10 sentences or quotes from scattered books on my desk


  1. Kyle was a good kid; he still cared about something. Would that be enough to save him?
  2. When they had been riding for several days the kings decided that they wanted to see what the child had given them. They opened the little casket and found a stone inside.
  3. Armed with Sword, Spear, Club, Disc, Conch, Bow, Arrows, Slings and Iron Mace, You are terrible and at the same time, You are pleasing, Yea more pleasing than all the pleasing things and exceedingly beautiful.
  4. [Love] It’s a parabolic movement.
  5. Loss upon loss until At last comes rest.
  6. What would happen if we blended the market norm with the social norm?
  7. The filling has to be stir-fried until done before baking. It gives the pie a unique fragrance after baking.
  8. I sometimes feel more like a fan rather than actually in the band. I can’t live up to it. But the reason why I would like to is the idea of grace.
  9. Better describe the nature. Forget about human beings.
  10. For most species, sleep is a vulnerable state, but dolphins rest on the move while shutting down only half of their brain.

My daily panorama back from work

In Hong Kong you get EVERYTHING from any point of view, that is why many people who have lived here a long part of their life can miss the everthing feeling. And that’s what makes this city so unique in the whole world and the kind of place to not be missed once in life. It is just unbelievable! Moreover, if you are a content person that is not seeking special entertainments or adventures in life, Hong Kong is still perfect for you because of its deep Chinese heritage which is all pervading in people and happenings here! There are no cities like Hong Kong, where progress is showering from all sides, there is no fear of Big plannings ahead in the years, a character which is blossoming nd blossoming  every day. If you come to Hong Kong you will leave transformed for sure. In a world that cannot escape the game of transformations, this city is playing each card with the professional skills of a champion. 

My new route at sunset betwen traffic jam in the heart town and the Chinese sea flowing thru the beautiful hills (and hundreds islands).

Just like a heart beat

How is your heart beat? Do you check on it? Not medically but for real. i found out that my heart beat is regular and especially during two moments of the day/week it goes towards the extreme without even touching them.  During sitting time of meditation it slows down a lot, during a dance performance it does increase.

Traditional Chinese doctors suggest not to take to any hyper dynamic activity after 50 years of age. When we get old we should keep our heart beat on the same regular tune as much as possible. Nowaday there is a big trend to go jogging, running ~ there are big financial companies here in town which promote marathons to push up the heart beat of their employees and throw them in stressful conditions with the pretest of charity events or enhancing team spirit. But a completely conscious person will not listen to them and have great care of his heart beat.

Pure music in pure body (last part)

According to Indian philosophy our span life is measured in number of breaths. Every time we inhale oxygen for giving energy to our body the air is filtered by the nose and the lungs have to work hard in order to purify it from toxins, carbon dioxide and so on. We need to develop and reinforce the capacity of the lungs to free the blood from all toxins. Breathing exercises are very helpful for that.

When regularly practised, Medical Vocal Music, as defined nowadays the Music therapy, does regulate our brething activating a process of ionization from inside our body. A naural process of ionizationA vibratory field is created around us. This is reflected in the aura and a magnetic field is created for us. We start to feel more dynamic, vital and soothed, peaceful all in one. Stress management, depression, asthma, several diseases and attitudes can be cured with this method. Longevity and vitality are assured with this method. It is simply fantastic and easy to follow. Our spirit connects with the all pervading power we are all plugged in and becomes one with the sounds.

There is a detailed book, old and wise book, “Siddhi-Sthana” written by Charak Rishi which explains very well all these understanding and processes.

“In our day to day life we find that all the seven energy centers – complex of organs as I was saying in the past two posts – are not active all the time. Some do not work properly, as there are some hindrances, due to lack of required energy power. Since these energy centers are connected with different organs, any hindrance in their functioning creates physical imbalance in the person. Emotional and mental imbalance is also seen depending upon the state of the energy centers. Music produces different effects such as heating, cooling, soothing. Medical Vocal Music Therapy helps the person to match his individual Sound energy’s frequency with the frequency of the cosmic Sound.

