? They alienate a person from human contacts? They give some distraction during the working time? They develop modern catches in the body & soul? You will know the answer soon while you play them.  

In addition, what is the percentage of attention = time, drooling on the end of the world stuff, the maya calendar, the astronomy and the prophecies; there is also a mad-catastrofe-effective movie called 2012 on that; how about focusing on exploration of divinity of the present world? the divinity of the human abilities and potential? …Like cooking some fresh halibut for example.

But the main point is of immense capacity. The whipping herbed fish is another story. An the end of the world stuff are a waste of sacred time. maybe  they are also connected.

[photo by national geographic stolen to another blog i dont remember the name]

Asians ripped off by westerners promising enlightenment and improvements in life


Spiritual teachers, sound shamans, crystal healers, general healers, no idea how much rubbish there is also in Asia. They come from Europe or America  and start estabilishing themselves in China, Thailand, Indonesia…they even succed in opening retreat or healing centers with the sole scope to earn money and live their life. They are very clever and organize lots of workshop using the words: WISDOM – ENERGY – MEDITATION – RELAXING – CREATIVITY – SECRET – CONSCIOUSNESS – SUBTLE – POWER – HEALING- DIVINE SELF – EXPERIENCE TO EVOLVE – MIRACLE – CREATION.

Be careful. And be smart.

Here in Hong Kong they plan saturdays 7 hours workshop for 1.111 HKD and will promise to make you familiar with the keys to success and power, an easy guide to create your own life and improve it in all kinds of aspects.

Be smart and be alert.

They will tell that gratitude is the attitude and that money in this materialistic society is not leading to anything. On the other hand they will charge you a lot of money for a workshop and for 1 hour session (here in HK 800 HKD) of consultation, healing or astrology.

They will come up with some secret code or secret book that will want to teach you about, recalling some master or knowledge from the ancient times. Sometimes they dont live in Hong Kong and travel here in the weekend just to collect the money of their students. But once they go back home their students (are you or have you already been one of them??) are left in a transitive happy mood which will last only for some hours, then it will vanish and again there will be the need to go back to another workshop, and another and another. But the reality of life and the true joy cannot depend upon a workshop or a weekend seminar. It depends only on you.

So be smart and good luck.


Tao te ching: how it works in corporate business systems


Most perfect, yet it seem

imperfect, incomplete:

its use is not impaired.

Filled up, and yet it seems

poured out, an empty void:

it will never run dry

The straightest, yet it seems

to deviate, to bend;

the highest skill and yet

it looks like clumsiness.

The utmost eloquence,

it sounds like stammering.

As movement overcomes

the cold, and stillness, heat

the Wise Man, pure and still

will rectify the world

Kogi natives of Columbia: the mother of our songs

The Kagaba (Kogi) people of Columbia in South America have a belief in Aluna, ‘my Mother’, as creator.


The mother of our songs, the mother of our seed, bore us in the begining of things and so she is the mother of all types of men, the mother of all nations.

She is mother of the thunder, the mother of the streams, the mother of the trees and of all things. She is the mother of the world and of the older brothers, the stone-people. She is the mother of the fruits of the earth and of all things. She is the mother of our youngest brothers, the French and the strangers. She is the mother of our dance paraphernalia, of all temples and she is the only mother we possess. She alone is mother of the fire and the Sun and the Milky Way. . . . She is the mother of the rain and the only mother we possess. And she has left us a token in all the temples . . . a token in the form of songs and dances.

She has no cult, and no prayers are really directed to her, but when the fields are sown and the priests chant their incantations the Kagaba say, ‘And then we think of the one and only mother of the growing things, of the mother of all things.’
One prayer was recorded: ‘Our mother of the growing fields, our mother of the streams, will have pity upon us. For whom do we belong? Whose seeds are we? To our mother alone do we belong.’





