Fibers & beans…and dragons!

Hope your spirits are high and shining for the new year, the Lunar Year of the dragon. I grew up with a dragon daddy and I know how genially strong they can be at times these personalities and the core of their heart is extremely soft and sensitive, hope you will have good luck with all the dragons on your way. ūüôā

Now we get ready for welcoming the new year, I m really excited for all the wonders on the new path. Between December and January I didn’t expect to receive such amazing kitchen aids like a true centrifugal juicer (the old one has gone already after about 3 years only ūüė¶ ) , a fantastic rice cooker and a Chinese dessert maker… only to name three of them.¬†
Did you ever had a bean dessert? In Asia they are super popular. The creamy ones only require water & beans: soya milk, rice milk, chacha, sesame, walnut and almonds desserts, all fibers boosters. Fibers support the face radiance. I m sure wherever you are you would love to try these flavorful and comfortable delicacies! 

the place Where inspiration comes from.

That which is coming to us, which is ‚Äúnew‚ÄĚ ‚Äď and is very different to the ‚Äúthoughts‚ÄĚ that we have. Fisrt these inspirations come to us, in ‚Äúlight and shade‚ÄĚ and then are ‚Äúmoulded by us into language‚ÄĚ. They come from inside‚Ķthen we are spontaneous, inspirational. It is not like normal thing, which is very superficial, and which is the interaction between thoughts and action, action and reaction.

Reduce your arguments to the minimum, and minimum…and don’t think… the inspiration  will come to you from within, and when the inspiration will be coming, then you’ll find that it will be very different…it will be very beautiful.

Go on telling your mind that ‚Äúthis is not‚Ķthis is not‚Ķthis is not‚ÄĚ any thoughts that comes to your mind you go on telling ‚Äúthis is not..not this‚Ķnot this‚Ķ‚ÄĚthen the inspiration starts coming. You see what I feel‚Ķ people are not inspired‚Ķthey have got fear, on one side‚Ķor else they go into ego trip. So to stay in the centre, what you have to do is to go on saying ‚Äúnot this thought‚ÄĚ ‚Ķthe most intelligent person is the one who knows that our intellect is just an ego trip‚Ķthis is the sign of pure intelligence‚Ķof pure understanding‚Ķthat the heart is the ruler‚Ķ[‚Ķ] but then what is the use of the brain‚Ķwhy not have only heart you see would be alright‚Ķbut the brain is the one which ‚Äúacts‚ÄĚ. Heart is the inspiration‚Ķbut the brain acts on it‚Ķ

(Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi)

You know me more.

You make me perceive nd absorb

what i need.

You really move the angle of my brain

towards all those sensations nd words

that i need to feel and listen.

You make my time worth

and my life, not happy, but more.

You know me more.

(my boundless verses)

You are not to be seen

but i have seen your honor in my heart.

(naaz khiaalvi)

Bold painting

Bold art is a fantastic way to express clear truth of feelings and understanding. The three artworks here reported are from K. Saito (1907-1997) who dedicate his work to woodblock printing in Japan. His style is simply great and to the point. Very modern. Today we do not need to talk too much to transmit our personality or ideals. There are new ways of expression which will show things in bolded lines. It is the time for admiring them with full attention listening to the silent message they are holding for you.

These last two are acrylic paintings from me, i love strong bold colors, thats for sure. I have difficulties to make thin lines, with minute details. My hands have a pretty bold shape too. And the brushes i choose are usually pretty thick.



Grandma Palmira Birthday

I love palmas, they are beautiful decorative strong trees,they also carry coconuts, an amazing versatile fruit. Palma is also nick name of my grandmother a born Slavic (ex-Yugoslavia) lady who went thru several refugee’s camps when few years younger than myself and¬†served¬†there as bilingual translators for Croatians and Italians. We have plenty of pictures in b/w from this period, they look fascinating and misterious to me, lots lots of people that she never met anymore. They are shown playing guitar and dancing around a campfire, sitting in the grass, laughing in groups and posing for pictures.¬†Occasional family to share those difficult post-war¬†times in Europe.¬†I often¬†reckon how thankful i have to be forever to this woman because she is the one who¬†being asked to choose, said that “no we are not going to Southamerica with the cousins, we want to¬†be shifted to South of Italy” and the rest is history (but I could have been born as¬†a different me in Southamerica too eheh, eventually we are nothing but the spirit)

Wishing you long life and Love dear Grandma,

your “stella”

Father and daughter on real experience and solid bounds


It’s my father birthday, he’s just 57 and you would feel on heaven by sharing his cmpany. They say there is a special link between daughters and fathers so it maybe possible i am writing this out of this special connection but i dont think so. Infact each and every person who is getting along with him now and in the past is clearly benefitting of his compelling personality and adorable heart. He has been my guide for over thirty years, he still is at the right level of maturation,¬†being the perfect father that each daughter would love to have aside. I had many girlfriends along the years¬†but no one of them could compete, in their own¬†bound with their father, with the one we have been blessed with. Yes, this is pure blessing which happens once in a while to our generation. The connection goes far beyond the daily material necessities that he always generously lavishes. I love my father’s spirit so nouishing¬†and so much founded into first hand experience, consistency of character, morality, discipline, straightforwardness, clarity of feelings and words.¬†He is an¬† example of how a man can rise with his own inner wisdom and understanding¬† from a not vantagious social and political¬†situation to a point where life becomes interestingly flourishing and soothing. Beside having a great¬† joyious character he is also a self made artist dedicated to always different tecniques, designs, and daily care of edible, ornamental plants, flowers and trees. [all pics are his artworks, Lillo¬†below we drew & painted together more than 20 years ago]




