~ Wide burst ~

Love will surely burst u wide open…

Light will someday split u open…

Even if your life is now a cage…

…Little by little, You will turn into stars…

Little by little, you will turn into

the Whole sweet amorous universe.

Love will surely burst u wide open

into an unfettered, booming new galaxy…

…You will become so free

in a wonderful, secret…

and pure love that flows…

from a conscious, one-pointed, Infinite light.

Even then, my dear, the Beloved will have fulfilled…

just a fraction, just a fraction!

of a promise He wrote upon your heart.

For a Divine seed, the crown of Destiny,

is hidden and sown on an ancient, fertile plain

you hold the title to!

O look again within yourself,

For I know you were once the elegant host

to all marvels in creation.

When your soul begins…

…to ever bloom and laugh

And spin in Eternal Ecstasy.

[by sufi poet Hazif]

Zero questions leads

 There is no “Any question?”, like they uses to ask nowadays. There is no question left ununswered. In the place where more inside knowledge is going to be disclosed questions vanish, opinions vanish too. There is only room for that which is natural and spotaneous:  the growth. Have you heard about it? As a little girl, my parents were always ready to correct when necessary. With different styles, they did it like skilled artists who know exactly which color and which tecnique. Correction is essentially a  must when u are small and if originates from a heartful, patient, creative source then it will convert in effective and prosperous ways and styles.

Later on there is no more correction, at one point the power of self correcting will be already blossomed and is now nicely settling in.  No more parents or parents-substitute will explicitely correct your behaviour within a chat, a phone call or email because its operating by itself. Maybe also because there were no questions fom the very beginning. Zero “??????” and more acceptance. More acceptance leads to more self correction. And more self correction leads.

The right place to cultivate spirituality

They say the perfect place  to live is in ourself, that if we feel good in our spirit we feel good everywhere we live and go. This is partly right and partly wrong. To be the spirit should be the Priority goal in our life but to live in a place that suits our essence and development probably comes even before the spirit. Because we cannot be the spirit if practically we dont find the fertile soil to seed and cultivate our personality. How can the tree grow if there is no right place in the earth where to spread its own roots? How can the embryo grow if there is no warm womb ready to nourish him? When you are in the right place at the right moment you are also ready to keep growing.

Motor force in the background

Forget the past forget the past. What is this? …Erase the past? …Understand the past? …Give dignity to the past? Past is a source of power, a spiral of gems waiting to be lucidated and finally sparkle in all their splendor and sacrality. Each person has a special background because each person is special. Two Mondays ago i has the fortune to walk around Rome, the only world city where history comes alive and you cannot forget your past. Rome sucks you back wherever you are born and whatever is your motherlanguage. Rome does make your inside bell ringing: Love Your Past, Give it the Dignity. This is why Rome is awsome and this is also why I am pervaded by immense gratitude fora pretty long Roman pastlife. She understands me. Of course my visit was not only for pleasure causes but there was a productive reason linked to important working documents that She was still taking care of. It was now the time to be fully entitled the predicted sole owner of these Papers. And there i was enjoying the renewed past. When we k.n.o.w. where we are coming from, extraordinary motor forces get ignited. Never forget who we really are if we want to take the chance to drive. 



Getting involved in different activities is one of the most famous way to empower the selfish personality. We are very happy to succeed and improve our artistical, intellectual or physical skills. Such a fast competition today and this competition is born directly out of egoistical roots.  Thru media, medical advicers and friends (??) we are also told that getting involved is a good way for socializing and mingling with people to open up and exchange vibrations. Indeed getting together is essential straight up to human EVOLUTION  but the best competition, the serious one is that for higher ideals and a work of love, silent and fulfilled. Getting togheter with the sole scope to nourish this work belongs to a special kind of understanding.

…a bite of “genetica”


Sometimes genes change and you can really know when the time has come. It also depends where you are born and from whom, from which characters. Logic of physiology. There are massive populations which will probably not change so much cause they are destined to adapt smoothly by nature and already suffice; maybe they have stronger genes?. Instead other people (here it s where i suck by nature) do belong to smaller group and most of their genes are already in the process of estinguishing. Otherwise they must change 60% of their personality and attitudes. However they have a better chance in case their persona have been generated by elements from two different groups (although smaller but with some kind of differences anyway).  An evening physio-rambling (( ~Smiles~ ))

Narrow minded character of metropolitan big cities

A very functional & natural way how huge cities work! Big metropolis are always depicted  as intercultural areas where the most open minded brains from different cultures come and join to lift the standards of the city up. At all kinds of level: creative, educational, urban…Hundreds of thousands of projects from all sides are regularly thrown into the big melting pot for being cooked and then digested not only by the resident population but also and especially to inspire who live not in the city. Sometimes i read blogs of people who come to Hong Kong for work only or for holidays and  project an image of freedom and amazing inspiration about the city. A superficial image or better half image. The counterpart is told above in the title. Bliss of the balance. Extreme openness must be in harmony with extreme closure. Very cool.

There will be the most narrow minded people in a highly populated city. It s part of her beauty and it s totally part of her gwrowth. You will be amazed. You need to grasp both parts and make them hugging each other 😉

(photo: adriana pinzon)