Stumbling upon a deeply true statement  from an American author and journalist, about either the evident and the subtle distruction in front of our eyes within and without:  “WE now live in a nation where doctors destroys health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys moral and our banks destroy the economy.” Somebody asked “who is going to build then?”

Most splendid Christmas gift

Last evening while window strolling one of the chicest mall in Hong Kong we were surprisingly watching that a huge part of the shops where naked and empty . All was quite and not many people shopping. Too expensive or what else ? Today morning my quest for a super deep spiritual life is mix matching with the meaning of giving gifts for Xmas. Which is the most splendid gift that you want to receive? I think the most beautiful gift is the spiritual nourishment we can offer for free to others, or we can receive. This is the most useful gift, the most important simply because it totally KEEPS US ALIVE in the real sense. It makes each and every part of our body and cells happy. Without any need for mediators or tools. It is already inside this gift.

The daily connection

The most beautiful thing is when you are tired or stressed or bored or a mix of the above or/and something else different (whatever you want to feel you are free to feel it anyway). It`s when the day was plane and uninteresting, and nothing special happened or you got a great new and you are jumping with joy. You could not reach the heart of that person as you have wished, you have tried many times and things do not change, you have meditated too. Days look flat normal or they look quite gorgeous to yourself.  The most beautiful thing is that despite the flatness or the gorgeousness, you know the truth and its aspects. It goes beyond and ahead of all the above descriptions, and justifications. Perhaps it s not a feeling but it s something that you know and doesnt move and you dont lose it even when you feel what you feel.  I think this is when you are connected to the truth.

Like in a spiritual Disneyland

Despite of the fact that Chinese culture is often associated to the character of the Moon, cold, silverly, sleep lover, calm…everytime i visit a modern temple in HK the sensations revealed are just the opposite: tryumphing in colors, energetic, strong,  hot! You may get even dizzy by literally swimming into a rainbow of colors and attractions just like in an entertainment park!

Welcome to Kwun Yam shrine, a buddhist site situated on a eastside beach in town since the beginning of Seventies. Most of the statues follow the mosaic tecnique and dress themselves with brilliant colors. Look at the golden fish! He is watched out by three fluffy innocent goats that a child would love to ride and climb up on the horns for sure; everthing happens under the benevolent look of a robust  Wise master.

I did not shooted all of the monuments being some of their faces quite terrifying and  weird, therefore i am just offering you a panorama of what really caught my attention while basking into this glorious sunshine on Sunday, half lost with a couple of other friends in the crowd with mainlanders pouring and pouring in from touristic buses.

Of course the main character here is Kwun Yam, the eternal symbol of chastity and purity although poor lady was bestowed with swastika decorations drawn in the opposite way (like the one used by Hitler). She is a real Mother and believed to be the protector from all the dangers far away at the horizon. Is she protecting Hong Kong?

 She is grand, her impressive figure striking against the modern skyscrapers in the back at one of the most chic marine areas.

Her face shaped like a full moon, Purnima.

I was thrilled like when we go to Ocean Park. It s exciting to know that  spirituality has some nuances of  blast within,  like a bursting laugh or an erupting volcano. It is not always carried along pure white wings or zen materials.

Morever this blast is enjoyed by careful silent eyes of colorless statues. I loved the way many lady figures were scattered here and there, simple busts in smooth grey stone with nice hair styles nd cute cheeks too…They are witnessing that plyfulness in spirituality, the absurdity of the game and the beauty of the drama… Sometimes they give you their backshoulders, sometimes they smile, sometimes they seem serious. They all come alive!



 To conclude  the visit, my favourite matching colors in a classic animal scene on Chinese talavera:

My wedding anniversary and the election of America new president

4th of November: they share the same date & i love this coincidence very much. So Obama said “This election has never been about me. It’s about you.” This is so deeply to be understood by as many people as possible that the change happens from within. That it is true (again from his speech) that America does not shine for her University or college, or for having the biggest army on earth but for he inner Spirit, the collectvity of the spirits of each and every American. I always felt good in America. As he also said “It is not a country as collection of races and people but a whole united state and forever will be the United States of America”. When i was living in New York and not only then, also when went just for visiting friends, i always felt this spirit which will always shine.

And now it is Diwali. The Indians of America know the meaning of this festivity very well but as long as your own spirit will awaken, rise and shine you will have known the importance of its meaning too.

