Come with me for a stroll in SOHO late at night

Tonight we had our usual dancing class in Soho, in a new stage center of a very exclusive and stylish club house. This part of the city is a real meltin pot of modern and old, trendy and old fashioned, hills and plane roads, plenty of narrow streets which i had to cross before reaching the MTR=underground train on the main street “at the feet of the mount”. 



this one was the starting point, the gallery of Mr. Tagore the grandson of the most legendary and auspicious Nobel of India. Work in progress inside, it was close and they are installing a new exhibition.

Soho is always busy and crowded and at night time it represents the drink/chat place for many people workin and living in the dowtown. However some streets are very quite and almost deserted with just one shop still shining.





We ‘ll look up so many interesting details and neon lights, fashionable items and cute little shops for foodies, lifestyle, wellness and beauty. A collection of colors and ideas




Somebody is still working on the street….and somebody is still shopping at almost midnite (…i got a beautiful “casacca” with geometrical designs). one of the best fun for me is bargaining in Chinese with these local folks: sometimes running into a sweet uncle or  a screamy auntie, sometimes into a young girl. i always wish that these people will go to the foundation of the economy in their own country and at the most important meaning for exchanging goods.



Late at night you can meet the usual  auntie who cleans up all the road of its cartoons, pack and pile them up diligently and carry them to some receptacle-place. Or simply she cleanse the city of the daily wasted plastic bags. She is the one who knows Mother earth problems and tribulations better than anybody else and better than any philosopher and wiseman.


Finally you can also get a floreal taxi to the MTR if you dont want to walk anymore. The driver can be a close relative of the auntie above. He very possibly enjoys drinking and smoking with his friends if not on due and very possibly does care very little in his central nervous sytem about the cycles and messages of Mother earth. But he knows how to drive well in the city jungle and will bring you to destination. 



Top ten songs in Italian dialects, especially in Napoletano – tagged!

 Neapolitan is so rich in expressions an methapors that one life is not enough to know them all. They are very creative and usually use animals or natural phenomenas to explain human nature and character. There are books of poetries, poems and stories that use this language. Here you will find 10 songs (title/info): they are sung  in (language in orange) 3 of the all dialects spoken in Italy (see wiki map of their distribution here)


~1~  (Come back May!) meridionale

~2~ (accompanied by the typical “mandolino the small guitar of Aabian origin overused in southern of italy songs) meridionale

~3~ (Where is Zaza, “it is almost a theatrical piece”) meridionale

~4~ (it started with a commercial about the new metro called “funicolare” in the city of Neaples) meridionale

 ~5~ (You are great) meridionale

~6~ (instrumental chello & oud)

~7~  (location & inspiration of the band is: Sicily island & Southeast Mediterraneum) meridionale estremo

~8~ (Red moon)  meridionale

~9~ (location of the band: island of sardinia) sardo

~10~ (it s fun, dedicated to a parrot) meridionale

This is the continuum of the tag Melodious, Soulful songs

Slow, melodious, soulful: top 10 Italian songs ~ tagged!

On the wave of the amazing tag, after top 10 Chinese pieces which is my soulmate mothertongue, enjoy now my mothertongue songs. As you all know Italy plays a strong role in the whole musical panorama and when you start to learn the basic of the notes,the pentagrams and the musical languages you have to speak Italian automatically. So this is one of the purest & most melodious languages in the world. However there is still a very long way to go for all authentic Italian singers and today the most sensible people can immediately understand the difference between what is trash and what is good in the field. Of the below pieces, many are very classic (1-4-5-7) and overused in movies and thetre.   The 2 is not in Italian to be precise but in Napolitan, which is my maternal grandmother’s language that obviously i personally learned and absorbed together with the family lifestyle. This version is from an Indian singer, it’s truly delightful and will caress your heart.  The 3 is from my dear friend Gianni who lives now in London and has got a sort of caraibian touch in it: if you live in the capital of England make sure to go to one of  his next concerts!

