Blast of Chinese Outskirts

Daily walks are really popular around here and infact you can see all kinds of people on their way to something. On their way to or from work, back home from a grocery expedition, chilling along with other family members, coming back from school or even on a bike ride since the wide sidewalk is alined to the cycling path; in addition others are waiting or getting off the train on the old railway track in line with the cycling path.


Three May pictures

While planning vocational movements i m posting for you a sample of random visual searches. This is in China but in somewhere unknown to me at the moment. I used this image to promote a peaceful and spiritual event happened last night far away on the other southern corner of Eurasia, in Italy.

That event was hosted more less in the area dotted with white houses beyond the sea horizon, on the far left corner of this happy image, where children are playing free on a beach during an afternoon of end of Summer last year. I captured them while going back home after a wonderful sea swim. It reminded me of my childhood and how beautiful it is to take advantage of the nature when we have Her so close. We shall never take Nature for granted and enjoy each and every drop of what she openly dispense wherever we live.

Just like this bear is cautiously doing!


Fibers & beans…and dragons!

Hope your spirits are high and shining for the new year, the Lunar Year of the dragon. I grew up with a dragon daddy and I know how genially strong they can be at times these personalities and the core of their heart is extremely soft and sensitive, hope you will have good luck with all the dragons on your way. ūüôā

Now we get ready for welcoming the new year, I m really excited for all the wonders on the new path. Between December and January I didn’t expect to receive such amazing kitchen aids like a true centrifugal juicer (the old one has gone already after about 3 years only ūüė¶ ) , a fantastic rice cooker and a Chinese dessert maker… only to name three of them.¬†
Did you ever had a bean dessert? In Asia they are super popular. The creamy ones only require water & beans: soya milk, rice milk, chacha, sesame, walnut and almonds desserts, all fibers boosters. Fibers support the face radiance. I m sure wherever you are you would love to try these flavorful and comfortable delicacies! 

Like in a spiritual Disneyland

Despite of the fact that Chinese culture is often associated to the character of the Moon, cold, silverly, sleep lover,¬†calm…everytime i visit a¬†modern temple in HK the sensations revealed are just the opposite: tryumphing in colors, energetic, strong, ¬†hot! You may get even dizzy by literally swimming into a rainbow of colors and attractions just like in an entertainment park!

Welcome to Kwun Yam shrine, a buddhist site situated on a eastside beach in town since the beginning of Seventies. Most of the statues follow the mosaic tecnique and dress themselves with brilliant colors. Look at the golden fish! He is watched out by three fluffy innocent goats that a child would love to ride and climb up on the horns for sure; everthing happens under the benevolent look of a robust  Wise master.

I did not shooted all of the monuments being some of their faces quite terrifying and  weird, therefore i am just offering you a panorama of what really caught my attention while basking into this glorious sunshine on Sunday, half lost with a couple of other friends in the crowd with mainlanders pouring and pouring in from touristic buses.

Of course the main character here is Kwun Yam, the eternal symbol of chastity and purity although poor lady was bestowed with swastika decorations drawn in the opposite way (like the one used by Hitler). She is a real Mother and believed to be the protector from all the dangers far away at the horizon. Is she protecting Hong Kong?

 She is grand, her impressive figure striking against the modern skyscrapers in the back at one of the most chic marine areas.

Her face shaped like a full moon, Purnima.

I was thrilled like when we go to Ocean Park. It s exciting to know that  spirituality has some nuances of  blast within,  like a bursting laugh or an erupting volcano. It is not always carried along pure white wings or zen materials.

Morever this blast is enjoyed by careful silent eyes of colorless statues.¬†I loved the way many lady figures were scattered here and there, simple busts in smooth grey stone with¬†nice hair styles nd cute cheeks too…They are witnessing that¬†plyfulness in spirituality, the absurdity of the game and the beauty of the drama… Sometimes they give you their backshoulders, sometimes they smile, sometimes they seem serious. They all come alive!



 To conclude  the visit, my favourite matching colors in a classic animal scene on Chinese talavera:

China’s Po Po

Po Po is the Grandmother affectionately called just like my Nonna (in italian) or my Babica (in croatian) in Europe. Po Po here in HK i dont have her actually but i kind of meet them everywhere when crossing the street.

