Three May pictures

While planning vocational movements i m posting for you a sample of random visual searches. This is in China but in somewhere unknown to me at the moment. I used this image to promote a peaceful and spiritual event happened last night far away on the other southern corner of Eurasia, in Italy.

That event was hosted more less in the area dotted with white houses beyond the sea horizon, on the far left corner of this happy image, where children are playing free on a beach during an afternoon of end of Summer last year. I captured them while going back home after a wonderful sea swim. It reminded me of my childhood and how beautiful it is to take advantage of the nature when we have Her so close. We shall never take Nature for granted and enjoy each and every drop of what she openly dispense wherever we live.

Just like this bear is cautiously doing!


Narrow minded character of metropolitan big cities

A very functional & natural way how huge cities work! Big metropolis are always depicted  as intercultural areas where the most open minded brains from different cultures come and join to lift the standards of the city up. At all kinds of level: creative, educational, urban…Hundreds of thousands of projects from all sides are regularly thrown into the big melting pot for being cooked and then digested not only by the resident population but also and especially to inspire who live not in the city. Sometimes i read blogs of people who come to Hong Kong for work only or for holidays and  project an image of freedom and amazing inspiration about the city. A superficial image or better half image. The counterpart is told above in the title. Bliss of the balance. Extreme openness must be in harmony with extreme closure. Very cool.

There will be the most narrow minded people in a highly populated city. It s part of her beauty and it s totally part of her gwrowth. You will be amazed. You need to grasp both parts and make them hugging each other 😉

(photo: adriana pinzon)

The daily connection

The most beautiful thing is when you are tired or stressed or bored or a mix of the above or/and something else different (whatever you want to feel you are free to feel it anyway). It`s when the day was plane and uninteresting, and nothing special happened or you got a great new and you are jumping with joy. You could not reach the heart of that person as you have wished, you have tried many times and things do not change, you have meditated too. Days look flat normal or they look quite gorgeous to yourself.  The most beautiful thing is that despite the flatness or the gorgeousness, you know the truth and its aspects. It goes beyond and ahead of all the above descriptions, and justifications. Perhaps it s not a feeling but it s something that you know and doesnt move and you dont lose it even when you feel what you feel.  I think this is when you are connected to the truth.


I presume you all know where ego is located in the brain. In case you have no idea about brain deepest anatomy and functions you are still on time for that. It is very easy to understand & useful to know. Here is a species of fish with a big ego which made me laugh a lot. Besids the fact that it seem to have been tatooed Chinese characters with black ink on the body too!

15 reasons why it s good to know own Mr Ego.

  1. because it gives a tremendous opportunity to laugh about your self and have lots of fun with your personal nuts!
  2. because it helps you understanding the real purpose behind your actions, dreams, goals…
  3. because it clarifies for you the purposes of other people ideas in your circle or groups regarding activities, projects ecc. you are involved.
  4. because it gives you the last chance to face your ultimate stupidity.
  5. because it gives you the last chance to understand the meaning of your feelings.
  6. because it gives you the golden chance to distnguish between ego and self confidence, which are two very different aspects of personality.
  7. because it helps to prevent general painful troubles with others.
  8. because it will give you a vision on a large scale of  how things move in the community you belong to.
  9. because it will help you to connect with other people who know their Mr Ego too (they are special and sometimes rare)
  10. because it feels like an amazing satisfiction with no other comparison to silent the ego thoughts.
  11. because an egoless life is much smoother and neater than an egoful life.
  12. because it gives you clarity and dynamism of thinking.
  13. because it makes you different and precious in every place you go.
  14. because it will build like a shield of protection around your personality and space of action.
  15. because it will move your attention on new things, very smart.

Celebrating water element in sistership between cities

Ainu mythology tells of a culture closely connected to the water. The sculpture to the lower left, with the four supports, symbolizes the ocean. To the right of this, three pairs of poles, and a single pole represent the orca, god of the sea. The sculpture on the far left points to the West, symbolizing the bridge of friendship that connects the sister cities of Kushiro and Burnaby. (these two cities are located in Japan and Canada)


Nature inspired very short stories

Moving the posts from an old fiction blogspot blog to here. ~


~Chiffon chain of children

There is this chain made of a thick thread of chiffon, like a scarf orange and fuxia in color. there are so many children hanging from it, you will never be able to count them…The chiffon scarf is soft and transparent, two children hanging at the same point can look at each other just seeing thru it while holding thightly by their hands. where is it going the little creatures chain? where did it start? i dont remember but it’s here….i am also hanging from it, too. A man came, he was a warrior who have never been defeated on any field for ages, being his powers infinite. he began counting the children, one by one while they were swinging and rocking themseves around the scarf amidst their best laughing and giggling. One/ two, three/four he started touching their heads by couple with both hands towards either left and right side of the chain. He could have extended his arms till the end of times. Today he is still counting and i discovered where the source of the scarf lies.

