The Tiny Urban Balcony

A metropoly like Hong Kong is the best place for enjoying some green out on the tiny balconies constellating the hyper tall buildings. It’s the perfect job to realize how precious even a little patch of mother nature is. Here at home we keep changing and planting new seeds, we like to make experiments with new flowers and veggies depending on the seasons, the weather and how appealing they look on the print of the seed paper bag. So far we have been quite lucky until now and the freshness of a prosperous green mini zone has brought forth jolly smiles and astonishments on how gorgeous every detail in the Hands of mother earth is:

mix of wild flowers

basil and tomatoes and chili

mint, lemon tree…

wax plant (the flower is amazing looking but not seen yet) and aloe vera and chili

fast germinating salad cress 

Tao couplets

Usually they stop to the first couplet but here’s the rest, even more beautiful and enduring!

1. It is wisdom to know others;

It is enlightenment to know one’s self.

2. the conqueror of men is powerful;

the master of himself is strong.

3. it is wealth to be content;

it is willful to force one’s way on others.

4. endurance is to keep one’s place;

long life it is to die and not perish.

Accompanied by fabulous sitar from Bangladesh…enjoy it ~

My daily panorama back from work

In Hong Kong you get EVERYTHING from any point of view, that is why many people who have lived here a long part of their life can miss the everthing feeling. And that’s what makes this city so unique in the whole world and the kind of place to not be missed once in life. It is just unbelievable! Moreover, if you are a content person that is not seeking special entertainments or adventures in life, Hong Kong is still perfect for you because of its deep Chinese heritage which is all pervading in people and happenings here! There are no cities like Hong Kong, where progress is showering from all sides, there is no fear of Big plannings ahead in the years, a character which is blossoming nd blossoming  every day. If you come to Hong Kong you will leave transformed for sure. In a world that cannot escape the game of transformations, this city is playing each card with the professional skills of a champion. 

My new route at sunset betwen traffic jam in the heart town and the Chinese sea flowing thru the beautiful hills (and hundreds islands).

Who said you need to live in Swayambuland to enjoy purity?

purity of sea breeze

purity of noise

purity in construction

purity in progress

purity of light and height

purity of loooots of people

purity of burstling energy

purity of a modern-in-a-hurry life

and much muchmore purity settled under the earth

of this corner of city where i live. have a new glimpse! these are the steets i walk on almost every night. there is so much to be photographed here. it s amazing.

Grey fotoreportage from Popular Sham Shui Po

This is Sham Shui Po one of the most attractive areas in HK city. It is a pretty popular neighbourhood with the classical dead temple and old buildings. If you look at its district logo  you will  notice that, only with few others, it was inspired by a Chinese idiographic character. There is one reason why i love to visit SSP at least once a month… can u guess? stay tuned for it!




Here shops do not stay open until wee hours so you must be fast and before 5 o clock your shopping should be over. the market is a great attraction, it’s one of the cheapest in town and offers different kinds of goods, from antiques to clothing to electronics….but i dont come to SSP for these kinds of goods unfortunately.


there is also a timid accentuation of a cultural variety and you can mingle with Indians and Arabians along the road…





not enough colorful and beautifully beautiful? tha’s why i said stay tuned untill the next.




Beginning of Spring in New Delhi

I went to Delhi two weekend ago for a friend’s wedding and found a warm sky plus a warm family who took care of myself like their own daughter. It was a marvelous experience! We spent our days in the militar area of the city at DSOI and surroundings. The flowers of their garden are among the most amazing I ever saw all together in one place in a urban setting, i took hundreds of pictures: that was a fantastic start of Spring time!