Fast learners get awsome possibilities in this fast world


You realize it when you leave in a fast city and your subtle system is healthyly pending on the right side. Doors open and fresh opportunities arise for you. Fast learning is a beautiful gift which usually shows up in children already at tender age. Their eyes are shining and they seem to adapt easily to different people and daily patterns of life.

[foto: valeria bertogna]

HAPPY Raksha bandhan :)

For this year Raksha bandhan i prepared different rakis: made of pure turquoise silk thread and leather string with a fragment of shell or hard stones:

Few years ago i happened to be at my friends Meenu home when she was still living in New Jersey. we had great time together around Manatthan and so on. Her husband is cool and nice so I wanted him to be my raki brother and gave him a bandhan with a candle and a raki bracelet in a dish in the kitchen. He was content and also surprised saying he was from India but did not really know anything about Raksha bandhan actually. So if youalso want to know about it just remember its real meaning: strenghtening a relationship of purity between a brother and a sister. Very simple and also outrageously useful for a society of people who like to have great fun and enjoy life in all its Aspects all the time! Enjoy your raksha bandhan time!

The Chinese essence (part 1)

There is a recent article on national geograpghic about Russians nights and co. talking about how Russia had fastly grew capitalistically in these last few years. And the author makes a comparisong which goes: americans will never understand Russians because they see or everything white or everything black; a Russian always see 80% of grey. So pointing out about perspectives. and it has been weeks, if not mounths, if not all my life since the moment (at 6 years old) i knew i had something inside that later discovered to be called consciousness, that i have my attention in the perspective. I think perspective is everything and it is the main big anchor to make an human being satisfied with smooth ungoings.

On one side my parents always talked about perspective to me that it is essencial to have one from inside, to refine it and to utilize it like a unit of measure all the time. This is the first reason which brought myself to discover Yoga because when you understand Yoga you start to grow a divine perspective inside and stick to it all all the times, in every moment and with every one. But sorry this is not the topic of this post for now.

The topic of this post is: will the European ever understand the Chinese? as you can imagine i am highly concerned about this one cause i am already gettin Chinese on my right side and European on my left side.

There are some flows characteristics of these modern years which may need  adjustements into our heads otherwise the future years to come will be not nice at all. Of these characteristics everybody talks/writes/speaks a lot about but the only living Person who until now has centered the begin of a concrete and fully balanced examination or introspection you may say is Nirmala Srivastava. Therefore i urge you to find out more about Her speeches and start to consider we need to be realized people to understand the world.

The flows characterizing our EUROPEAN & CHINESE society are:

  • the mind of the people is drunk with matters and most updated possessions (they call it materialism)
  • the mind of the people does want to care minimally for the society and make no real/practical effort
  • the minds are not connected with the heart neither with the spirit which is inside the heart; however people are disconnected and have weak understanding of situations and problems in general
  • there is a lot of confusion about freedom, freedom from within, freedom in the government, religious freedom…again no understanding.
  • people are seeking for a genuine perspective to approach as model of life in order to never fail in all aspects
  • people should know that culture, traditions have to be liberated by conditioning appendix and have to resurrect to an eternal state of what they are and why they were born for; there is a lot of ignorance capturing all around.

In short, i did not wanted to talk about perspectives, not even about whats written here above actually. This is like a “preambolo” to what Chinese essence can give to Europe. It will come hopefully soon.


Shocking parents supported by ignorance

What to do in these cases? My first impulse was to get up and stop them and talk to them but i didnt and my friends said to not watch and that it is normal in the city to have this behaviour. So i just kept calm and all right. I dont know if any of you witnessed a mother giving a long sip of beer from the calex of an adult to his boy of not even one year of age. Yes the boy was that young, three meters from us at the table behind the back of my friends! Also here in this blog still witnessing and realizing that an incredible number of our parents – it does not matter in which city or country, no place matter for certain matters, we are all responsible – is ignorant to this point. I have been told that in HK it is a normal attitude to do so with the children. Then we are so brave to call HK modern. Laugh. goodnite!

