The dancing shots

Here are few shots of the most recent performances, it s Indian classical dance ~

in the dressing room…

left side is me

me in yellow

me in red

me enjoying it quite alot as expression says

last one is in a Shiva dance performance. hope u enjoyed!! (credit: most of the pics taken by danny chan)

10 spectacular places i’ve been in the past 10 years

Mostly a tribute to flickr either because i am writing this post between home (where my pics are stored) and office and because soft copies of the pictures are only available from the last five years. I didnt follow a meaningful order, just browsing in my memory: 

1. Aragonese Castle, Italy

A unique place with an awsome history connected also to Michelangelo Buonarroti’s life. It shall deserve a rich post asap. castle(image by me)

2. San Francisco Aquarium by flickr

Even though Hong Kong and Genoa Italy aquariums are two of the biggest and most beautiful, i still loved Frisco one. why? Because you walk under real tunnels of the Bay Area!

frisco3. Pan de Azucar in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by flickr

A combination of spirituality and cable car is the most thrilling experience for me!

panazucar4. Big Buddha, Lantau Island

This other combination of spirtuality&cable-car is really close to my home and I could potentially get the experience every weekend. Last month with a friend from Vancouver we went up for two consecutive days just for tasting the feeling to fly higher and higher into the mountains and have the majestic Buddha waiting for us on the other side!  You may also want to enjoy a more accurate post about it soon. (image by me)












5. Jamaican beach

It was a lovely family tour during my stay in US. Bathing in the warm Caribbean waters every morning and chatting with the locals on the beach all day long until evening. We also met a direct friend of Bob Marley living upon discographic projects and hand making palm leaves hats for tourists. Most hospitable place. (photo flickr – my dad keeps all the real pics)

502826054_dab3769fdbjama6. Havana de Cuba downtown

Harmony of colors and extreme relaxation and freedom in the streets. On our fly-route back from India e Moscow with my friend Maneesha, we took loads of pictures and then… lost the camera. Ahahahh. I just remember we were in ecstasy for the whole day spent there. A most welcoming taxi driver strolled us everywhere and gave us contact number in case we’ll be back. If anybody interested.  (photo flickr)

varadero7.  Parque Chicaque, Colombia

The most vivid nature, the real “selva Colombiana”.  An amazing day trekking in the jungle, few of us, completely absorbed by beauty and silence in the country Garden of the world. There is an Indian story about Shri Vishnu, He had to leave India  because in trouble and went seeking refuge with Garuda precisely in Colombia, chosen because it was the only place on Earth so much rich in plants and fruits.  

chica8. Faraglioni, Italy

Did you know it’s the Zen Garden of Italy? Have a look, it’s my home. Really.


9. Beihai park in Beijin, China


A remarkable park to understand the lifestyle of old emperors. Many of them have written lovely poems to their own mothers, whose words are often engraved on marble pillars around.

10. Elephanta caves, India

I was speechless here I was totally stunned by the grandness of majestic Lords Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu.


I just realized there are more than 10 spectacular places i’ve seen but for now i will just confine into the maryadas of this TAG. And yes you have been tagged too! Which one are your most spectacular visits… 5, 10, 15 you number them. And leave me a message below when you have done the post, and please tag more people. Let’s travel all together! Do you know something shocking about travelling? I know it cause my sis is a travel agent in Italy. Last week she spoke over the phone that Italians are so crazy about traveling and holiday that despite of the economy struggle they are  paying rates for their vacation even if it’s just for few days!

Presence of magic Indian notes in Italian soil

My brothers from Italy published here the recordering of a raga freshly composed by a santoor musician from India, with his son. Here’s the explanation of the raga given by himself on stage few days ago. It is not really a surprise that artists of such a calibre are now exhibiting in this land in the middle of the Mediterraneo. Italy is a great receptacle of musical understanding and a fast absorber of beautiful divine melodies.

A performance about self discovery

No surprise anymore about the fact that everybody now is moving towards the searching of the self. After thousands and thousand of years that hundreds and hundreds, if not millions or billions (how many hidden people we do not and we will never know?), of people covered this topic in all kinds of fields, now it would seem sometimes even redundant to face the topic. But here we are again, we are going to offer a beautiful fusion to the audience in Hong Kong on the 20th and 21st of this month, with the arrival of Springtime!

It is possible that until now no other artcompany thought to work on this unique kind of blend in town where indian live music, Tagore poetry, bharatnatyam steps and contemporary dance will fuse themelves on stage for an hour time.

