Best 5 modern Songs with a message within.

Experience which transliterates thru a powerful song is something really valuable. Not always a song tells about a true experience or a flow of feelings. WHAT is good in a song that makes it empowering?? Few points:

  • It has a great lyric, poetic. Not just words but words with a meaning and with some experience in them, as the singer would connect you to his/her own life happenings and understanding sharing a message emitting something positive to the listener.
  • Energizing at musical level making feel joy and desire to embrace life in all its aspects; at this point it can be slower and deep striking innermost silent chords giving a still and peaceful mood or strong and up beat for uplifting and dancing thru the notes.

“let my eyes see what you see

the infinite sky”

1. Ocean ~ Nicki Wells


Where you invest your love you invest your life”

2. Awake My Soul ~ Mumford & sons


“we are young

3. We Are Young  feat. Janelle M.~ FUN


“questions of science, science and progress

do not speak as loud as my heart”

4. The Scientist ~ Coldplay  

“you are the flower of tomorrow”

5. Antwerp and rain ~ Marie Joelle



Five long quotes from five Sting’s lyrics

1. He deals the cards as a meditation
And those he plays never suspect
He doesn’t play for the money he wins
He doesn’t play for the respect
He deals the cards to find the answer
The sacred geometry of chance
The hidden law of probable outcome
The numbers lead a dance

2. When there’s no information
And the compass turns to
nowhere that you know well
Let your soul be your pilot
Let your soul guide you
He’ll guide you well

3.This ain’t no time for doubting your power
This ain’t no time for hiding your care
You’re climbing down from an ivory tower
You’ve got a stake in the world we ought to share

4. In the quiet time of evening
When the stars assume their patterns
And the day has made his journey
And we wondered just what happened
To the life we knew before the world changed
When not a thing I held was true

5. When the world is running down
You make the best of what’s still around

What do you think about this Seattle band?

Manooghi Hi: they sing in Hindi and English. I even found a Dam Mast Kalendar version in their repertoire. Just discovered thru a blogger friend in Seattle.

The press recensions thru the myspace:

“…Suffice to say you’ve never heard anything like Manooghi Hi. Maybe because, to the best of my knowledge, their sound has never before been attempted. To oversimplify, it’s like this: panoramic rock ‘n’ roll fronted by a petite, beautiful Indian woman scat singing in Hindi. The cross-pollination is dizzying — East and West, ancient and modern, pop and classical, ecstatic spiritualism and headbanging rock. The potential for Rusted Root-style world groove dilettantism arises and is crushed by the frontwoman’s chops.”
-Jonathan Zwickel, the Seattle Times –March 2009

“…The album hums with an intense hunger to make music that does not skirt on top of differences but dives so deep that the molten core of unity starts to glow on the horizon. Its like those Sufi dancers who start out slowly spinning in a space with well-defined compass points until they don’t know where they are anymore, and its all a yearning blur.”
-Erik Davis, -March 2009

“Spectacular Indian-born vocalist Mehnaz was a pop phenomenon in her native country before [visiting] Seattle. Her six-piece outfit Manooghi Hi blend arena-sized Anglo-American rock with Indian wind, string and percussion instruments and Mehnaz’s impassioned trilingual utterances.
Their sound has plenty of ramalamasala.”
-Dave Segal, the Stranger –August 2008

Presence of magic Indian notes in Italian soil

My brothers from Italy published here the recordering of a raga freshly composed by a santoor musician from India, with his son. Here’s the explanation of the raga given by himself on stage few days ago. It is not really a surprise that artists of such a calibre are now exhibiting in this land in the middle of the Mediterraneo. Italy is a great receptacle of musical understanding and a fast absorber of beautiful divine melodies.

A performance about self discovery

No surprise anymore about the fact that everybody now is moving towards the searching of the self. After thousands and thousand of years that hundreds and hundreds, if not millions or billions (how many hidden people we do not and we will never know?), of people covered this topic in all kinds of fields, now it would seem sometimes even redundant to face the topic. But here we are again, we are going to offer a beautiful fusion to the audience in Hong Kong on the 20th and 21st of this month, with the arrival of Springtime!

