Casual easy enjoyement.

I heard that facing the truth is hard and makes u suffering. Or even disgusting like Mr. Jung wrote in his psycho-books. That it s painful but worthy because it s going to help the blossomin of a new personality, and stuff like that.

But facing ourself can also be easier than we think and more comfortable than reading a psycho-book about it. It just happens, just because you want. If you want to play you will get the ball and play. Without any need to feeling hurt nor misunderstood nor even crashed inside. There is no confusion about it. It is already happening this kind of enjoyement.

Starting point.

Diving is like a meditation. Getting to become one with aquatic nature and watching the colors and the wonders of a deep sea abyssin landscape. Total silence surrounding the human nature. Becoming one with this present silence.

Painting is also like a meditation. Expressing the beauty thru movements of the hand, putting it into colors, lines, shapes.  Without thinking, drawing into the silence.

Tai-chi is like a meditation. Feeling the energy rising up and refreshing the senses and everything else into the being. Each movement is in harmony with inner breathing and spirituality of self.

Photoshooting is just like meditation too. The focus of the nerves, the observation of the present moment. In relax, in dynamism, in fun.

Surfing the net is perfect meditation. Like surfing the waves of something bigger and empty. The vibrations of the entire universe surrounding the digital personal experience.    

Whole life IS meditation. Or at least the starting point of… it. It…?!

A Fun oriented society. oh yes!

Have fun! How many time people tell you HAVE FUN! All the time. It’s the password in our fun-oriented world. Moreover our fun oriented society goes hand in hand with money oriented aspect. Fun is traveling, going for  a movie, going for  a drink, make friends, fun is shopping, throwing a birthday party, photo-hunting…All this fun is also expensive and gives you the chance to circulate money all around yourself. Thank you for your generous fun yeah!

Have you ever heard that “let’s meditate, it’s fun!” No because there is no fun it and no money charge. Have you ever been invited “come to breath, it’s fun!”. No, because breathing is natural and nobody ever asked you any charge for it. Or “Hey lets have  a digestion all together, it’s fun!” Ahah no, none invites you on that one neither, because it’s so freackingly automatic that you dont want to waste time on making an announcement!!

Fun is temporary and did not let you achieve any glory, nor growth as an individual in our beautiful constantly growing society. Meditation is pure joy which lasts forever and the more you feel it the more you long for it. No ticket to pay, no booking fuss, no hangover smells. Simple joy. Pure fresh cool joy which inundate your spirit, your self, your inmost personality. Mmmm now yes the real joy-oriented society is taking over…

Oh, have fun with it!

Little powers and much more

Too often we are satisfied with the little powers we achieved.

The  way/ways we nourish our mother energy in our community and then society, is really working? We didnt achieve that level where the connection between heart and brain is constantly linked and increasing in power. The fact is our inner connection is still like a swing at the kids playground. We are genuinely happy with the regular spiritual practice and activities we created, true or not true?

I ask myself questions. I know i am not alone in questioning my actions and results. I am never satisfied with myself because another fact is: there is still SO MUCH energy which wants to be free and express Herself in the most delightful and nourishing way.

we are always so peaceful and satisfied all the time.  so very human all the time.

The daily connection

The most beautiful thing is when you are tired or stressed or bored or a mix of the above or/and something else different (whatever you want to feel you are free to feel it anyway). It`s when the day was plane and uninteresting, and nothing special happened or you got a great new and you are jumping with joy. You could not reach the heart of that person as you have wished, you have tried many times and things do not change, you have meditated too. Days look flat normal or they look quite gorgeous to yourself.  The most beautiful thing is that despite the flatness or the gorgeousness, you know the truth and its aspects. It goes beyond and ahead of all the above descriptions, and justifications. Perhaps it s not a feeling but it s something that you know and doesnt move and you dont lose it even when you feel what you feel.  I think this is when you are connected to the truth.

Not missing holidays at all

i grew up with a great culture for respecting the holidays, especially during Summertime. Now that i am in HK with a normal full time job which obviously allows only two holiday weeks per year by contract, where is my inner holiday culture gone i really dont know. I kid not. And i use to tell to friends that i am on holiday everyday. that’s my feeling everytime here at work or at home or walking in the city, every day is very light and simple, with no charge or big sense of responsability. Everything takes its own place in a sharp and moderate way. It’s beautiful: you also try to be on holiday everday. It’s a mindset: maybe because i grew up where the holidays are respected the most.


Enlightened Policy in government


It is not too difficult today to reach balance. Just following these simple advices from Laotsi – the Chinese primordial master- will make it even simpler. We are reaching a point in society where we dont miss anything material nor spiritual, everything is so clearly disclosed in front of our eyes and the minds work much more open than before (but if you get meditative you go faster) . Now if desires are kept on a low level it will happen something incredible that there are no words to explain it. i dont even know how to write it. But this is the key for any kind of policy today. the only requirements are the right men. They have to be brave and cool; they have to belong to some sort of another race, another kind of personality which is different and it is not really easy to find, but they exist for sure. Because now we have everything and everyOne on this planet. It’s Amazing.