If you live in Hong Kong try not to miss it, it’s going to be quite a mind blowing event.jouney1

Scattered pills reported from backstage directly from a dancer participant: 

a) on a subtle point of view it shows an interesting form of collaboration between Kazakistan and Vancouver. It also includes artists from India, Pakistan, Italy, England, Hong Kong. Moreover, women from different cultural backgrounds and experiences have the ability to work out beauty and understanding more easily.

b) it is really magical to notice how human beings involved in artistic creations about self discovery realize having an attention double times focused towards witnessing the blossoming and the refining of their own character and personality.

c) people in general here in town are becoming artistically more sensitive and mature, hence showing their desire to treat the audience with fascinating ideas and interesting designs.

d) nirmal yoga, spending time in sahaja yoga dimension, is becoming truly essential for that performer who want to enjoy the development of his efforts and perform at good vibrant levels. this yoga will give the performer the adeguate skills and strategy to avoid stressful routine and unuseful thoughts  which could lower the capacity to perceive pure joy during the all process of reharsing and dancing.

“Dancing is a very good way of clearing out your pressures because, in the dance, you go into thoughtless awareness and also into the joy. Then the joy is so fulfilling that the joy of the spirit is much more than the joy of any world comforts or also of physical comforts. Its gives you physical comfort, it gives you mental comfort it gives you also the spiritual comfort.”

           [H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi]

Just like a heart beat

How is your heart beat? Do you check on it? Not medically but for real. i found out that my heart beat is regular and especially during two moments of the day/week it goes towards the extreme without even touching them.  During sitting time of meditation it slows down a lot, during a dance performance it does increase.

Traditional Chinese doctors suggest not to take to any hyper dynamic activity after 50 years of age. When we get old we should keep our heart beat on the same regular tune as much as possible. Nowaday there is a big trend to go jogging, running ~ there are big financial companies here in town which promote marathons to push up the heart beat of their employees and throw them in stressful conditions with the pretest of charity events or enhancing team spirit. But a completely conscious person will not listen to them and have great care of his heart beat.

Ottica divina

Pyar. Bhare Ye Do Nir.mal Nain. Mila Ye Amrit. Mai Chain.

Koi Jane Na Is. Pyar. Ki Gah. Rayi

In. Ankho Ki Gah. Rayi

Pyar. Bhare Ye Do Nir.mal. Main.

Behold these beautiful pure eyes (=ottica divina) which have provided us eternal security and comfort. Nobody knows the depth of the love and compassion they emit through their radiance, so also nobody has been able to fathom the depth of the eyes. Behold these beautiful pure eyes.


Jhil. Kahu Par. Us.Ko Bhi Hai Tai 

In.Ke Aage Saagar. Bhi Ozal

Surya Prakash. Bhi Ho jaye Ojhal

Tulna Se Bhi Upar. Uth.Gaya

In. Naino Ka Sthal

I can see the serenity and calm of the lake in the eyes but the two are not comparable since the lake has a bottom, while the qualities in these eyes are perennial. Even the deep ocean appears shallow as compared to the depth of these eyes. These eyes are beyond similes and beyond comparison: they are divinely ‘beyond and above all’. Therefore how they can be compared with any other creation of God?


Bamboo flutes and their melody from the East

When you go to the Music Museum inside the Temple of Heaven in Beijing you find an interesting collection of flutes behind glass. They are made of ceramic, metlas, wood, jade, ivory, bones, clay, bamboo… some of them are so ancient that they are almost completely oxydized. Chinese flute, usually made of bamboo includes: [wikipedia]

  • Dizi (and its varieties such as the bangdi; all transverse flutes, usually made of bamboo)
  • Xiao (end-blown vertical bamboo flute)
  • Gudi, an ancient vertical flute made from the bones of large birds
  • Paixiao (pan pipes)
  • Koudi (a very tiny bamboo flute)
  • Xun (clay ocarina)

Also Indian flutes are bamboo made and  two main varieties of Indian flutes are currently used. The first, the Bansuri, has six finger holes and one blowing hole, and is used predominantly in Hindustani music, the music of Northern India. The second, the Venu or Pullanguzhal, has eight finger holes, and is played predominantly in Carnatic music, the music of Southern India. [wikipedia] An extract of a bansuri concert for you:

Bharat natyam and the art of not thinking


From the base of the spinal chord to the top of the head, let me tell you how bharat natyam dance does work out things for the one who practices.

The main position of the legs is that they have to be open with knees facing towards the outside: it is an initial position to understand the direction of the legs, between them an empty space of the shape of a diamond is formed. Why is this position good for the bottom of the spinal chord and all the pelvic area? Because it simply opens it up in a firm and controlled way. The hips infact do not move. This lower part is one block. The more this area, called mooladhara in sanskrit, does open the more fragrance of wisdom and joy will emerge into the personality of the student expressing thru the attitude and the shining eyes. This is a very basic principle of ayurveda and also sahaja yoga, the most modern/ancient yoga which is inspiring thousands of people in all different aspects of their life around the world.