¬†There is a restaurant chain here called Shanghai Po Po, we love their food and their huge childish¬†frames decorations on the walls.¬†I am writing about China PoPo over a phone call to my mom¬†where she was telling about seeing¬†a documentary on¬†Himalaya: up up in the Moutains¬†strong women are lowered deep down into natural wells to fill buckets with pure rose salt; which is lately collected and¬†refined by the men of the village. The entire process is hand made and these women¬†just awsomely¬†carry on such a heavy body work.¬†In China women compromise themselves at the same way¬† although we have no pink salt. Women work and worked very hard until consuming their mind and their whole life, and that’s their result when you¬†cross that street:

The oldest connection

Sometimes people look older than their anagraphic age, their eyes are so deep that thousands of lives can be read in them. One of the reason why people mature¬† like wonderful juicy fruits is that they know how to connect with the elders.¬†I am posting from China which is quite proverbial worldwide for the efforts put at the services of¬†supporting this slice of the population. Althought it does show¬†total unbalance¬†and unrealistic in many cases¬†with local concepts¬†of remaining conditioned and dry for the rest of the life. Beware of the age of a country, it’s a whole world to explore!

How to connect with the elders is the point.

Nothing is simpler for the ones who deeply understand the natural cycling of the life.

Maybe even Klimt did know that to live a serene third age it is necessary to lie the forward down in the hand (should be the right hand, he was slightly confused at this point) and forgive the past.  Then evrything fells at its own place and that old age becomes the goldest of all ~

i had¬†not¬†completely understood my own oldest connection until the day of the chinese banquest we hosted in ShunDa (China) when myself freshly arrived from Europe. Our big rounded wedding table was hosting only one man, the groom, and beside myself, the youngest of all the ladies¬†with most probability was the 70 years groom’s mother. The¬†encompassing sweetness of those giggling ancient eyes i cannot forget, it was the most awsome gift for¬†a special day. The special: Welcome to China, land of oldest …and lost¬†connections.


Candy: the earring collection 3 ~

Feel the taste of my juicy earrings ~

Winter collection 2009 ~

soft playful tasty candies

soft playful tasty women

…when the taste goes beyond


[ingredients: silver 925, mother pearls, bamboo coral, crystals, glass, hard stones]


Myth of humility in today China

There is a big amount of historical and literary material in China, which reinforces humility in the human character. The two primordial masters Laoze & Confucius have left behind outstanding moral teachings which are precious example for the whole mankind. On one hand humility is one of the most regarded quality in a person especially when  flowing directly from the within matrix of pure love. This is why on the other hand thise quality is just myth in modern China. Why is it only myth?



    • The within matrix of pure love, also known as kundalini, has not been awakened in the whole Chinese population yet. Moreover there is no translation in Chinese for the word “awareness” which means people cannot¬†include it in their chat or speeches or writings, thus cannot at least¬†communicate about it.
    • Despite of the nice job done by the primordial masters in acient times¬†it seems that seeds have been possibly planted but after centuries…where¬†is the blossoming?¬†A nation fully based, in its own educational and social system, on these two qualities should litterally flourish without having¬†especially its young people struggling.¬†
    • When humility is there innocence is automatically there¬†permeating all the fibers of the political and economical net. So walking in the street becomes a real pleasure for watching¬†the coolest¬†advertisments on the walls, whose only aim is to instill great high feelings into the eyes/mind.
    • Self confidence¬†and determination are the natural result of an humble personality, not just smiling or being nice and dharmic.¬†¬†

    Wang Yi Guang

    wang yi

    While walking in Central few nights ago i was attracted by this huge paiting on canvas in a windw gallery. since sometimes i am dreaming of Tibet i went searching for this artist. He has been working for China railway Corporate for long time and thanks to his job he could depict the natural grasslandey landscape of Tibet.