Green souls of the world

At the end of this not new article it immediately pops out something interesting in a example of italianity in a woman. Sonia Gandhi was commenting how beautiful and deserving of peace and protection the Kashmir valley with the tulip as distinctive flower is:



“Kashmir has been our holiday destination for generations”, Mrs Gandhi said about the family memories and an emotional link between the family and the valley. She said Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, Mrs Indira Gandi and Rajiv Gandhi have been finding Kashmir a place where one would automatically get de-stressed from the issues of governance and politics. “I do find it the same way”, she said while talking about the natural beauty, meadows and flowers. “In October 1984, Mrs Gandhi came over here just to see the Chinars”, she said. […]
Mrs Gandhi said Tulip festivals in Netherlands and Canada are an elaborate affair for decades. “But what many people do not know is the fact that Tulip would grow in Kashmir in wild and it was taken from here to Europe almost a thousand years ago. In Europe, it was a rarity and become an instant hit,” she said.


In the heart of this kind of woman there is a tendency to consider the knowledge at the root of anything. It is automatically done by her in all the adequate circumstances. It is also a characteristic of the same man but in the women it is much more visible and determinant. For example during the educational process of the children with an Italian heart they are always invited to go to the source of the things they see and discover. To understand their matrix of matters, events… A mother would immediately point to what originated a toy, a food, a dress, objects of infantile universe. And by the time the daughters grow and the mother also grows, also the derivation’s attention grows towards other stuff which are more complex and useful to the all community. Infact Sonia Gandhi is simply linking the original home of a flower to the beauty and importance of a land called Kashmir.


All women raised in certain cultures surely are precious caskets of specific qualities. One way to become a global personality for a woman (but also for a man) is to elevate and blend together all these gems within and integrate in the brain.

There is always something in common with a sister

Just like these two flowers!

Two countries, two persons, two minds. There is always a little something in common which sparkling melt a couple. A vision, a thought, an idea. A star blinking from the ocean of the awareness. The colour, the shape, the language. Anything is a good excuse to integration and blossoming of personalities. Sisterhood is permeating all the cells of this Universe!

Cheers to sisterhood! 

Attention does work better than hope


How comes we can talk and be not in the same place? How comes we feel comfortable just by listening to the voice of somebody who is not next to us but we are talking thru skype with this person? How comes we can penetrate the problems of the others by just loving them and putting a detached attention on them. Read here how it could be possible:

You are so very powerful in collective and also individually. Whatever you want you can have it. I am desireless because the Divine, the Divine power is working for Me everything.  I don’t have to desire. It knows. I don’t desire anything but you have to desire. You have to pray. You have to ask. And the wider you become, your prayers will be wider, for a wider world, wider vision, not limited to your children, not limited to your family, not limited to one place but unlimited areas…

So we become very conscious and alert about whatever is happening in the world, to put our attention there. We try to find out what’s wrong with this and what’s wrong with that. You are not just worried about a small little ashram but we are worried about the whole world, to find out what’s wrong, what can we do, what can we desire, because if we have the power and if we can operate the Divine power then why not we work it out ourselves? We can.

So your attention can go to any place. It can go to Nicaragua, it can go to Israel, it can go to Saddam Hussein, to any place that you want to work it out. It moves. It’s mobile. It’s universal. Just start expanding your heart, your mind and your attention.

[Dr. Nirmala Devi Srivastava, India]    photo

Let’s live in this world like an orchestra does

You already understood the meaning. But understanding is something and realizing is somehing else.

Today after finishing to watch the documentary Rhythm is it! ,that a lovely blog friend  so kindly send me thru air mail, I felt so much energy and inspiration that we can really make this world a very cool place. I had no doubt even before watching the documentary but a kind of logical, you can say, thought came to my mind. Its the following.