Girl lost at office


Lost in That joy

People walk around me

Speaking an incomprehensible language

Noise of printers and scrunched up papers

I am always lost in that joy

The heart amazingly slowing down starts beating like a sweet tambourine

Following the same rhythm of That joy

Stretches at the most

It passes thru the glass door and flies down the stairs

Air can feel my heart and imbibe its love

It becomes a wave sounding as the heart beat of the Mother

Career: Three elements to absolutely work on/out

 There is so much attention on career these days: books printed out, seminars organized, talks and chats at office, during lunch and at home. We are also bombarded by so many ads about self-improvements, self-growth, self-this and that. Another thing is that we also know that each and every individual cannot improve alone, he needs some good humus that only the collectivity he’s plugged in can give. This is the reason why a big part of the general attention is also on the team work, the power of the collective. I would dare to say that we still do not know anything about how to live collectively in a full satisfied way. If we would then so many problems would just dissolve because they would be disintegrated in some kind of vortex which is even bigger than the individual mind.


 There are 3 enormous obstacles which block the professional growth, followed by comments from the expert:

1) guilt:

 I think this is a modern tecnique, to feel guilty. Some sort of a modernism is in it because I dont know how it has worked out. And this modernism of this horrible thing called “guilt” is something that really […] to clear out.

2) no pro-collective skills

So today’s understanding should be that we all should become collective from inside. We should not grudge or grumble about everything – and enjoy the collectivity.

But the second side of collectivity is this: do not try to exploit the collectivity, otherwise you’ll be in trouble…When you are collective, you have to be respecting the collectivity of others. By your presence, another person should not, by any chance, suffer or should not feel in any way insulted or inconvenienced. So when you are in the ollective, it should be such that another person should enjoy your company, enjoy you being there. That is something where there is no problem. But if you are demanding and if you are asking for things and you think no end of yourself, you cannot at ll be collective by any chnace, but you’ll suffer for that. Automatically you will suffer.

3) anger 

[…] Like anger, people always boast “I’m very angry with him”. Just make that anger into forgiveness and you’ll see the person.  Instead of you getting into problems, he will get into problems. Anger will upset you, but forgiveness will upset him, automatically. It’s the biggest weapon you have got, is to forgive […]. And this will give you self-respect, taht you ar enot disturbed by anything you see.

Like a ship has to be seaworthy – if you put the ship on the sea and if it breaks, what’s the us of making a ship?[…] You have to be seaworthy and if you are seaworthy nothing can disturb you. 

Reading these excerpts and meditating on them, I found out they really well fit the need of people (like me) working full time for middle or big companies. Watch the obstacles out! They are some kind of viruses leading to further complications. For example they will make the person degenerate towards un-constructive behaviours, damaging not only the individual image but also the one of the company. Moreover they will provoke interminable waste of precious time and money for everybody at different levels.

Witness this message!

Today I received this message in my mail box at office. 


 I would like to invite you to visit the Shangri-la showroom tomorrow morning (Friday), we plan to leave the office at 0920. Welcome to witness everything we have done together. 


 It was from one of the manager. To visit the showroom was really fun and interesting. I understood that Educational toys are such a huge undiscovered source to work for. I don’t know how long my person will last with this job, but I am grateful and happy. I love that our managers use the word “witness”. In general witnessing helps to perform much better in life, not only at work but also in other spheres. People around myself (without knowing) are giving me material to edit interesting tips to walk thru an exhilarant career. For that stay tuned!!  

The beauty of understanding many languages

And if not speaking a language can be a reason to search beyond gestures and expressions and also have fun, speaking more than one or two languages opens so many beautiful doors. They are more and more the children who can speak at least two languages nowadays and they are growing up with such a flexible state of mind hat it is such an enormous pleasure to just see them! I have to say most of my friends are merried to a person who did grow up in another country, speaking another language. Just like my husband and me.

At the beginning it can seem quite a kind of challenging relationship but after a while the challenge leaves space to smothness and openess, its such a cool game! And you feel only enriched and grateful each day. So you start absorbing a new language and think why not learning a new one and then a new one?  It is happening to me. Its really exciting. Considering that in my family most of the people speak at least two languages, even the ones who could not attend school have learnt due to change of places and lifestyles. My uncles both can speak three european languages for example.

I always felt a positive attraction for learning them and until now have been so much lucky to have full opportunity to practice and absorb English, Croatian and Spanish. Currently Chinese. I am getting equiped for Hindi and possibly Russian and Portuguese. My brain shines, i can really feel it everytime i am engaging in conversation with different people in the same moment. The heart opens! People feel so good when listening to you speaking their mother language. They start loving you immediately. Its like you are part of their life already and they appreciate you so much.