1~~~~Ennio Morricone, Gabriel’s Oboe (from the movie: The Mission”)

2~~~~ Hemlata Sardesai, O Sole Mio (Oh my sun)

3~~~~ Casabella, Che cos’e l’amore (What is love)

4~~~~Andrea Bocelli, Canto della Terra (Chanting to Mother Earth)

5~~~~Giuseppe Verdi, La Forza del Destino (Force of the Destiny)

6~~~~Carmen Consoli, L’eccezione (the exception)

7~~~~Giorgia Fumanti, Ave Maria

8~~~~Domenico Modugno,Volare (Flying)

9~~~~Lara Fabian, Caruso (written by L.Dalla)

10~~~Elisa e Ligabue, Gli ostacoli del cuore  (Heart’s obstacles)

next 10 songs will be a mix  in few Italian dialects (Neapolitan, Sardo, Sicilian) whih are also very close to Latin of course.

The tao is here, there and everywhere into the human body

This place is situated in the east part of Beijing. It includes various buildings like temples, the Taoist Institute of Research of the capital, a taoist clinic which recommand chinese traditional methods of healing, the taosit music center which is not as active as before anymore, and some other building all focused on taosim philosophy. When we go to the direct essence and understanding of taoism we realize that Tao is what we already have inside at dormant state into the sacrum bone. Tao can give, once awakened, all the most interesting directions to live fully and feel good.

Walking around these temples i saw many interesting things and could capture a few with my camera. Tao pierces each and every organ we have inside, it passes thru each of the 7 major chakras. Therefore it engulfs of dharma and love each and every cell of our body. Thru the art and the history of this buldings one can notice that each and every chakra is mentioned thru the story of Lao Tze. he knew everything about the mooladhara, the creativity, the rightousness, the compassion, the healing, the natural medicine, the generosity, the wealth, the collectivity, the forgiveness, the self realization and the interior blossoming.

What a master!! he knew everything about the human being who are realized. see here:

decorations: the most beautiful marble made sculptures and paintings which resist well and show all the sweetness and vivacity of the colors. the motif of the spiral is showed everywhere especially when picturing the clouds. the phoenix is the symbol of the maternal essence, ofthe eternal knowledge and womanly wisdom. the dragons are the power of the masculine side.

god: all pervading and multifacetted basing on the highest qualities in life. Chinese inscriptions in front of each god talks about all these qualities which characterize the master era and the master personality. god and goddesses smile, infuriate, bless, greet, give, bestow collness and serenity. A wonderful deep glimpse into the everlasting positive behaviour of one aspect of China. 

tao: is schematically represented by the yin and yang with the segmented parts all around. A game of casuality. a master perfectly melts all the elements and becomes the elements him/herself, knowing when to be water, when fire, when wood, whe eather….

First meme in BI blog

Meme instruction: Please thoughtfully consider the following, and choose one item for each of the categories below. (Be sure to describe your reasons for choosing)

  • One religious work from a non-familiar tradition you’ll read:

What does non familiar tradition means? Ah maybe I got it. Something about the cult of the mother in New Zeland. I recently read an interview of a native maori singer and I wonderf if there is any written book about their deep spiritual knowledge. Even in form of storytelling for example would be allright.

  • One music video-that you like-from your “least likely to listen to’ genre:

Mahamaya Mahakali which I ve been watching at least 20 times until now in the last couple of weeks. It is a 15 minuts music video depicting the joy of the students and employees in a school up on Himalaya. The filmmaker is from Finland.

  • A book from a genre you almost never read, that you have read, or you will read (promise!):

Something about cinema and film making …

  • Somewhere you’d never thought to go on holiday/vacation, and why it might be fun to go there?

Seichelle islands in the Indian Ocean. My Dad went there already few times, he made friend with the locals and said they are very simple and humble. So I might visit when I ll be in Madagascar.

