Small fish smart

A fisherman drew in a net that he had just cast, and it happened to be full of a variety of fish. The little one among the fish fled to the bottom and slipped out of the porous mesh, but the large one was caught and was laid stretched out in the boat. A way to be safe and clear of trouble is to be small, but seldom will you see a person large in reputation who escapes dangers.

(its from the Greek literature, author of the fable is Babrius)

(Fish image fromVancouver downtown Pier Market)

The support


Today people are confused about supporting each other or on a larger scale.  But supporting is very important and it is just like love, that without it everything is so dry and useless. The confusion is once again propagating from medias or other false sources as individuals or organizations. People think that sharing some activities, or giving some time or money is equal to support. That for example traveling to a place or sponsoring a child faraway or visiting a website with a badge from home is nourishing support.  They cannot go deeper down to the meaning of this action or feeling i should say. We decide to start a school and we get so enthusiastic & caring, we almost believe this must be a long lasting project for the benefits of all and then after several years the school have to be closed. This is an example on educational level which could apply to any other fields.  Real support is too subtle and cannot be totally understood or expressed, it is a quality which can flow from one person to the other and everybody will feel  and derive enormous benefits from that.

Cities, sense of belongings, ashram lifestyle, cultures: the way they fit

We are definitely getting closer now and do not need to sit down together for a dinner to feel this closeness. It is just happening, some people may still not be aware but this beautiful & colorful train is spinning to such a velocity where even the stars  are collaborating. We are now able to feel the universe with all its problems and all its wonders! One of the most excellent training  to this ability was certainly given by Mahatma Gandhi and the creation of the Sevagram Ashram during his lifetime. “People, he felt, should not tolerate each other and their differences, but learn to respect, understand, accept and appreciate each other.” – writes Arun Gandhi grandson.

It is exactly what it is in town for example where people are no more tolerating each other because they now want to connect and embibe the goodness of other cultures: it is a different process which can transform oneself into a new personality sometimes very different from before.

Just like a heart beat

How is your heart beat? Do you check on it? Not medically but for real. i found out that my heart beat is regular and especially during two moments of the day/week it goes towards the extreme without even touching them.  During sitting time of meditation it slows down a lot, during a dance performance it does increase.

Traditional Chinese doctors suggest not to take to any hyper dynamic activity after 50 years of age. When we get old we should keep our heart beat on the same regular tune as much as possible. Nowaday there is a big trend to go jogging, running ~ there are big financial companies here in town which promote marathons to push up the heart beat of their employees and throw them in stressful conditions with the pretest of charity events or enhancing team spirit. But a completely conscious person will not listen to them and have great care of his heart beat.

Take to a “communist” attitude: you won’t be disappointed by yourself

HI! dear reader this post is especially made for the ones who did not grow up in the areas of Asia wich have been defined communist countries in general. I dont have another term other than this to express few important meanings linked to this attitude. Myself i was raised in a so called “democratic” environment and suddenly now after only 2 years of spending 100% of  time wih Chinese i realize how positive it is to develop a personality whch is intelligently far from democratic views. There are some aspects that should be borrowed from communism and inglobated so to have a smooth and comfortable lifestyle.

Always talking privately with few people: this attitude at the end leads to isolation and incapacity to develop a wider and opened mind set. Try to put yourself in situations of collectivity in a position of listener, receptor by watching and getting pleasure from the watching. Chinese have this good habit/mood that only one person talks at a time: this does not create confusion and mess and encourages the respect among people. This attitude should not be forced but should come into the character spontaneously because it is surely already innate in all human beings.  

Being faithfull towards others and showing trust for them is not that bad. It will put you in a very comfortable point of view where others will take decisions instead of you and you will be happy about them. There is no need to express our own opinion all the times. We are all the same, there are people who can represent exactly your ideas and visions even without asking your thoughts directly. We are entering a time of collective consciousness where individualistic moves are  destined to roam towards the periphery of the societies. It is a more mature way of being that saves a lot of energy and time. At this level Chinese for example are very mature and smart. Wanting to comment everything with our friends, pairs and within a goup does mean that our ego is going to take control over the situation and that we are quite stupid too, unfortunately not brilliant and enlightened: see if it is true or not… 

Attention does work better than hope


How comes we can talk and be not in the same place? How comes we feel comfortable just by listening to the voice of somebody who is not next to us but we are talking thru skype with this person? How comes we can penetrate the problems of the others by just loving them and putting a detached attention on them. Read here how it could be possible:

You are so very powerful in collective and also individually. Whatever you want you can have it. I am desireless because the Divine, the Divine power is working for Me everything.  I don’t have to desire. It knows. I don’t desire anything but you have to desire. You have to pray. You have to ask. And the wider you become, your prayers will be wider, for a wider world, wider vision, not limited to your children, not limited to your family, not limited to one place but unlimited areas…

So we become very conscious and alert about whatever is happening in the world, to put our attention there. We try to find out what’s wrong with this and what’s wrong with that. You are not just worried about a small little ashram but we are worried about the whole world, to find out what’s wrong, what can we do, what can we desire, because if we have the power and if we can operate the Divine power then why not we work it out ourselves? We can.