Laotsi’s proposal is really interesting and original, it’s not just something empty or meaningless or old. It’s so modern and can meet a win-to-win elaboration. Very smart application. Very new and so useful.

If those who are excellent find no preferment,

the people will cease to contend for promotion.

If goods that are hard to obtain are not favored,

the people will cease to turn robbers or bandits.

If things much desired are kept under cover,

disturbance will cease in the minds of the people.

The Wise Man’s policy, accordingly,

will be to empty people’s hearts and minds,

to fill their bellies , weaken their ambition,

give them sturdy frames and always so,

to keep them uninformed, without desire,

and knowing ones not venturing to act.

Be still while you work

and keep full control

over all.

The support


Today people are confused about supporting each other or on a larger scale.  But supporting is very important and it is just like love, that without it everything is so dry and useless. The confusion is once again propagating from medias or other false sources as individuals or organizations. People think that sharing some activities, or giving some time or money is equal to support. That for example traveling to a place or sponsoring a child faraway or visiting a website with a badge from home is nourishing support.  They cannot go deeper down to the meaning of this action or feeling i should say. We decide to start a school and we get so enthusiastic & caring, we almost believe this must be a long lasting project for the benefits of all and then after several years the school have to be closed. This is an example on educational level which could apply to any other fields.  Real support is too subtle and cannot be totally understood or expressed, it is a quality which can flow from one person to the other and everybody will feel  and derive enormous benefits from that.

With all that mixed up & down

With materialism kickin in the brain as luxurious & distillating as possible to let everybody feel confuse and alienated, givig the blurred feeling that reality has already been grasped and estabilished.

With the European and Italian elections going on in an arena of corruptive mood and misunderstandings, shame and struggle of an overtired population.

And with the wave  of…

HK Bulletin: people are scared here


Here I am again reporting first hand experience from one of the most crowdie and culturally varied places in the world, the Asian center for affair and finance, where the professionals keeps monitoring worldwide economical situation and the standard man/woman stays at office until eight or nine every day. I live in a local neighborhood close to the northwestern boarder with the mainland and every evening I see streams of children in kurtas and punjabis from Arabia or India in the street; they live here with their family and go to local schools too; their mothers buying potatoes and greens at the market when I am also there. Simply colorful and so beautiful.



Now it will begin a reportage from last Thursday and Friday: in a period of time of 48 hours a scary universe discloses to my eyes in one block! I just want to share it with you; there is even some comic side in it! In no order: 1. I go for throwing the strawberries leaves in a basket placed behind the girl who is sitted at the reception in the dance studio: she literally jumps off the chair for two times thinking that some kind of monster maybe is moving towards the basket. 2. Here it follows the scary adventure as it has been told by a friend who is looking for an Indian shop at the upper floor of one of the most ethnic and multicultural mansion in Hong Kong downtown: “ I see all these black men an I am with the direction written on a paper. They are kind and they really want to help me, but I am too scared and I am running in the building with them following me saying: don’t run, we just want to tell you where the place is”. I know this mansion very well being situated not far from my workplace: it is probably the only corner in the all city where you can literally spot bunches of faces from everywhere. It sounds so exciting, here I know the Indian uncle upstairs, he fixed my ghagra for an extremely cheap price, I come here alone to buy Coconut oil, bangles and Bollywood movies: some shoppers are really familiar to me. Moreover I use to do money exchange here when I need non Chinese currencies; they have some of the best conversions, even better than at the bank sometimes.

3. While walking towards the train in the metro suddenly somebody gently hugs me half from the back, I just turn my face to see and smile: it’s the same friend I met in the morning and she’s going: aren’t you scared? 4. At night I am making tea in the kitchen of the Yoga ashram of the city and a lady comes in “wow how do you do that? I could not be able to do it, and you know why, because I am really scared to turn on the fire”.

Now when Friday night arrives and I have been the receptacle of all these “scared of” testimonials I feel really shocked. In the kitchen I was just turning on the fire of the stove with an electrical gas lighter, a skill which requires a simple coordination of both your hands.

It’s true that the news are simply disgusting, everybody is saying so; the economy collapsed. Few weeks ago a colleague visited my desk for asking something about a product or a deadline but it was only an excuse to chat and soften+discharge his scary feelings about the fact that another company like ours had just fired more than 50 people the same day.


Do you know the joke from a 4 years old who is praying: And forgive us our trash baskets as we forgive those who put trash in our baskets.”? 

Bombs are exploding in our cities, children are being assaulted and violated, families being displaced and attacked…there is so much trash accumulated in all our baskets and so many others who attempt to make it worst. But this is not a good reason to live our days with the stable feeling of “being afraid of this and that”. I mean we are divine. The divinity within us has to take full control so that all these stupid ideas are automatically blown away.




This is the train of life: chuk chuk chuk…. Rail chalee hai Jeevan ki

Hasna rona, jagna sona, khona pana sathie hai dukh-sukh

chuk chuk chuk

raat aur din is rail ke dibbey

Aur sanson ka engine hai

Umar hai is gadhi ke pahiye aur chita station hai

Jaisey do patri hai vaisey saatha chaley duck-suck

Chuk chuk chuk….