  • A specific food you’ve never tried, but will because of this meme, honest!:

Lotus buds in Chinese style. So I will get enlightened lol

  • A sport or game you really hate, or haven’t tried yet, but are willing to give one more go:

Kung fu because it feels masculine but I can create a feminine style of it!

  • A style of dance you probably won’t try (we won’t make you promise on this one):

Capoeria, the Brazilian native dance because there is too much jumping.

  • A career job you don’t feel you’re suited for, and why:

The wine sommeliere because i cant bear the horrible smell of alcohol in general.

  • An item that’s “thinking out of the box’ for this meme that hadn’t been included:

If you would write a smart meme of 3 questions what would you write?

  • If there’s one thing in life you wanted to do, and will do because of this meme, what will it be?

Nothing in particular I usually just go with the flow. Also I prefer when others plan for me (for example my husband or friends).

1000petals/axinia sent this and tags goes to Yeoching only!

oh mothers!

oh mothers! pls dnt be fashionable, nor sexy nor intelligent. we just want you to be yourself, to go deep down into your roots and to know youe mother within. oh mothers! please help us to emancipate this wonderful unique world left. with love, r.

[the picture is a commercialized message to attract the mothers attention in Hong kong city]

Spirit is food to a city and foundation of urban education

A skype talk about urban education and spiritual foundations.


Lui from India: [Hong Kong] it is among the most globalized nation of the world. How is HK in terms of education.


Lei from Hong Kong: not very good actually, static. We shud get there, as yogis i mean. I know several teachers and when they talk i dont feel anything so speacial and enlightened abt their method. So i suppose it s the same as in other countries


Lui from India: but being a free [market] also must have lots of opportunities for growth…


Lei from Hong Kong: yes may be


Lui from India: ok..


Lei from Hong Kong: but the programs for example are the same as in other UNI of other countries


Lui from India: ok tht’s nice.


Lei from Hong Kong: the globalized aspect you can touch it more in the street than in the school


Lui from India: you are absolutely correct. It is the general upscale living and life style…


Lei from Hong Kong: 90% of the people here is local


Lui from India: ok


Lui from India:how about the school.


Lei from Hong Kong: the schools?


Lui from India: ya primary school eduations for kids.


Lei from Hong Kong:some are very chinese , some others international with more teachers from abroad. Kids i heard they are very much pressured. They always have examinations during the year and between the years. I know that coz i talk to the kids in the ashram too. They study hard and have several extra classes


Lui from India: since you can understand the psycho of kids better [saying that because Lei has been a childhood psychologist, n.d.r.]…


Lei from Hong Kong:here kids study ALOT, maybe too much. They start languages, instruments when they are 3 for example. There are plenty of nurseries for this aim.


Lui from India: what is the common stress release for them.


Lei from Hong Kong:not too much time for playing free


Lui from India: hmm


Lei from Hong Kong:i always see them in the street dressed to go to learn something. Their head is too long in the little books. HK also is the first city in the world with the highest rate of music-learning kids.


Lui from India: how does a kid react when they grow up under high pressure.


Lei from Hong Kong: they develop an attitude like they want to learn many many things and apply to a course after another to fill the brain with lots of info.


Lui from India: do they frustrate or some would get involved in other activities to release stress….what do you say.


Lei from Hong Kong:i hear my colleagues talking about their daughters/son, they say the kid is not always happy but a kid should be happy and joyful all the time. But these kids here start to learn the word and the feeling of stress already so young, like it was a normal thing to handle or to cope with. This is not really normal. It’s like they are being prepared to live in a stressed socierty in the future not in a relaxed and enjoable one. Do u think is allright?


Lui from India: yes u are right, but tell me if kids grow up under pressure how do they react when they grow teens, or later…


Lei from Hong Kong:yes i told u they develop an endless desire to fill their brain with info, they learn many things, and probably they are good at them all


Lui from India: ok now we are on the same platform…must be excessive right sided..


Lei from Hong Kong:yes, my co-workers and friends of my age are not happy with learning 2 things for example. They dont want to put limit to this knowledge and they apply to so many classes, and they are like machines; i can see them, they are not relaxed. Always busy studying, learning someting, it’s not positive, i am sure.


