The daily connection

The most beautiful thing is when you are tired or stressed or bored or a mix of the above or/and something else different (whatever you want to feel you are free to feel it anyway). It`s when the day was plane and uninteresting, and nothing special happened or you got a great new and you are jumping with joy. You could not reach the heart of that person as you have wished, you have tried many times and things do not change, you have meditated too. Days look flat normal or they look quite gorgeous to yourself.  The most beautiful thing is that despite the flatness or the gorgeousness, you know the truth and its aspects. It goes beyond and ahead of all the above descriptions, and justifications. Perhaps it s not a feeling but it s something that you know and doesnt move and you dont lose it even when you feel what you feel.  I think this is when you are connected to the truth.

Don’t suffer: go for the truth

Hey we are not the first to suffer fortunately here in HK city! I know these big commercialized events were showing everywhere in the west countries too in recent years. And now recently of course it is HK turn too! Pure money lovers can’t wait! A new sensational blast for the economy. And how about the economy of the brain of all the people who will attend the event?





You might be interested to know more about Yoga. See these valuable points here, they have been written as easy guideline before starting a yoga class.


  1. Is money taken at any time? (the truth cannot be owned, nor can it be bought or sold). 
  2. Do your teachers pressure you like salesmen? (you should know the value of their path by your own conviction, not by the number of books you read, classes you attend, or pledges you make. Truth is not dependent upon salesmenship). 
  3. Can you, yourself, feel the effect of the technique? (do not be satisfied that you will be in an “inner circle” at some time in the distant future). 
  4. Do they clothe you in unusual dress, seat you in strange postures or submit you to wild chanting ? (the truth is not something that has to be attained through strenuous efforts. It is the strength of your desire that counts, not the harshness of their tests). 
  5. Is the new path you’ve chosen dharmic ? (that is, is this a the path of the center, similar to that followed by the sages, yogis, and great men and women of the past, or will it lead to frightening experiences of a subconscious or super-conscious nature ?) 
  6. Are the members of the organization, especially the leader, founder, or guru, people you can trust? (are you comfortable with them? Do they display love and joy? Is their warmth genuine? Is the value of what they are teaching evident in their eyes ?) 
  7. Do you have the freedom of choice to leave or continue? (follow your heart, not your ego. If you have fears or misgivings, give them heed. If you are in doubt or under duress, leave. Do not be bullied.) 



There is a yoga instructor in the 2007 video of the same yoga conference who says: “now yoga is so popular because the divine mother is calling us and engaging us in the work again”…Personally I found this brochure at the reception of the place in downtown where I go to learn bharatnatyam. It is interesting that people are now fascinated by yoga as a “blend” of freedom and awareness. But one thing is to feel this so named awareness inside the brain and become yourself the process of evolution, and one other thing is to do these yoga exercises without knowing the truth all the time. Try to get with discretion to the point of it!

Learn to feel your fingers & be balanced at work

An interesting idea to spread good vibes in corporate environment in a sahaj (yes I love writing it in Sanskrit, you can read it spontaneous in English) way. I work for an international private company well established in EP market. Recently I ve already written about how the HR department makes some assiduous effort to promote wellness and balance among colleagues and departments. It is not an easy task but at least people manifest to give a try to the concern. At least it is a first positive step towards desire of realization. Deep down everybody wants to be realized as a person and we belong to communities which also are projected towards collective realization. But realization is simpler and not complicated as human mind tends to think of, it works spontaneously most of the time and we verily are guided by our dreams in our actions. It is so evident! Can you see that?


So which one is this interesting idea? Insights come from all the seminars about make up, self massage, dance, singing organized at my office by HR. Everybody is seeking to know new methods to balance the stress and the individual mind plus behavior. This is also innate, we naturally go towards integration whenever we are placed on a path of pure evolution and not disintegration or involution and other things like these.


How many people know that they can detect impurities and stress on their fingers? Not everybody. But this science is just amazing and finds its deep root in ayurveda from India. This Asian continent is quite miraculous with all its almost hidden Science that is not yet accessible to EVERYBODY. How can that be possible? People must know they can cure themselves; they can be able to detect whats wrong and whats good with them. Beside this ayurveda is also compatible with the science of the points and meridians located on the body all life studied in China, another great Asian country for these kinds of matters.