Pap aur punya ki gathri bandhey satya

Nagar ko jana hai

Jeevan nagari chodh kar hamko Nirmal Nagari aana hai

Yeh bhi soch lo hamne kya kya maal kiya hai book

Chuk chuk chuk….

Women love nature more than anybody else


There must be something special about the nature of being a woman. Girl’s blogs abund with flowers shots and i always have to push my hubby to go and take a walk in the nature. Women are naturally attracted by natural sites and they would love to spend as much time as possible in them. The way a woman can take pictures in outdoor natural scenes and the way she can paint or write a poetry or a book about natural topics is always original and fresh, you can feel immediately that the vibrations are feminine and cool. And in fact we say that a man who is able to do the same has embibed sweet feminine qaulities, and he is special for that reason. Women are often compared automatically to Mother earth because of their gentle qualities which are innate and they do not have to make huge efforts to manifest them. Women understand nature more than anybody else.

Urban life: the job perspective

I work full time in a city of 9 millions inhabitants.

Hong Kong life in all its aspects rotate around your work. Usually here you see the beautiful clair cblue sky with cloudy shapes in the morning for the time you take to arrive at your workplace. Afterwards you can see again the same beautiful sky for an half hour during the lunch (because the other half hour you will sit somewhere at a table eating). Finally when you come home you can enjoy a great sunset from the vehicle on the way back home unless you take the MTR, underground.

Urban lifestyle is not that light and when you are home at the end of the day you feel like an angel who has been flying all day and now only wants to rest his wings.

Interesting aspects of the urban life connected to your job:

  • you always keep a wide eye open on the global economy and the local economy of many countries. there are many opportunities to talk and hear about it during discussions with friends.
  • you meet up with people who tend to be dynamic and active, travel quite a lot and share news and facts from different places they have visited. A first hand updating of what’s going on somewhere else.
  • All your activities other than working are available only during the evening and in the weekends. Meeting of family and friends also. It is rigorous to hace a schedule and fix a time for any meeting. When you see somebody you know in the street or somewhere spontaneously it is always a surprise but you know there must be a connection because among 9 millions of people…
  • I heard of many women who get “bored” or “depressed” when they do not have a job. How is it possible? Especially here people get this wrong idea that to not be on full time is not good. I would have hundreds of good things to do even without a full time job and I say it is exactly the same. When we get too attached to our money-job we start to see it as indispensable. But at the essence a job is meant to:

Keep yourself balanced and emancipated. Stimulate the creativity, the ability of problem solving, the capacity to make new contacts and engage in new friendships. Have fun during your day, find new methods, watch your mistakes, improve what’s good, see your limits and open new doors in your minds.

Who is lethargic by nature will usually talk about tiredness, who is more active will talk about create new opportunities.  Overall it is a matter of character, attitude and inner balance. When teh attention is still inside you do not consider too many aspects of your job, you just enjoy it and treat it as a respectful opportunity, a holiday of the spirit with a great aim.


Today is my mother’s birthday

Today is my mother’s birthday and i cant miss this opportunity to celebrate Her because she deserves this small gift and much much more. I will tell for the occasion why it is cool to have a mother who is not even 19 years difference from you. A young mother who had grown up during the Sixties in Italy is quite a blast to have.

  • She knows everything about womanhood, how to dress up, how to take care of the skin, how to speak, how to wait and be patient, how to tease, how to make friends, how to keep good relationships with all the relatives.
  • She is the fortress of the chastity and the charme simultaneously. Her life is my inspiring example. She knows that simplicity and practical attitude, when combined, make best results in the collective and family. Her alertness always amazes me because she always knows what the core of a problem is and how to solve it quickly and with descrition.
  • She is loving and caring, always giving good patient advices and understanding around. She cooks for anybody comes home which is very often filled with friends and relatives every week. She is comfortable to get along with and extremely funny and positive. She loves jokes and has the ability to see the positive sides of everything.
  • She loves traveling and discovering new places and new cultures. We are parallel and currently she is keeping an high interest into Chinese developments and customes because her elder daughter is living in HK. She is not really adventurous and well grounded into true choices. Infact she is quite of a realistic person who does not get convinced about things that often. She likes to experiment changes and happenings by herself without relying too much on what people say.
  • She is definitely spiritually oriented and with an high level of emotional intelligence well estabilished and developed. I’ve tried too often to compare her with other women of her age and i had to realize that her brain is beautifully advanced. One of the proof is that she  gave birth for the first time at 18 and was always a responsible and confident girl. She is not religious but she cle aarly believes in god and His plans all the times. We have a subtle communication on a nice level. We also talk about it without showing too much surprise because we are both aware of the strong connection between us. We can communicate well without speaking and she knows immediately how i am and what is going on with me even without talking.
  • She is a lion, brave and courageous, a great guide and a leader at the essence. People seek for her suggestions and feel protected and supported by her way of being.

H A P P Y      L O V E L Y     B I R T H D A Y     M A M I

[photo: by photopoetry]