So your attention can go to any place. It can go to Nicaragua, it can go to Israel, it can go to Saddam Hussein, to any place that you want to work it out. It moves. It’s mobile. It’s universal. Just start expanding your heart, your mind and your attention.

[Dr. Nirmala Devi Srivastava, India]    photo

Adorable freedom in the words by Ron Paul


The Founders knew full well that the concept of liberty was fragile and could easily be undermined. They worried about the dangers that lay ahead. As we move into the new century, it is an appropriate time to rethink the principles upon which a free society rests.

Jefferson, concerned about the future, wrote: “Yes, we did produce a near-perfect republic. But will they keep it? Or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom? Material abundance without character is the path of destruction.” “They” that he refers to are ” we.” And the future is now. Freedom, Jefferson knew, would produce “plenty,” and with “material abundance” it’s easy to forget the responsibility the citizens of a free society must assume if freedom and prosperity are to continue. The key element for the Republic’s survival for Jefferson was the “character” of the people, something no set of laws can instill. The question today is not that of abundance, but of character, respect for others, their liberty and their property. It is the character of the people that determines the proper role for government in a free society.

Samuel Adams, likewise, warned future generations. He referred to “good manners” as the vital ingredient a free society needs to survive. Adams said: “Neither the wisest Constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt.”

The message is clear, if we lose our love of liberty and our manners become corrupt, character is lost and so is the Republic. But character is determined by free will and personal choice by each of us individually. Character can be restored or cast aside at a whim. The choice is ours alone and our leaders should show the way. [Ron Paul, US 2008 candidate president]

Mother and father are not discriminatory words

To keep the light on, a woman has to be a woman and a man has to be a man.

[Nirmala Devi Srivastava]

I want to talk about something very much delicate and clear cut at the same time. No doubt on this basic stuff, we have to watch the world and the people who are giving a shape to it, a very abstract shape at the moment with all kinds of colors and nuances not yet beautifully and genially arranged between them. It takes time.

It takes time to the people living in William Blake’s island to understand that for a child to have two parents of the same sex IS NOT comfortable at all. It takes time to the people who are molding the law that they have to talk to themselves straight into the mirror to understand that it is going to create a degenerating confusion either for the kids and their family to force their way to use the language. That “mother” and “father” are not at all discriminatory words. In no case at all.


(photo: Ayers rock at sunrise)

The language should not be forced, it has to come from inside, we are not actor, we are human beings who understand very well the chaos some people want to drag us into. These people only deserve our compassionate smile because they are living a life of ignorance and blindness.

 With what courage a person can stand in front of his similes and encourage them to elaborate a new thinking to sustain and perpetuate the homosexuality in our society? Let’s heal these people and face the reality. Let’s help them face the reality with love and understanding wherever possible. But let’s not create an environment as humus for proliferation.  

Obama’s words in South Carolina

I just spent about an hour listening and writing down a micro section of Barack Obama speech from last night after his resounding victory in South  Carolina. He reminds me of the character and passion for change of some of my friends. See what he said towards the end:

  And men and women are every color and creed who serve together and fight together, and believe together under the same proud flag. I saw what America is and I believe in what this country can be, that is the country I see, that is the country you see, but now it is up to us to help the entire nation to embrace this vision. Because… because in the end we are not just against the ….and disruptive habits of Washington, we are also struggling with our own doubts, our own fears, our own cynicism; the change we seek as always required great struggle and great sacrifice and so this is the battle in our hearts and minds about what kind of country we want and how hard we are willing the world for.

Let me remind you tonight that the change will not be easy and change will take time, there will be setbacks and false starts…[…]

The choice in this election is not between regions or religions, or genders, its not about rich versus poor, young versus old, and it is not about black versus white. This…this election is about the past versus the future, it’s about whether we settled for the same divisions and destructions and dramas that passes for politics today or whether we reach for a politics of common sense and innovation, a politics or shared sacrifice and shared perspectives.