With all that mixed up & down

With materialism kickin in the brain as luxurious & distillating as possible to let everybody feel confuse and alienated, givig the blurred feeling that reality has already been grasped and estabilished.

With the European and Italian elections going on in an arena of corruptive mood and misunderstandings, shame and struggle of an overtired population.

And with the wave  of…


2009, before and after: Time for sobriety is becoming a reality


Isnt it? With all the things we are reading and hearing about economy & co now now now it is definitely arrived the call for sobriety. 

Communication is becoming simpler and if you are smart at heart you will know whether  you are crossing or staying inside the boundary of the most pleasant conversation which is the one which turn sparkes of the joy on within the person in front of you, leaving her/him different from before the same conversation happened.

Giving present for celebrating core values and festivities is becoming such an easygoing act! People accept everything with open mind and focus on the mood of giving & receiving which is vibrating the material gift itself.

In these days here in the South of Europe, almost in Africa!, i am listening amazing conversations between common people who are showing a terrific common sense filled with enlightenment and understanding of the world we now live in. i am totally all ears and my brain is reacting with positive waves of bubbling coolness everytime. Just awsome! 

People are focusing so much on education and children. They found out thru long experience that relationships drenched in innocence and trust put each child on the right path and that this is the only way for him to make  a real difference later on.

But sobriety is not animated by emptiness or lack of pure knowledge and it is not referred to save money or go for the simplest and easiest solutions or ideas.  Sobriety is the attitude of the ones who understand the root of the things and in a second are able to scan with their heart=brain  the story of a life or of a full population in a determined environment. It is also to choose right gifts when we want to give, even fully worth the people we are treating, expensive gifts are so cool when we can afford them! They make people around sober and emotional, wrapped in pure emotions of Joy.


The Chinese essence (part 1)

There is a recent article on national geograpghic about Russians nights and co. talking about how Russia had fastly grew capitalistically in these last few years. And the author makes a comparisong which goes: americans will never understand Russians because they see or everything white or everything black; a Russian always see 80% of grey. So pointing out about perspectives. and it has been weeks, if not mounths, if not all my life since the moment (at 6 years old) i knew i had something inside that later discovered to be called consciousness, that i have my attention in the perspective. I think perspective is everything and it is the main big anchor to make an human being satisfied with smooth ungoings.

On one side my parents always talked about perspective to me that it is essencial to have one from inside, to refine it and to utilize it like a unit of measure all the time. This is the first reason which brought myself to discover Yoga because when you understand Yoga you start to grow a divine perspective inside and stick to it all all the times, in every moment and with every one. But sorry this is not the topic of this post for now.

The topic of this post is: will the European ever understand the Chinese? as you can imagine i am highly concerned about this one cause i am already gettin Chinese on my right side and European on my left side.

There are some flows characteristics of these modern years which may need  adjustements into our heads otherwise the future years to come will be not nice at all. Of these characteristics everybody talks/writes/speaks a lot about but the only living Person who until now has centered the begin of a concrete and fully balanced examination or introspection you may say is Nirmala Srivastava. Therefore i urge you to find out more about Her speeches and start to consider we need to be realized people to understand the world.

The flows characterizing our EUROPEAN & CHINESE society are:

  • the mind of the people is drunk with matters and most updated possessions (they call it materialism)
  • the mind of the people does want to care minimally for the society and make no real/practical effort
  • the minds are not connected with the heart neither with the spirit which is inside the heart; however people are disconnected and have weak understanding of situations and problems in general
  • there is a lot of confusion about freedom, freedom from within, freedom in the government, religious freedom…again no understanding.
  • people are seeking for a genuine perspective to approach as model of life in order to never fail in all aspects
  • people should know that culture, traditions have to be liberated by conditioning appendix and have to resurrect to an eternal state of what they are and why they were born for; there is a lot of ignorance capturing all around.

In short, i did not wanted to talk about perspectives, not even about whats written here above actually. This is like a “preambolo” to what Chinese essence can give to Europe. It will come hopefully soon.