It is possible that until now no other artcompany thought to work on this unique kind of blend in town where indian live music, Tagore poetry, bharatnatyam steps and contemporary dance will fuse themelves on stage for an hour time.

If you live in Hong Kong try not to miss it, it’s going to be quite a mind blowing event.jouney1

Scattered pills reported from backstage directly from a dancer participant: 

a) on a subtle point of view it shows an interesting form of collaboration between Kazakistan and Vancouver. It also includes artists from India, Pakistan, Italy, England, Hong Kong. Moreover, women from different cultural backgrounds and experiences have the ability to work out beauty and understanding more easily.

b) it is really magical to notice how human beings involved in artistic creations about self discovery realize having an attention double times focused towards witnessing the blossoming and the refining of their own character and personality.

c) people in general here in town are becoming artistically more sensitive and mature, hence showing their desire to treat the audience with fascinating ideas and interesting designs.

d) nirmal yoga, spending time in sahaja yoga dimension, is becoming truly essential for that performer who want to enjoy the development of his efforts and perform at good vibrant levels. this yoga will give the performer the adeguate skills and strategy to avoid stressful routine and unuseful thoughts  which could lower the capacity to perceive pure joy during the all process of reharsing and dancing.

“Dancing is a very good way of clearing out your pressures because, in the dance, you go into thoughtless awareness and also into the joy. Then the joy is so fulfilling that the joy of the spirit is much more than the joy of any world comforts or also of physical comforts. Its gives you physical comfort, it gives you mental comfort it gives you also the spiritual comfort.”

           [H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi]

top ten soulful & meodious in spanish + portuguese – tagged!

Please enjoy ten more tunes, they are a mix of Spanish and Portuguese (languages of the soul) for the very endless tag “Slow, Melodious, Soulful” songs.

1~~Joaquin Rodrigo by Kaori Muraji,  Concierto de Arajunez (“dont miss it!!”) [guitar]

2~~Indialucia, Rumba- Raag ‘n’ Ole ( [sitar,guitar,keyboard]

3~~Os tribalistas, Velha infancia (beautiful childhood) [popular]

4~~Dulce Pontes & Ennio Morricone, La luz prodigiosa  (Prodigy of Light) (“do not miss this one”) [classical]

5~~Carlos Antonio Jobim  by Lisa Ono, Corcovado

6~~ Maria teresa, Silencio

7~~A. Bocelli & Dulce Pontes, O mar e Tu (Sea & You)

8~~Paco de  Lucia y Manolo Sanlucar, Sevillana (instrumental)

9~~ Jarabe de Palo, Depende (depends of all) [funky]

10~~Intillimani, Alturas  (High mountain) [folk]

Top ten soulful songs in english ~ tagged!

Now please enjoy a new list of ten melodious and soulful in English language (80% are emerging artists)

1~~Vimala, Angels

2~~Santacecilia, Child

3~~Zephyr, Fountain of Youth

4~~Bjork, All is full of love

“All Is Full Of Love”

You’ll be given love
You’ll be taken care of
You’ll be given love
You have to trust it

Maybe not from the sources
You have poured yours
Maybe not from the directions
You are staring at

Twist your head around
It’s all around you
All is full of love
All around you

All is full of love
You just ain’t receiving
All is full of love
Your phone is off the hook
All is full of love
Your doors are all shut
All is full of love!

All is full of love
All is full of love
All is full of love
All is full of love
All is full of love

5~~The cranberries,  Zombie

6~~Marie Joelle, Endless story

7~~ Bhakti Wells, Soldier 

8~~ Tuomo, My thing

9~~Sting,  Fields of gold

10~~Alanis Morissette, Thank you 

Top ten in Chinese

Top ten in Italian

Top ten in Napoletano & other dialects

The best of the Chinese music (boundlessly inspiring) in 10 songs ~ tagged!