Love, r

Busy weeks

And busy weekend too. It is midnite and i should run to bed but i cant resist to drop few lines in a sort of diary form here to break the blogged silence at BI. It seems to me i am living a course, my days in HK are very much similar to some kind of natural training merely based on the things i do or that i have to do. To be more coincise here is a list of things i ve been learningthe last couple of weeks in the Hot Hong Kong:

1. Chinese furniture is among the best in the world especially when it comes with lots of carvings and beautiful hand paintings and when the wood is of the original reddish like 100 years ago, because red means good luck. We have visited several shops of antiques and i feel so much vibrations all the time. Some cabinets arrived from Mongolia, they show interesting flowers, others from china show the animals of the Zodiac and scenes from the Opera stage. i am totally amazed, they are expensive but i am going to negotiate and get the best price for a couple of pieces in the next weeks. My husband is not convinced but he will be. the thing is that Chinese do not like to have these furniture style in their current home, they consider it too old and “expired” but they dont understand this is another art: patrimony of humanity. Nowaday we have Ikea and company but there is no comparison with the enextimable value of a historical cabinet for example. In europe we appreaciate this idea alot and in fact the best customers here in China are all people from the West. I met Celine from  To Tsu kok, in this ultra decennial shop you can get your treasures directly shipped at home, no matter where you are living.

2. HK is getting paralyzed because of inflation problems. Everything from the market to the clothes (primary goods) is increasing of price. i am saving a lot of money and buying only the necessary we daily need. We must be focused. At work people are living and being cut out because of some inner-company mechanism that it doe srequire a longer post with more info. The atmosphere in the offices is getting weird, at moments seems completely relaxed and empty, at moments seems terrible and heavy. People are getting sick and insecure. They do not want to understand themselves and they blame external parts all the times.

3. The people who have plugged themselves into the understanding of the Subtle are becoming so attached to the natural cleansing tecniques that you dont want to disturb them with any other thing. Candle treatments, Camphor treatments, massages, footsoak in salty water are becoming extremely popular and assidous in these days when the earth warming is also increasing at superior levels. Myself I am paricularly enjoying great swimming times during the weekends (back to my roots 🙂 and at the same time i am so badly missing my native country (Italy) where the Summer time is the Best time ever of the Year.

4.  Watching Olympics was never so entertaining. Wherever we go, restaurants, friends homes, offices the telly is airing those sportive channels. I am admiring some of the athlets whose sportive discipline is quite cool. on teh other hand I am discovering some other funny sports that should be directly eliminated from the list everywhere on the planet. At judo for example it is evident that the animal instinct of the human being plays a predominant role. Why do we have to forget that we are born to ascend spiriually and to engage in activity which are dignified and elevating for our own human nature? Why do humans keep doing stupid choices?? (Sportive)Food for another post here. I ‘d also like to know if any of you stepped onto a podium any time in his/her life for having won a sportive competition.

It is time to go to sleep now. see you 🙂

Moment of Intoxication


There is no post for the blog

Because I am intoxicated

Don’t have words to write

because the intoxication is too much


It is like a wave

and my being becomes the sparkling little wave

lost, and swimming in the larger ocean

I don’t see anything else

Being just the wave…


(photo: tsuen wan, HK)

People who do not understand their own history do not know their own self

With great enthusiasm i send this video for watching to a dear local friend/colleague because this song is one of the coolest about a Dinasty which itself was one of the best of all Chinese history. Even just speaking about Tang period i can feel in my body the power of this slice of history and this has been confermed by other friends and people who know deeply about Chinese history and do appreciate their roots and all the good spiritual character evoked thru them!

It is an extraordinary thing the fact that each human being can love and respect the history from his/her background because he knows that a part of himself resides in it, a vibrant lively part of his own inner force. Denying or rejecting our history, considered not as a mere sequence of events and happenings, but as a vital and important piece of our soul, is like rejecting our own personality. It is rejecting our name, our birth, our essence. The HISTORY of our precedessor is in our cells, in the veins, we cannot refuse it. We can go beyond it, understand it and accept it but we cannot reject it. It is inhuman to do so. In addition, if it is a respectable and positive memorable time we should know and be very proud of that.

I heard that friend saying “I hate Chinese history” and “this song is scary”. Seeing the meaning of its words a new world opens up to your mind, they are words of power echoing a time of splendor that many Chinese are only dreaming to see back but they are probably doing a little part of what it should be done to make this shining force reviving again. People who tells to hate the history, i dont know where they come from. maybe from a different inaccesible planet which is not on this earth. Perhaps they enjoy to be occluded by their not-historical ignorance.