Shri Laxmi loves shopping


She must be one of the most modern goddess, nicely dressed up and enveloped in some loving smell of a flower fragrance. I think Shri Laxmi loves Hong Kong which has already conquered the name of Paradise of shopping worldwide. She makes money¬†circulating, jobs creating and people being blessed by her rapid touch. She has some preferences, being her¬†gusto¬†of a¬†divine type. She¬†keeps testing¬†on folk’s inner energy to see if it is used in the proper dharmic way with balance and immense love, detached. Laxmi is the prettiest of all, She never forgets to wear jewerly and khajal. She acts in the subtle with endless inspirations: today¬†indulging on the creditcard,¬†tomorrow¬†resting in the pink lotus flower busy¬†with new works¬†¬†for the¬†times to come. Peaceful and tireless. Diwali of course is Her favourite¬†because is when She can truly¬†bestow or confirm¬†powers¬†with the spontaneous meditative¬†style freely¬†accessible to everybody now. Today Laxmi is a reality. Feel your stomach and feed the others.

Dont blink ~ the light is ON


It’s Diwali. Cant you feel? Close your eyes and dont blink, it’s Diwali. No need to know what is Diwali, no need to be from some country, it’s just Diwali for all because everybody has its own light inside, somebody has it turned on, in somebody else it is¬†off. If you know how to turn it on then just connect.

Today i went to one of the most furnished stationary shop here at the corner to¬†look for clay¬†for making diyas, little lamps and home¬†decorate with¬†plenty of tiny lights, flames.¬†Went up and down alonge the aisles of the big packed shop and ended up showing some gesture to teh shop keeper with my hands. I was simulating to play with clay with my hands in front of her, i dont know how to say clay in Cantonese and didnt have the cell with me to ring my hub for help. so i just said in half chinese and half english “mgoy ni you clay?” and acting in front of her like rubbing clay in both hands. She looked at the hand for quite a while and then started blinking furiously, then run back to her stuff mumbling mumbling.

Happy D i w a l i     

  • dont
  • ¬†blink
  • switch
  • ¬†the
  • ¬†light
  • ON

Not missing holidays at all

i grew up with a great culture for respecting the holidays, especially during Summertime. Now that i am in HK with a normal full time job which obviously allows only two holiday weeks per year by contract, where is my inner holiday culture gone i really dont know. I kid not. And i use to tell to friends that i am on holiday everyday. that’s my feeling everytime here at work or at home or walking in the city, every day is very light and simple, with no charge or big sense of responsability. Everything takes its own place in a sharp and moderate way. It’s beautiful: you also try to be on holiday everday. It’s a mindset:¬†maybe because i grew up where the holidays are respected the most.


Krishna & the Chinese New Year of the Cow


Here is a short extract from Bhaja Govindam by poet Adi Shankaracharya. One of the Holy names of Shri Krishna, who has extensive control on the ability of the humankind to be collective, is Govinda.


Worship Govinda who is supreme bliss, who is the protector of the world, who made his advent in the world as Gop√°la through his lil√°, who is the protector of the race (of Y√°davas) and of cows, who made the cowherds happy by lifting up through his lil√° the Govardhana mountain were the gop√®s used to play, whose name “Govinda” is uttered clearly by the cows (or scriptures), who has may names, and who is beyond the reach of the ignorant.
Worship Govinda who is supreme bliss, who was present in each of the different groups of gopis, who appears in different forms, who is one and nondual, whose beautiful form was covered by the dust raised always by the hooves of the cows, whose blissful nature is realized by sraddh√° and bhakti, who is unimaginable, whose existence is known to the wise, and whose greatness is like that of the gem cint√°ma√Įi



2009, before and after: Time for sobriety is becoming a reality


Isnt it? With all the things we are reading and hearing about economy & co now now now it is definitely arrived the call for sobriety. 

Communication is becoming simpler and if you are smart at heart you will know whether  you are crossing or staying inside the boundary of the most pleasant conversation which is the one which turn sparkes of the joy on within the person in front of you, leaving her/him different from before the same conversation happened.

Giving present for celebrating core values and festivities is becoming such an easygoing act! People accept everything with open mind and focus on the mood of giving & receiving which is vibrating the material gift itself.

In these days here in the South of Europe, almost in Africa!, i am listening amazing conversations between common people who are showing a terrific common sense filled with enlightenment and understanding of the world we now live in. i am totally all ears and my brain is reacting with positive waves of bubbling coolness everytime. Just awsome! 

People are focusing so much on education and children. They found out thru long experience that relationships drenched in innocence and trust put each child on the right path and that this is the only way for him to make  a real difference later on.

But sobriety is not animated by emptiness or lack of pure knowledge and it is not referred to save money or go for the simplest and easiest solutions or ideas.  Sobriety is the attitude of the ones who understand the root of the things and in a second are able to scan with their heart=brain  the story of a life or of a full population in a determined environment. It is also to choose right gifts when we want to give, even fully worth the people we are treating, expensive gifts are so cool when we can afford them! They make people around sober and emotional, wrapped in pure emotions of Joy.