Energy, energy, energy, people do not do anything else that talking about and working thru the energy. I read this word everywhere now, on the poster, in the commercial leaflets, it s so energetically good this brainwashing going on here!

On a corporate level, sitting in the peace of their chairs all the modern workers of the busiest cities can start to understand how their fingertips do speak to them. And even when they are at the desk or in a conference, in a meeting or on a train in a business trip they will know how they are feeling and how they can improve their performance and mental state, thru the achieved sensibility of their hands. As practical as it sounds. This is it. The new science of the natural connection with our fingers is unavoidably the great breakthrough for our citylifetyle.  Ayurveda & Yoga are best allied to win over huge bunches of terrible inconveniences and beyond…in your office. 

The greatest teacher

Sitting down here you can think about anybody – your mother, father, anybody. You will know each centre you are catching and all these centres denote something within you. But if you want me to teach you everything in one day, it’s not possible. You have to give some time to yourself, that’s all. I think that’s the only thing needed, that you have to give some time to yourself and you have to value yourself.

Nirmala Devi Srivastava, 1979

When you speak about sahaja yoga people look at you fascinated


Because of the fact that sahaja yoga is born with the genuine desire to bring all kinds of people from every nook and corner of the world together, the people who speak about it related to different fields attract very much the attention of the listener. And it seems almost that the listener does not want to leave being captivated by these unique original stories. I had this feeling last week during a short interview by an Indian film maker. She is currently working on a movie related to the Intercultural thru the dance. She researched several genres of dance attracting the Hong Kong community, including bharatnatyam, which I am studying.


The cool thing is that she noticed my manglasutra around the neck and started asking about it. A new world was being disclosed to her ears while I was stressing the strong intercultural aspect which characterizes sahaja yoga. She was so amused to know that in Hong Kong there are many people who appreciate India very much especially for its spiritual roots. I loved sharing my views about India and intercultural stuff. But the more the time goes the more I realize deep down that intercultural lifestyles and ways are not a real genuine aspect for spiritual growth. Real spiritual growth goes beyond what is intercultural.


[artwork: Florence Hou, HK]

S.O.S. true spirituality in China, Hong Kong and co.

Spiritual cool stuff open the mind, the heart, the awareness. Absorbing them makes me growing and maturing, appreciating the real beauty around me and in the other people. Spirituality moreover is an urgent must in a city like Hong Kong. Materialism will never compete brilliantly enough with the wonders of deep self-understanding since it is based on dead matters, alienating facts, unclear and fakes personalities, weak characters roaming around.

But true spirituality is never boring and never ending, it can always keep growing just like the age. You realize the transformation is really taking place and you are undergoing constant changes in your mind and in you feelings. All these changes are for good because you know that the spirit is the source. “I am the spirit, I am the pure spirit, I am not conditionings, no ego”. It is the most beautiful affirmation one can say at least once in life! China has this beautiful history of dharma and spirituality that not all the other countries have already understood completely. And unfortunately today it is happening that even the Chinese do not really understand it otherwise they would show it and the country would shine in all its marvel and splendor.

One of the first time I went to China from Hong Kong I asked to my inner spirit (which I believe to be also my inner mother) “Please let me see immediately the problems of this country”. We were just landed in Xiamen and were on our way, as a tour group, to the hotel the very first night. We arrived to a beautiful hotel and while waiting for the rooms a horrible slideshow of local people just in front of our eyes, completely drunk, coming out from a room where they were holding a wedding banquet. Young girls, younger then me, drunk and helped by smoking men to walk thru the hall to reach the sofa. People vomiting on my right side and on my left side on sofas and chairs. After about an hour the tour guide said “Sorry this is not the right hotel, we have to get back to the bus”.

Well, at least I got one good answer to my question and the rest of the tour was of course very pleasant and smooth.

When I read about Chinese news here and on international magazines, when I speak to my mandarin teacher who lives in Beijing, when I hear the comments of family and friends from Europe and America, when I look at my husband every day while staring with his deep sweet curved Cantonese eyes I get automatically sucked into another dimension and I am aware of that.

There are no clear words to describe it unfortunately since it is something that should be lived and experienced to understand. I really hope China will resurrect gradually in its own spirituality again in this modern world which is not needing liquors, nor cigarettes, nor brand new companies and products, nor 100 tallest buildings, nor even English speakers but only of a huge dosage of awakened awareness towards the need of a deep inner revolution in order to sustain proper evolution.