   Thank you Destination Infinity for giving me the chance to collect these songs here. And it will be a post divided in 2 or 4 posts since i would like to dedicate some time this week and gather 10 best ones not only in Chinese but also in English (although for your tag there will be many listing in this language), Italian (my mothertongue) & Spanish. And why not adding Croatian which is the language from my father side and sounds just amazing to the ears and also to the soul!  This tag is in fact titled Slow, Melodious, Soulful music

I think we are made out of music, each small part of our body, muscles and molecules have their own music, each human being is merged into music from the moment of the birth to the end of life and after. The music of the universe is all pervading and speaks divine lyrics. People who do not love and appreciate real music are possibly lost and disconnected from their inner beauty. Chinese music is charged in vibes especially when played by folk & traditional instruments. They are all very meditative & melodius. The music of the TAO for example reaches out ancient roots in China (songs 2-7-8-10). The others are rock/pop/movie track from the Eighties until now.

Singer’s name/Song or Album title (genre)

1~~~~Twelve Girls Band, Duldal  Maria and cloudy sky

2~~~~Bei Bei, Under the white wind (gu zheng instrument)

3~~~~Rahman, Warriors of Heaven and Earth, movie soundtrack

4~~~~Beyond,  海闊天空 = The boundless sea and sky  (the Beatles of Hong Kong)

5~~~~Joanna Wang, Now (pop)

6~~~~Sa Ding Ding – Alive (Mongolian/Han pop)

there is also a sanskrit version

7~~~~Liu Fang, The night of bonfire festival (folk, pipe instrument)

8~~~~Chen YU, Bird of paradise (meditative, flute and drum)

9~~~~蒹葭苍苍 白露为霜, The plain world, the white dew becomes frost  (Tang dinasty revival)

10~~~~Tao Chu Shen, Guqin performance (gu zheng instrument)

 top 10 songs in Italian 🙂


Hit of this Sunday


Maiya tere char. no ki

yadi dhul. jo mil. jaye

Sach. keh.ta hu Nir.mal. Ma

Tak. dir. badal. jaye

Maiya tere char. no ki


Yeh man. bada chan chal. hai

Kese tera dyan. karu ise sam. jau ise behelau hi machal. jaye


Sun. te hai teri reh. mat.

Din. rat. bar.s.ti hai

Ek. bund. jo mil.jaye

dil. ki kali khil. jaye


Naj. ro se giraa na na

chahe saja dena se jo gir. ja ye

Mush. kil. hi sambhal. paye


Maiya is. ji wan. ki

Bas. it. ni tama na hai

Tumi sa mine ho meh. re

Mera jiwan hi sambhal. jaye

Learning a language thru the music

It is really fun, i didnt ever think that a word can be accompanied by a musical background and you just start following it and repeat the word in teh right sequence. Tonight i had my first experience with mandarin. Basically somebody who came to China started with this linguistic initiative. CDs are not cheap and each includes about 15 short chapters. You can always check it out here  . If you like music and ritmo it can work for you!

Bamboo flutes and their melody from the East

When you go to the Music Museum inside the Temple of Heaven in Beijing you find an interesting collection of flutes behind glass. They are made of ceramic, metlas, wood, jade, ivory, bones, clay, bamboo… some of them are so ancient that they are almost completely oxydized. Chinese flute, usually made of bamboo includes: [wikipedia]

  • Dizi (and its varieties such as the bangdi; all transverse flutes, usually made of bamboo)
  • Xiao (end-blown vertical bamboo flute)
  • Gudi, an ancient vertical flute made from the bones of large birds
  • Paixiao (pan pipes)
  • Koudi (a very tiny bamboo flute)
  • Xun (clay ocarina)

Also Indian flutes are bamboo made and  two main varieties of Indian flutes are currently used. The first, the Bansuri, has six finger holes and one blowing hole, and is used predominantly in Hindustani music, the music of Northern India. The second, the Venu or Pullanguzhal, has eight finger holes, and is played predominantly in Carnatic music, the music of Southern India. [wikipedia] An extract of a bansuri concert for you:

Abjeez: modern pop in Farsi language

I love Iranians because they are soft spoken people and farsi is one of the most ancient language of the earth. Abjeez means sisters just like these 2 girls making music. Their desire is to make the world more knowledgeable about Iran, how wonderful and rich this country is.

As Iranians grown up abroad they write the lyrics in Farsi presenting the conditionings of the Iranian society in a way that will make you smile too.

America wake up darlin!

We have little idea of how music acts on people. Thru music an entire nation can awaken! Be blessed America. And whole World.