Lui from India: it is out of competition or out of learning insincts they behave like these…


Lei from Hong Kong:i dont know, maybe both? many people say because of competition. It becomes a circle in the mind.


Lui from India: but if it is the latter it is better !!!


Lei from Hong Kong:YES


Lui from India: ya, this is why kids cannot enjoy their age now


Lei from Hong Kong:i also feel they burn so much energy and then later they will not have enough strenght for more important steps


Lui from India: this might result in decling age ratio then.


Lei from Hong Kong:somtimes i felt tempted to apply this and that class but i had to tell myself no, 2 is enough otherwise u ll go crazy. HK is based on the Learning principle, very mind oriented, not spiritual oriented, sorry.


Lui from India: i am completely with you on this…


Lei from Hong Kong: it s created on very fragile foundations, human foundations but the spirit is the most important food for a city.


Floating sisterhood

acrylic painting on canvas with use of: semiprecious stones, waterpearls, silk, glitter, paper flowers, cinilla threads – art by radha with fantasy

It was painted during the Holi festival time in March before going to India. My mood was very much already “into colors and powders”, so I wanted to reproduce the festive atmosphere I was going to live with my sisters in few weeks. But my sisters are of a special kind, their skin is quite a magic and can be of any nuance of color. Moreover their eyes are peaceful and meditative, their hair long and shining. They are very close to the angel species if I am allowed to say that. They look like they are floating but probably they are just dancing…This is what I wanted to express in this surreal artwork.

Language is art, interpretations also, mistakes too

I laugh when my friends get mad at the errors-horrors within the English messages in Chinese land, here in HK.

To make mistake is one of the most creative things we are licensed to by God Almighty – it’s my thought all the time, and I laugh…

I love language mistakes

they show brave people and good hearts

they show the sensibility and the desire to change and to evolve

to transfom our societies and ourself.

Do not stop to mistaken yourself ever! And to show it! And to smile at it! 

How I get attracted by the qualities I prefer (in this case by mohabbat)

I wish everybody could listen to a qawwali at least once ! I discovered this genre of songs about 5 years ago and since then cannot stop to listen and search for them. They are like magnets for me! I believe them to be the highest form of singing. Infact their content is truly divine and wonderfully detached from the daily feelings and hubbub we use to live in or dramatize. The best qawwalis are sung as improvisations, the singer starts to follow his own inspiration and heartfelt understanding of the divine nature. It’s a delight with no comparison; it’s such a unique remarkable experience to listen to qawwalis! Here the words of one of my favorite (the tango version is here). If you try to read them aloud keeping your attention onto you and the top of your head (your highest pick) it might touch you deeply inside!! 





The word mohabbat was generating some very good and higher feelings during the listening. In the same period I was receiving plenty of emails from a friend based in Lebanon who used to sign herself with “Mohabbat” after the name. I did not search for its meaning for several months thinking it is a form of saying goodbye or something nice. But recently I wanted to find out exactly and…I love its meaning! The meaning of the song is also coming soon and I can assure its stunningly elevated as well.

Indian outfit for an American musical?

This last two months I have been busy at work rehearsing the musical which with my colleagues we are going to present during the Annual dinner. It is a famous American musical that we adapted in a bilingual version (English and Chinese-Cantonese) with the guide/direction of a producer from TVB and a dancing teacher.

When it came to discuss the costumes, we tried on some that looked all right but the producer did not seem really satisfied with them. The day after he came back with some sketches of each one of the characters and I noticed that I was the only character he draw with a long princess dress. Also he told that it would be really beautiful and original to dress all the girls up in punjabi which is the common Indian (but also traditional Chinese) female outfit. Let’s see which will be the final decision!

Witness this message!

Today I received this message in my mail box at office. 


 I would like to invite you to visit the Shangri-la showroom tomorrow morning (Friday), we plan to leave the office at 0920. Welcome to witness everything we have done together. 