There must be studies about good feelings and knowledge of many languages. May be i will look for them later. Now let me enjoy my studies and opportunity! Luv

My Xmas e-card

In this period with my colleagues at work we use to send email greetings for the season. The girls from Human Relations Department come slightly dressed up by angels and santas sharing sweets and best wishes. Its really cute, it’s a moment of relax and sweet laughing for many of us in the office.This is what I am going to send as Best Wish for the New Year to my mates: an extract of a speech about “How to be inspired” by Nirmala Devi Srivastava. Due to the fact that the main essence of our job (script writing, editing, designing) is the creativity, the word “inspiration” is overused among us, so maybe the time has come to understand its meaning and try to work it out!   

 [ That which is coming to us, which is “new” – and is very different to the “thoughts” that we have. First these inspirations come to us, in “light and shade” and then are “moulded by us into language”. They come from inside…then we are spontaneous, inspirational. It is not like normal thing, which is very superficial, and which is the interaction between thoughts and action, action and reaction.Reduce your arguments to the minimum…and minimum…and don’t think… the inspiration  will come to you from within, and when the inspiration will be coming, then you’ll find that it will be very different…it will be very beautiful.Go on telling your mind that “this is not…this is not…this is not” any thoughts that comes to your mind you go on telling “this is not… not this… not this…”then the inspiration starts coming. You see what I feel… people are not inspired… they have got fear, on one side…or else they go into ego trip. So to stay in the centre, what you have to do is to go on saying “not this thought” …the most intelligent person is the one who knows that our intellect is just an ego trip…this is the sign of pure intelligence…of pure understanding…that the heart is the rule […] but then what is the use of the brain…why not have only heart you see would be alright…but the brain is the one which “acts”. Heart is the inspiration…but the brain acts on it… ]

This transforming world

The world is changing! Despite all the terrible news they keep showing on the TV, on the internet, in youtube, the world IS silently and slowly undergoing a huge visible change.Where do I see it? Firstly on the face of all the people I meet every day in the street, on the bus, in the office, at the restaurant, in the neighborhood, at the market… People smile, chat, wave, laugh…and on their mouths I can read sweetness, surprise, tenderness, understanding, struggle. It might be that their awareness is not yet opened to a real change. Not yet, but their gestures, their words that my ear-antennas rapidly receipt, their eyes are so longing for a simple and effective transformation. 

 If you are able to feel a nurturing connection with yourself you can also feel the hearts of the people around yourself. Automatically spontaneous it really happens!You will feel that no matter what they are doing, no matter where they are going, no matter how they are dressed up, no matter where they come from, they still long for this transformation to happen. Maybe they are naively thinking that the world they see have to change and not the world they feel inside. But still they desire the change. 

I am sure  my (because I am also them) people are awakening more each moment. Their body cells are stretching out towards the sunlight of the collective consciousness. This whole process so evident is the proof that our hearts are opening more and more. Silently and incredibly. We are projecting ourself towards another dimension, a higher dimension made of purity and joy where all our smiles, chats, waves, laughs will have a wonderful meaning of peace and hope. Where the beats of our heart will be synchronized and bounded together with one accord, to resemble the heart beat of the Mother earth that is the home we are all living now in.

A mango freshly delivered at your desk is…

A small oasi of gentleman is like a new dimension, which makes women feeling good wherever they are. Here at my office for example there is one oasi like that. It’s made by my colleagues and especially by the supervisors and managers who give the good example. I need to publicly thank these people and tell them that I really appreciate their style, their attitude to show care for us employees: locals and  foreigners (like me, although I do not feel like that at all! But this word is used a lot to refer to not Chinese  people). Every year in this period the mango-trees of the manager begins to mature its fruits in his garden. Punctually he comes to the office with a green mango for everybody in our team. After few days I am able to make mango ice cream or a plumcake to share with them or other friends. It is such an example of generosity that I have been admiring a lot I have to say. It shows how people care, with simple and lovely gestures, of other people not only for their performances in their job but also for the gentility they incarnate. Receiving a fresh picked mango from your manager at your desk is a wonderful message of respect and appreciation!

The beauty comes

…from where? inside, outside? 2 sides? what do you say?

We experienced something unusual and cool few weeks ago at my office in Hong Kong. It was a workshop: a blend of inside and outside beauty, underlining how important it is to keep beautiful and fresh on both sides at the same time, especially for a woman today. Living merged with the pollution,  the smog, the huge crowd, the stickyweather and aircon requires you to get some kind of “vital” certificate in order to overcome all the nesty consequences of an appearent unhealthy life-environment. There are many aspect, many subjects to go thoroughly thru to get this certificate and I will explain them soon.