One thing about Italy I dont celebrate

The thing I never liked about Italy is the wine. The fact that this pretty corner of the world is remembered and celebrated also because of the wine makes me feel really uncomfortable. I always talk the contrary about Italy, that it is not true that the wine is so famous and exalt instead other kinds of interestingness and beauty (which Italy does not miss actually!). When somebody here approaches me praising Italy for the wine I use to give him a burning look and start to tell how dangerous is the wine instead. Why the Italians should be signaled as the ones who indirectly annihilate the senses and the consciousness? Why can’t they be indicated as the ones who bring forth awakening of the consciousness instead? Wouldn’t that be superior and more dignified?seaischia2.jpg  vineyard.jpg

The island I come from in Italy was called Aenaria (the sea in the picture), after the Latin people, that means “Island of the wine”. There is so much green still left in this little pearl and plenty of vineyards cultivated over there. They are used by the locals to make wine and sell it. A big section of the economical proceeds in Italy are drawn from this fragile activity.

The 2007 it has been a special year for the Italians because Mother nature has come to protect them and shock their economy for the better. The weather has changed up to the point that the grapes were not mature enough to produce wine in large quantities: the reason why some ignorant group of people out there is doing its best to increase the prices and so on. But these people will disappear with the time and nucleus of other people whose only desire is to bring light and awareness to the economy will slowly take its own place. It has to be like that if we really want to live in a Shining world. Otherwise let’s be very happy and satisfied with ignorance and blindness. Like in the medieval times. What do you say?

Toys today

Working with electronic toys… I would never expect to do also this job. But now that I am used to this circle I realize that working with toys today puts you in such delicate tasks! You are dealing with the softest of the minds and the skills to really understand the world of a child are lacking tremendously. No matter you have been studying for becoming a teacher at primary school level, or as a psychologist or as infancy educators, or as animators. There are plenty of people with these majors out there but that does not mean that also the quality of understanding is playing a mature role out there.

 These are quotes I collected from an email-thread pointing out resources for toys today: 

…the wonderful paper ideas are fine, and needed for children over 6. Books too can be designed and printed in India, no need to worry about pleasing western publishing firms, print them for our own use, or to sell/give to children we reach.
But for little children, we need classic wooden toys and dolls, excellent control of paints, fabrics, and stuffing, i.e. organic, so they are not toxic.

How about building toys – blocks – an established way to teach math and geometry in preschool – but they don’t have to be boring they could be hand painted with all kinds of creative designs, like mendhi, or abstract, flowers, and angel faces.

Our world economy is going in dire straits. Attention has to be somehow on handicraft too, on artist creation also. All of these we can build it with a good and collective attention on the proper channel to “manufacture it”. Let’s know what you think about the local power of handicraft…???

 Examples of content scripts, the basic software matrix for electronic learning products, proposed by modern companies trying to play their role to educate children on a mass level.

USE+ARROW01+INST17a                  Use the arrow keys to finish building the equation.
SELECT+INST18a+ WSABERKBRD                                 Select a correct operation sign with the lightsaber or the keyboard.
INST19a+INST19b+NUM001+ TIME02                                                Pay attention!  Solve as many as you can in one minute!

Found in an article:


“We wanted to get away from the branding. I don’t think children should be advertised to,” says Lee, who co-founded the store two years ago with wife Danielle and sister-in-law Shelley Goldschlager. Their mission: selling toys that would encourage kids to construct, create and invent their own storylines.

Then there’s InquisitiveKid.ca, a new online store offering more than 300 minimalist playthings.

“A good toy is 10 per cent toy and 90 per cent child,” says Peter Emmenegger of Toronto, a software engineer and father of two who launched the venture last month. “The child’s imagination is the engine of healthy play.”

Some important “must have” requirements to work in this field: 

  • To have an innocent and childlike personality
  • To be familiar with (after having absorbed thru background and other experiences) eradicated good values, humus for a child personality
  • To have an established and overflowing creativity covering at least 3 branches of art (e.g. music, painting, drama).
  • To have the ability to not think too much
  • To have the skill to simplify contents
  • To have an extremely flexible and adaptable character
  • To have an open mind and heart
  • To be able to seek  the playful aspect of the daily life
  • To be extremely collective and not individualistic

Today the chances to become really professional in the toy industry (at any level) are not so high, if we give an honest glimpse around ourselves. If at least we already covered three of the above qualities we are probably on the right path to succeed…