    To me , searching and selecting are vital when it comes  to the study and examination of life. Painters should open their hearts and merge into life without prejudice.

    the thing which really attracted my attention was the laptop the girl is showing to the yak. An element of viratian modernity into a quite pure setting of countryside. this girl is meant to be the symbol of a flying goddess of  nature hovering along with these majestic bovins. These paintings have been considered as meditations on progress and ethical lifestyle in regions of the planet where the nature is very much incontaminated; nonetheless it is alterated by technological infiltrations build by man power. For example the Tibet region assisted to the construction of a long railway three years ago for the first time.




    Source of much of Chinese culture


    When I came to the United States I was surprised that there were so many translations of the I Ching in English. I cannot immagine how these translators all found the I Ching scholars and did the decades of study necessary to truly learn the I Ching.

    To the Chinese, the I Ching is like a Holy Bible written by the four most honored sages in our history РFu Xi, King Wen, the Duke of Zhou and Confucious. The Chinese translation of Holy Bible is Sheng Ching. Sheng is equivalent to holy, and Ching means classic. Chinese understand that Ching is the Tao, the Truth, the holiest of the ancient books, and because they revere and respect the sacred writings of the Jews and the Christian church, they honor the Bible by calling it Ching.    

    The I Ching is truly a profound book.  It is the source of much of Chinese culture. Originally, the I Ching was a handbook for divination. After Confucius and his students had written the commentaries, it became known as a book of ancient wisdom. It is a book that not only tells one who consults it about the present situation and  future potential but also gives instruction about what to do and not to do to obtain good fortune and to avoid misfortune. But one still retains free choice. The guidance is based upon comprehensive  observations of  natural laws by ancient sages and their profound experiences of the principle of cause and effect.

    These are excerpts from the Preface of The Complete I Ching by Taoist Master Alfred Huang. Before coming to China I used to consult I Ching alone or with friends, in Italy for example this book is definitely appreciated and studied by people who meditate and seek for self knowledge in their daily life.  Here in Hong Kong i still did not find anybody who throughly knows about it and some local people often comment not really positively about it. 

    This master suggests that the best English versions of I Ching are: Richard Wilhelm’s and James Legge’s although westernized.¬† He adds that

    …¬†the ideal translation should be English but Chinese in essence. As a book of divination, Confucius’s commentaries are crucial. The Chinese call Confucius’s commentaries the Ten Wings. They believe that the I Ching depends on the Ten Wings to be able to fly. In other words, without Confucius’s commentaries the I Ching cannot be understood.

    I felt I had no choice because the more I meditated the more I felt that I had an obligation to work out a translation of the I Ching based entirely on Chinese concepts. I began to realize that during his last years, Master Yin’s proposal to teach me the I Ching was not accidental. There was¬† a reason. I sense now that in this great time of change, when people are longing to transform and the situation is ripe, a new translation of I Ching based upon ancient Chinese wisdom and experience might be helpful for those making their own choices to enter the twenty-first century with confidence.

    Some developments of globalization in my life

    Just some because it would be too many detailes and stuff to tell and describe, but i can list the most recent happenings linked to them.

    I have to start with the word India because the background of this great country is going to play a fundamental role in the future of my life. i like it and did not expect to find this India-connection six years ago for example. But yes i recall that one time when i was very young, maybe around seven, i found an Indian holy book in my mother’s bookcase and read with a certain interest something¬†which i dont remember anymore and in a language which was not Italian. After that ¬†i forgot it and went back to my toys and stuff i suppose. Last night a friend from India who lives in Hong Kong¬†organized an after rugby (a¬†big international sportive event in town)¬†dinner¬† at the indian recreation centre in town¬†and I went in my usual ethnic outfit hindo-chinese from the head to the knees and western from the knees to the feet. Here in HK we are an huge mix of population, in many many¬†places you sit down with a moltitude of people who had traveled and worked in more than two places¬†and had to adapt quickly to new things and contexts, in most of the cases they grew up with parents from¬†two countries and things like that. There is always a small light switching on automatically when getting together with these kind of folks.¬†It’s something in the genes i suppose, we are united from diversified experiences and familiar with¬† geographical changes.¬†¬†

    Indians today always ask me why i wear the manglasutra, a precious gift from my husband on our first trip together in India. When i was on an Airindia flight two weeks ago i read an article advocating the ever stronger choice of the arranged marriage among these families. I found myself in the middle¬† of a gorgeous¬†Punjabi arranged wedding, being friend with the bride’s¬†elder sister. I ll make a reportage soon about this incredible experience under the auspicious words of Guru Nanak.¬†Arranged marriage is surely a big effect of the globalization in my life, since as many hindu spouse i had to turn around the fire and move the tiny rice hills with the toe. Magic.