Second let’s jump directly to the top of the head. Because there is a strong connection between mooladhara and sahasrara (top of the brain). The more the mooladhara is fixed and established in its own position the better it is for the inner energy (biologically located on it) to rise and reach the head influencing the activity of all the neurons. Now it comes the best part.

My teacher from Kazakistan says “dont think”. Meaning the more you think about the position and the step you want to achieve the worst it is because you’ll get stuck into the thinking and you will loose all the magic of the dance. Therefore this form of classical dance is a perfect catalizer to meditate and be in a thoughtless state of awareness. This dance cannot be learned by memorizing the steps in my experience. The more one try to make effort by memory the more will be disappointed and unhappy with the learning. This is purely a dance of thoughtless state of the person where she just enjoyes and becomes the joy itself duringthe practice. Next part will tell more about other many aspects of studying bharat natyam.

Floating sisterhood

acrylic painting on canvas with use of: semiprecious stones, waterpearls, silk, glitter, paper flowers, cinilla threads – art by radha with fantasy

It was painted during the Holi festival time in March before going to India. My mood was very much already “into colors and powders”, so I wanted to reproduce the festive atmosphere I was going to live with my sisters in few weeks. But my sisters are of a special kind, their skin is quite a magic and can be of any nuance of color. Moreover their eyes are peaceful and meditative, their hair long and shining. They are very close to the angel species if I am allowed to say that. They look like they are floating but probably they are just dancing…This is what I wanted to express in this surreal artwork.

When you speak about sahaja yoga people look at you fascinated


Because of the fact that sahaja yoga is born with the genuine desire to bring all kinds of people from every nook and corner of the world together, the people who speak about it related to different fields attract very much the attention of the listener. And it seems almost that the listener does not want to leave being captivated by these unique original stories. I had this feeling last week during a short interview by an Indian film maker. She is currently working on a movie related to the Intercultural thru the dance. She researched several genres of dance attracting the Hong Kong community, including bharatnatyam, which I am studying.


The cool thing is that she noticed my manglasutra around the neck and started asking about it. A new world was being disclosed to her ears while I was stressing the strong intercultural aspect which characterizes sahaja yoga. She was so amused to know that in Hong Kong there are many people who appreciate India very much especially for its spiritual roots. I loved sharing my views about India and intercultural stuff. But the more the time goes the more I realize deep down that intercultural lifestyles and ways are not a real genuine aspect for spiritual growth. Real spiritual growth goes beyond what is intercultural.


[artwork: Florence Hou, HK]

Pure music in pure body (last part)

According to Indian philosophy our span life is measured in number of breaths. Every time we inhale oxygen for giving energy to our body the air is filtered by the nose and the lungs have to work hard in order to purify it from toxins, carbon dioxide and so on. We need to develop and reinforce the capacity of the lungs to free the blood from all toxins. Breathing exercises are very helpful for that.

When regularly practised, Medical Vocal Music, as defined nowadays the Music therapy, does regulate our brething activating a process of ionization from inside our body. A naural process of ionizationA vibratory field is created around us. This is reflected in the aura and a magnetic field is created for us. We start to feel more dynamic, vital and soothed, peaceful all in one. Stress management, depression, asthma, several diseases and attitudes can be cured with this method. Longevity and vitality are assured with this method. It is simply fantastic and easy to follow. Our spirit connects with the all pervading power we are all plugged in and becomes one with the sounds.

There is a detailed book, old and wise book, “Siddhi-Sthana” written by Charak Rishi which explains very well all these understanding and processes.

“In our day to day life we find that all the seven energy centers – complex of organs as I was saying in the past two posts – are not active all the time. Some do not work properly, as there are some hindrances, due to lack of required energy power. Since these energy centers are connected with different organs, any hindrance in their functioning creates physical imbalance in the person. Emotional and mental imbalance is also seen depending upon the state of the energy centers. Music produces different effects such as heating, cooling, soothing. Medical Vocal Music Therapy helps the person to match his individual Sound energy’s frequency with the frequency of the cosmic Sound.

A Indian village in Madhya Pradesh (boarding with Maharastra)

  • This not too big lake is used by the few villagers as source of food and water.
  • There are fields of vegetables and weath all around.
  • The pink small flower, dhatura, is narrated to be one of the favourite poisoned food of Lord Shiva.
  • The guys are offering to the water lots of petals of roses from a puja
  • The net it the one used for fishing.
  • Outside the green house there are large baskets of tomatoes.
  • The location is the heart of the heart of India, towards the east part of Maharashtra, India’s most urbanized state.

“Maharashtra, is a state where many saints have been born and vibrated the land; and that is why it is called Maharashtra,  is vibrated region…”