~Earth children

How full is the earth? i am a earth child and you? Can you go travelling inside the earth? Yes inside inside, in Her magnificent core, we can only meet at that point.
How does it sound? No sound, there is only an enriching silent in the earth core. It is only growing for earth children, not for all kind of earth creatures. the earth is our mother, everybody knows it. But not everybody can feel + fit into her Body.
What’s your name?
earth child, i already told you.
Dont you have another name like susanna, mary, jin….?
Earth children are unnamed cause uncoloured are their faces and unspoken are their lips.

~Tree of life

Titina: Why dont you fall from the tree?

Kwan: Because my tree is too strong

Titina: Why dont you fall from that branch?

Kwan: Because it belongs to a strong tree indeed

Titina: What’s the name of your tree?

Kwan: The tree of life:

~ White chocolate

Time is ending! Yelled the girl – I am going to eat all the white chocolate because the time is ending. Do you know what the chocolate is made of? I give you the last chance yelled the girl to the motherstone. The monolyth was too busy to listen to her. There were like 15 other children on the other side of it and they were all so sweet and interested in knowing its story. The girl had promised white chocolate in exchange for the story and she didn’t turn around the huge stone to explore more. As a consequence she wasn’t aware of the children and ended up eating the chocolate alone without listening the real story of the monolyth.

It is a sunflower as high as the californian sequoias. All the children use the climb it because its stem is soft and ruvid at the same time, made of little bumps which can be helpful during the movement of going up. There are also small platforms where one can rest rising above. each platform is made of intricated roots gently coming out ofthe skin of the stem, they make up a nest of wood and cute leaves heart shaped. During the resting one can watch a movie too! The wall of the stem are so strong and particular that they even have digital screens incorporated. Each platform has a different corto going on, they usually last about 5 tyintys. the tyinty is the time unit inside the flower. it goes with some sort of a power hidden in its root. it goes with that time measure which is different. When it’s night time ths sunflower is still awaken and a huge cascade of light invest its full body. Only the children coming out from its root can have the privilege  to stay awaken when the others are sleeping.


Sssssh the country is sleeping – mocked the wizard with a whisper, overwatching the new earth planet which was developing under his eyes. His daughter was very curious to follow the improvements of this planet and she would check out on the screen every time.
Papy why human love sleeping so much? they dont like sleeping, they LOVvvE sleeping!! why papy? Here we never sleep. what happen when we sleep? will we sleep one day us too?
My adorable, do you want to know more about sleeping? Are you sure?
Go and get a little bit more of yourself, then when you will be back we will start the dynamic story of the freedorm.

~ The mermaid

See the mermaid, her tail is golden. See her face pink and rotten. Don’t go ever with the mermaid, she’e half animal, she plays with humans and make them believe she has divine powers. Only few humans really have those powers, only few of them learned to use their own energy from within. They don’t go with mermaid, sometimes they go with others humans to help them to understand why the tail was golden and why the face was rotten.

~ Vera Ever Planet

It has been hidden under your bed for so many mounths, probably years. How long have you been living in that room? In that home?
The walls were fantastic, all covered by hand painted canvas, modern designs, circles, spirals, futuristic tools and machines, with the colors of silver and gold, glittered sky blue. I have never seen such prolific artwork in all my career, i was totally stunned and impressed by the amount of creativity so strongly perceptible, so palpable, i was absorbed by its vibrations. they were so cool, incredibly cool. This is the genius, and was still looking under the bed.
The most beautiful among the painting was the one of the planet.
TITLE: the Vera Ever Planet.
Tell me something about it? How about life there?

~end~ thanks for stopping by!



Kogi natives of Columbia: the mother of our songs

The Kagaba (Kogi) people of Columbia in South America have a belief in Aluna, ‘my Mother’, as creator.