Sometimes freshness and modernity make this joke in our minds. They create such a confusion of identities that we are not anymore able to understand what we are and why we are here. What is the reason of our life, of our existence. These questions are not anymore difficult to answer to for the same reason that we do live in a modern world now. Exactly those people who are rejecting history are still living projected in the past dimension of the history and will probably play no role in the making of the present and future history of our highly elevated and spiritual humanity.

Star of the Mother of the World


Toward that seven-starred constellation known as the Seven Sisters, the Seven Elders or the Great Bear, the consciousness of humanity has at all times been directed. The Scriptures extol this celestial sign and Buddhism’s sacred Trepitaka dedicates an imposing hymn to it. Ancient Magi and Egyptians carved it upon the stones. And the black faith of Shaman of the wild taiga paid their obeisance to it.
     To another of heaven’s miracles, the constellation of Orion, which the wisuom of astronomers has named the “Three Magi,” were dedicated the ancient temples of mystery in Central Asia.
     As a pair of iridescent wings, these two constellations are spread out across the firmament. Between them, darting headlong toward earth, is the Star of the Morning, resplendent abode of the Mother of the World. By its dominating light, by its unprecedented approach, it foretells the new era of humanity.
     The dates, recorded eons since, are being fulfilled in the starry runes. The predictions of the Egyptian Heiro-phants are being invested with reality before our eyes. Verily, this is a time of wonder for its witnesses. Likewise predestined and also descending over humanity is that satellite of the Mother of the World—Beauty, the living raiment. As a garment of purification must the sign of Beauty glorify each hearth.
     Simplicity—Beauty—Fearlessness: so it is ordained! Fearlessness is our guide. Beauty is the ray of comprehension and upliftment. Simplicity is the sesame to the gates of the coming mystery. And not the menial simplicity of hypocrisy, but the great simplicity of attainment encircled in the folds of love. Simplicity which unlocks the most sacred and mysterious gates to him who brings his torch of sincerity and incessant labor. Not the Beauty of conventionality and deceit, which harbors the worm of decadence, but that Beauty of the spirit of truth which annihilates all prejudices. Beauty alight with the true freedom and attainment and glorious with the miracle of flowers and of sounds. Not the Fearlessness of artifice, but the Fearlessness which knows the unsounded depths of creation and discriminates between self-confidence in action and the presumption of conceit. Fearlessness which possesses the sword of courage and which smites down vulgarity in all its forms even though it be adorned in riches.

words and painting by N. Roerich

Why music therapy is essential for our busy daily life?

Modern world is a world of rapid advancements where rat race has become a part of our life. Globalization with this unavoidable rat race is causing all round physical and mental challenges resulting into stress, tension, trauma as well as ailments. Thus with increasing modernization and invitations, it is a paradox of life that number of desease and ailments are equally increasing. The obvious reasons for this situation are imbalance between mind and body. The major causes of human deseases are maninly two – physical and mental. A majority of deseases are caused by mental disturbances. Mental disturbances are invisible and are ignored till they lead to physical illness.

An alternative therapy for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health in the new millennium is “Music Therapy” . The human voice carries with it the Divine energy and when we add our intention to use our voice in service, it acts like a laser. And if we use the energy of sound properly we can create positive charge in every area of life. Music has both positive and negative effects. Positive music produces beneficial effects and is physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually uplifting. Negative music invokes emotions such as depression, frustration, anger, fear and distressing states of mind such as mental imbalance. The simplest form of music therapy is probably a mother singing to put a baby to sleep. Why does it work? Because the mother cares. Her heart is open and she is linked in love with her child. [Arun Apte, music therapist]


That is beautiful!

I am so much enamored of all the beauty surrounding myself and my world, my city and my heart. To be attracted by beauty is the most exciting and peaceful thing you can experience. Trust me. It comes just alone, just with spontaneity, you are not aware you are going towards the Beauty. The beauty of the people, the beauty of the paintings, the beauty of the books, the beauty of the blogs, the beauty of the words, the beauty of the colors, the beauty of the landscapes….there is so much beauty in this world,  a beauty which is like a magnet and leaves in you a feeling of satisfaction and pure enjoyment. Your eyes will automatically go into the right direction of beauty and you will notice how good you feel during this experience.

While seeking for beauty in the things and in the persons I found out that the all process:

Makes the mind bright and creative.   

Makes the person never bored.

Makes the person recognizing the truth in the different situations.   

Gives an immediate and reliable understanding of the reality.

Makes the body + brain cells maturing with a freshness and a sparkle which are visible thru the person’s attitude.   

Brings peace inside and outside in the environment.

Gives a creative, dynamic and efficient approach to the problem solving tasks.   

Improves human relationships and widen social life.


But what is beauty?!