    But my husband has a¬†Chinese, not Indian, background: another huge golden door¬†opens in front of me. and while yesterday we were discussing at the recreation center the affinities between Italians and Indians, they are showering from somewhere ¬†new affinities and connections: on one side between Italians and Chinese on another side between Chinese & Indians. I ve explored …15% until now, good and bad. Attitudes,¬†clubbing styles, food. It depends on your mind and what you want to do with your life now.¬†Globalization is all pervading and everlasting. Will keep it updated…


    The best of the Chinese music (boundlessly inspiring) in 10 songs ~ tagged!

       Thank you Destination Infinity for giving me the chance to collect these songs here. And it will be a post divided in 2 or 4 posts since i would like to dedicate some time this week and gather 10 best ones not only in Chinese but also in English (although for your tag there will be many listing in this language), Italian (my mothertongue) & Spanish. And why not adding Croatian which is the language from my father side and sounds just amazing to the ears and also to the soul!  This tag is in fact titled Slow, Melodious, Soulful music

    I think we are made out of music, each small part of our body, muscles and molecules have their own music, each human being is merged into music from the moment of the birth to the end of life and after. The music of the universe is all pervading and speaks divine lyrics. People who do not love and appreciate real music are possibly lost and disconnected from their inner beauty. Chinese music is charged in vibes especially when played by folk & traditional instruments. They are all very meditative & melodius. The music of the TAO for example reaches out ancient roots in China (songs 2-7-8-10). The others are rock/pop/movie track from the Eighties until now.

    Singer’s name/Song or Album title (genre)

    1~~~~Twelve Girls Band, Duldal  Maria and cloudy sky

    2~~~~Bei Bei, Under the white wind (gu zheng instrument)

    3~~~~Rahman, Warriors of Heaven and Earth, movie soundtrack

    4~~~~Beyond,¬†¬†śĶ∑ťó䌧©Á©ļ¬†= The boundless sea and sky¬† (the Beatles of Hong Kong)

    5~~~~Joanna Wang, Now (pop)

    6~~~~Sa Ding Ding РAlive (Mongolian/Han pop)

    there is also a sanskrit version

    7~~~~Liu Fang, The night of bonfire festival (folk, pipe instrument)

    8~~~~Chen YU, Bird of paradise (meditative, flute and drum)

    9~~~~ŤíĻŤĎ≠ŤčćŤčć ÁôĹťú≤šłļťúú, The plain world, the white dew becomes frost¬†¬†(Tang dinasty revival)

    10~~~~Tao Chu Shen, Guqin performance (gu zheng instrument)

    ¬†top 10 songs in Italian¬†ūüôā


    Krishna & the Chinese New Year of the Cow


    Here is a short extract from Bhaja Govindam by poet Adi Shankaracharya. One of the Holy names of Shri Krishna, who has extensive control on the ability of the humankind to be collective, is Govinda.


    Worship Govinda who is supreme bliss, who is the protector of the world, who made his advent in the world as Gop√°la through his lil√°, who is the protector of the race (of Y√°davas) and of cows, who made the cowherds happy by lifting up through his lil√° the Govardhana mountain were the gop√®s used to play, whose name “Govinda” is uttered clearly by the cows (or scriptures), who has may names, and who is beyond the reach of the ignorant.
    Worship Govinda who is supreme bliss, who was present in each of the different groups of gopis, who appears in different forms, who is one and nondual, whose beautiful form was covered by the dust raised always by the hooves of the cows, whose blissful nature is realized by sraddh√° and bhakti, who is unimaginable, whose existence is known to the wise, and whose greatness is like that of the gem cint√°ma√Įi