If an orchestra:

  • can play so well such divine pieces of music all the time in any place of the world.
  • can delight the senses of so many people in the same moment.
  • can work with such harmony and coordination.
  • is composed by people of any social background.
  • does not know what the ego of any single person is, thus expressing the climax of the collective job.

If a simple but wide orchestra can really do and be like that for real. Why doesnt the world we live in become like a huge ORCHESTRA with no ego and completely collective in its own human work? 

If an orchestra does it we can also do it.

This transforming world

The world is changing! Despite all the terrible news they keep showing on the TV, on the internet, in youtube, the world IS silently and slowly undergoing a huge visible change.Where do I see it? Firstly on the face of all the people I meet every day in the street, on the bus, in the office, at the restaurant, in the neighborhood, at the market… People smile, chat, wave, laugh…and on their mouths I can read sweetness, surprise, tenderness, understanding, struggle. It might be that their awareness is not yet opened to a real change. Not yet, but their gestures, their words that my ear-antennas rapidly receipt, their eyes are so longing for a simple and effective transformation. 

 If you are able to feel a nurturing connection with yourself you can also feel the hearts of the people around yourself. Automatically spontaneous it really happens!You will feel that no matter what they are doing, no matter where they are going, no matter how they are dressed up, no matter where they come from, they still long for this transformation to happen. Maybe they are naively thinking that the world they see have to change and not the world they feel inside. But still they desire the change. 

I am sure  my (because I am also them) people are awakening more each moment. Their body cells are stretching out towards the sunlight of the collective consciousness. This whole process so evident is the proof that our hearts are opening more and more. Silently and incredibly. We are projecting ourself towards another dimension, a higher dimension made of purity and joy where all our smiles, chats, waves, laughs will have a wonderful meaning of peace and hope. Where the beats of our heart will be synchronized and bounded together with one accord, to resemble the heart beat of the Mother earth that is the home we are all living now in.

Shining celebrations (and people) everywhere

Why on this Earth do three human groups celebrate Autumn Festival (Asia), Diwali (India) and Christmas (Western countries) during the same time of the year? And why do they all love to decorate the environment all around with wonderful lights? After work of searching, enquiring and listening the light came indeed up. This light lies in the desire of the men to live in a better world, more enlightened, more conscious, more vital.

One of the Chinese stories of the Autumn period tells about a woman who has to go and live on the Moon in a Cold Palace. The moon is such a feminine planet (Asia)! She refreshes our nights, she soothes our spirit, she enlightens the darkness. Even the mooncake is so sweet to taste! During Diwali the moon comes among us in the form of all the women. The wife is the one who can make mooncakes of different flavour, she can digest and transform for good any kind of friction, she can give you a loving and satisfied mood. These are just few of the qualities she can empower (they are written in sanscrit here):

Shri Adi Shakti, the Primordial Cause.

Shri Vidya Lakskhmi She bestows Knowledge.

Shri Saubhagya Lakshmi  She bestows Good Fortune.

Shri Amruta Lakshmi She bestows the Nectar of Immortality.

Shri Gruha Lakshmi She bestows the Divine Qualities of a wife.

Shri Raja Lakshmi She bestows Queenly Graciousness.

Shri Satya Lakshmi She bestows the Awareness of Truth.

Shri Bhogya Lakshmi She bestows Sustenance and Enjoyment.

Shri Yoga Lakshmi She bestows Union with the Divine.

Shri Maha Lakshmi She is the Power of Evolution.

From a pure woman Jesus was born (West-East)), from a pure woman Lord Ganesha was born (India). There are so many connections we live in and they cover all the aspect of our daily life, from the kitchenware to the prayers.

Talking about kitchenware and prayers Christam follows and at the same time falls together with Diwali and Autumn festival. The light continues to shine from the tree, from the windows, from the sidewalks and the shopping mall. The light continues to shine thru the people, this is what I believe most of all.