 It was from one of the manager. To visit the showroom was really fun and interesting. I understood that Educational toys are such a huge undiscovered source to work for. I don’t know how long my person will last with this job, but I am grateful and happy. I love that our managers use the word “witness”. In general witnessing helps to perform much better in life, not only at work but also in other spheres. People around myself (without knowing) are giving me material to edit interesting tips to walk thru an exhilarant career. For that stay tuned!!  

What is your blood made of? Mine of Art, Flavors and Yoga

Yes, symbolically of course! If you could choose a couple of main “substances” from which is given lymph to your blood and stay alive, which ones would you say?

Here are the most important three for me, for example.


…because I was born in Italy, a country pretty much artistic and charming. Even approaching people is artistic to me. I tend to engage in new friendships after having danced to a party or while talking about the beauty of certain features and melodies, or sharing lyrics, poetries, photos. Colorful clothes and intricate jewelry are magnets to me. You can always expect a trustful advice from me about decorating, matching colors and shapes. In my blood flow the happiness and vivacity of a city like Naples, the calm and “dolcezza” of the Mediterranean Sea. When you talk to me I will always understand what you mean and smile at you with beaming eyes to make you feel good. Art is magic and so essential; I will study the subject more thoroughly and post more about the artistic way of being!


It can mean many things. Mainly I would refer to food. To me each thing related to food deserves a good attention. Entering my home you will enter into the kitchen before than the living roomJ. It is not a coincidence. My girlfriends know that the time spent at my home is always also spent by cooking something together for relaxing and chatting. I trust we are going to eat forever; we can’t escape this basic need so why not transforming it into something really pleasant? I love roaming at the market searching for fresh food, touching it, smelling it, asking methods of cooking, qualities and prices, playing bargains and so on. I would feel really alienated and sad if I could not:

  • go to the wet market at least once a week. 
  • come to know about new ideas and interestingness on food.
  • cook for my husband every evening and for my friends and coworkers as much as possible.

Giving hand made food will make you feel extremely positive and if you are a woman your powers will grow for sure! About relations on woman power and cooking food I also want to post more soon.



Yugoslavia means “land of yoga”. Ex Yugoslavia: that is today formed by several small countries. My father and his mother first came from here and carried to Italy a wonderful world of silence and purity to the future family. How different they were from all the other Italians surrounding them! In the village they have been such an outstanding example of discipline, hard work and morality. Very good quality to obtain the yoga, the connection with ourselves. Every time I think of them I cannot avoid thinking about integrity: the image of people who keep going along the right path, with the right attitude, without being disturbed by any storm or word. They know the way; they are innately wise and strong like rocks. Their mind is clean from superficial and abnormal ways of thinking. The simplicity is their beauty. Well, these are my dad and his mother. They are still transmitting these sorts of yogic attitudes to me and I am really treasuring them!   

 What is your blood made of?

The beauty of not understanding a language

This kind of “beauty” is not easy to understand; it requires loads of acceptance and inner strength. Quite a lot. Did you ever had a conversation or, on a lighter level, a simple daily relationship with people you don’t speak their language? And they don’t speak any other than that? Common people you could meet everyday: the bus driver, the man at the grocery store, the lady who sells newspapers… In the present time, you can have this unique experience in Hong Kong if like me you grew up in the west. Enquiring, watching and living this environment now I found out that the great majority of the hongkonise population grew up and studied in Cantonese, even the English language! My husband told me that when he was at school they used to have English books but they did nit understand one word of them, since even the teacher was talking in Chinese-cantonese. Isnt it funny?  However I am going to talk about the chinese language itself in another post.

What I want to stress out here is that we don’t need to understand what people say to have a fulfilling relationship. First we have to be fulfilled by our SELF, our INNER being. Aftermath we can interact with all kinds of human beings. It is because we depend upon ourself and not on the environment or culture or language surrounding us. Do you understand what am I talking about?  With love.