The mother of our songs, the mother of our seed, bore us in the begining of things and so she is the mother of all types of men, the mother of all nations.

She is mother of the thunder, the mother of the streams, the mother of the trees and of all things. She is the mother of the world and of the older brothers, the stone-people. She is the mother of the fruits of the earth and of all things. She is the mother of our youngest brothers, the French and the strangers. She is the mother of our dance paraphernalia, of all temples and she is the only mother we possess. She alone is mother of the fire and the Sun and the Milky Way. . . . She is the mother of the rain and the only mother we possess. And she has left us a token in all the temples . . . a token in the form of songs and dances.

She has no cult, and no prayers are really directed to her, but when the fields are sown and the priests chant their incantations the Kagaba say, ‘And then we think of the one and only mother of the growing things, of the mother of all things.’
One prayer was recorded: ‘Our mother of the growing fields, our mother of the streams, will have pity upon us. For whom do we belong? Whose seeds are we? To our mother alone do we belong.’





Women love nature more than anybody else


There must be something special about the nature of being a woman. Girl’s blogs abund with flowers shots and i always have to push my hubby to go and take a walk in the nature. Women are naturally attracted by natural sites and they would love to spend as much time as possible in them. The way a woman can take pictures in outdoor natural scenes and the way she can paint or write a poetry or a book about natural topics is always original and fresh, you can feel immediately that the vibrations are feminine and cool. And in fact we say that a man who is able to do the same has embibed sweet feminine qaulities, and he is special for that reason. Women are often compared automatically to Mother earth because of their gentle qualities which are innate and they do not have to make huge efforts to manifest them. Women understand nature more than anybody else.

Shing Mun Forest

This is the water reservoir behind home. There have been other posts with pictures from there but every time there is something new & attractive for the focus of our camera. so each post is always different in colors and patterns…


Inside the flowers of Lamma island

Travelogues about island are not finished yet here. Lamma island is considered probably the coolest one to live in because of its artistical attractions. Lots of European families landed in Hk decided to settle down here although the houses are not modern at all and all kinds of interesting animals (lots of snakes they say) around are ready to visit anytime.

There are plenty of colorful things to watch in Lamma. Flowers, plants and trees have been marked and explained upon small wooden tags but for the aracnide up there there was nothing to read since it was a spontaneous meeting at the beginning of the main path. When arriving at the harbour, about 20 minuts from HK mainland, you may probably meet some native selling hand cooked red bean sweet soup or cookies.

Afterwards by following the main narrow street the wole greenish and easygoing, wild and relaxed environment will disclose in front of you:

There are 2 things you should pay lots of attention while hiking around Lamma. One is the strong smell of its flowers scattered in mass at any corner like in a big garden. All the fragrances fuse in the air, it s like being in heaven and the aroma is so much penetrating that your brain is so happy to swim into it! There are flowers whose petals are starting to yellow because of the Autumn season but they keep the odorous activity tuned, others present rare jungle shapes of colored lianas.


Now, why Lamma is considered so artistic?? First of all musicians, painters, dancers, writers and so on populate this place. Not only the fragrance but also the music of a piano flying out from a window for example can accompany you in the trip for a while.  I met a French dancers who has been living here for years while staying in HK and she never regretted to have to travel back and forth for her job was on the mainland, and consider that afyter 11 or midnite there are no more ferries every day. 

The second Art reason is that all the shops and restaurants maintain of course a well trendy made look to catch your eyes. They care about little details, sometimes extravagants, sometimes normal. So you may notice an old singer sewing machine right against the main wall of the street you are walking along or a wooden rocking horse placed like on a pedestal at the end of a street. Romantic sets have been created at the outdoor tables of all the restaurants. Lamma is perfect for the tea time and serves traditional or western home made cakes or for the dinner/lunch with the availability of the tastier and fresher of the fish (expensive!) for you to pick directly from the big tanks outside each restaurant.

AH! before night time, dont forget to enjoy the sunset that on the islands is always so spectacular and regenerating!

Travelouge’s sunset also comes here ~


Dont Forget the Feet

These feet

look at these feet

they can belong to a woman

or to a man

they are eternal feet

they can be of an Indian

or of a Chinese

They can be of an European

or of an African

They can be of an American

or even of an Inuit

They are universal feet.

Pleasing the feet, refreshing them into the heart

Bowing to the feet, never forgettin these feet.