I presume you all know where ego is located in the brain. In case you have no idea about brain deepest anatomy and functions you are still on time for that. It is very easy to understand & useful to know. Here is a species of fish with a big ego which made me laugh a lot. Besids the fact that it seem to have been tatooed Chinese characters with black ink on the body too!

15 reasons why it s good to know own Mr Ego.

  1. because it gives a tremendous opportunity to laugh about your self and have lots of fun with your personal nuts!
  2. because it helps you understanding the real purpose behind your actions, dreams, goals…
  3. because it clarifies for you the purposes of other people ideas in your circle or groups regarding activities, projects ecc. you are involved.
  4. because it gives you the last chance to face your ultimate stupidity.
  5. because it gives you the last chance to understand the meaning of your feelings.
  6. because it gives you the golden chance to distnguish between ego and self confidence, which are two very different aspects of personality.
  7. because it helps to prevent general painful troubles with others.
  8. because it will give you a vision on a large scale of  how things move in the community you belong to.
  9. because it will help you to connect with other people who know their Mr Ego too (they are special and sometimes rare)
  10. because it feels like an amazing satisfiction with no other comparison to silent the ego thoughts.
  11. because an egoless life is much smoother and neater than an egoful life.
  12. because it gives you clarity and dynamism of thinking.
  13. because it makes you different and precious in every place you go.
  14. because it will build like a shield of protection around your personality and space of action.
  15. because it will move your attention on new things, very smart.

Electronic learning games & toys are not crucial for infants development


It is such an exageration of this materialistic minds scattered all around toy industry today that electronic lightning rattles are beneficial to a child development. It is fine for a kid to have one electronic toy ever year, just to have some taste of this light-flashing, spinning-sounds environment a lot of us are plugged in, and with them plenty of modern families too. But it is really eveident that these toys are not at all crucial for the development of the core values and qualities that a child requires in order to be a good and wise gifted man or woman in the future of their real life. Recently, when during a medical conference here in Poly University of Hong Kong i had the opportunity to share some insights from a psychological and evolutionary point of view with the lecturing doctor about these toys , i was not surprsed at all when he said that these tools can have damaging effect on the optical chiasm of the little brains. It means that their development will proceed in a slower not balanced way:  the opposite of what many managers in toy industry trust nowadays.

Adding a couple of considerations collected on a base of three years work as game editor in Chinese toy industry and on a base of master training in developmental and educational psychology and on a base of past two years teaching at primary school. It is all connected 🙂

  • Educationally motivated societies now like to stress enlightenment contents as their curriculum. Electronic learning games today are so much lacking in lifting spirits of children up that they only transmit mediocre learning messages.
  • Love is always the master key to a fulfilling learning and educational process. I always wonder at which level is this nourishing love intentionally sent thru these products?



Wrapping up of a cute wordpress blog

mother and daughter

It is completed now. It is for all the people who understand the nature of the children at the way Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has always been encouraging. To seek the purity from within and fall in love with our playfullness and the play of life itself. In form of messages and in three languages: see also here

108 Joy Giving Things for Children

Concept of thoughtless awareness in toy industry & a toy line of lightness


It is an ancient yet extremely modern concept. Thoughtless is the state of the person who is always focused and happy, whose creativity constantly flows with brilliance and purity, no space for misinterpretations, sadness, stupidity and other kinds of imbalances. This concept is related to a positive and healthy state of mind, very close to the ideal lifestyle which we want to create nowadays in our urban and no urban environments. Hence, it is a concept valid and fully adaptable to the toys manufacture.

Focus: to transmit feelings of joy, lightness, fun, simplicity.

Design: preference of rounded shapes, elements & inspirations from the nature, fresh character and great characters. 

Toy materials: soft materials, attractive to the hands, really easy to handle and carry, not harsh, sometimes not hard at all, fabrics, an examplary line where the child can have complete control on it and does not have to ask the parents to do something (like changing batteries, push the button ecc).

Example of toy: From the idea of Sensitive Floor, developed by IO Agency last year: an interactive video projection designed specifically to be walked on. ~~~~> Brought to toy industry in form of a….

… scene – projector which creates, on the wall, a touch sensitive playing platform. Scenes can include:

a. interactive art scenes

b. learning games

c. story telling sequences

two examples of scenes:

1. A spiral is projected and a small elephant has to be accompanied by one finger along the spiral path from the outside to the inside extreme.

2. Moving sea Waves are projected with floating jellyfish. When a jelly is fully covered by the hand it will disappear but another jelly will appear in another corner of the sea scenario.

How to use it: the projector can be placed on a cabinet, and images will appear on the wall or furniture cabinet in front of it.



Importance of emotions in China (basic intro)

Emotions should not be confused with romanticism or extreme feelings or behaviours which bring the person into a constant low-level-mood. In Europe emotions are a frequent object of discussions and works since the kindergarden at a scholastic level. All the teachers are required to introduce in their plan some activities focused on the importance of letting the children express their emotional side. Sometimes it is not considered  how deep the activity degree is but it should include good food for the emotional side.  Good for the emotional side. Well, many teachers do not really know what it is good and what it is bad for the emotional side of the children simply becuase they themselves did not have 100% positive experience in their emotional life, so the first thing is that a teacher should be a greatly aware and sensible person, self realized and spiritually oriented in order to nourish the immature emotions of a kid and watch them grow.

In China the educational system, and simultaneously the family system, is still at sunrise level . Although Chinese families are among the strongest in the world, this strenght surely does not come out of open awareness and emotional intelligence. Sorry, not at all. But the future may be more prosperous and clear and hopefully many more families and children will get the benefit of an healthy emotional life.

Guys of my age for example here have the problem that they have to sustain the family, both economically and emotional. The parents of the modern China have had very difficult moments in the past years and as everybody knows the economical side is now starting to move on. As a consequence the slice of the population over 50ies / 60ies face dramatic situations deep into their inner intimacy, into their inner self. This is one of the main reason why on a spiritual level there is so much conditioning and ritualism until to the most serious illness. No difference either in mainland China and in Hong Kong or Macau. I’am convinced the Chinese emotional side is weak everywhere you go. I touched it with my hands, or better with my heart (moreover i am merried to a Chinese) and i am ready to post more about this delicate matter which should be a founding stone of the modern Chinese essence. Stay tuned if you are interested. Luv, r.

Shocking parents supported by ignorance

What to do in these cases? My first impulse was to get up and stop them and talk to them but i didnt and my friends said to not watch and that it is normal in the city to have this behaviour. So i just kept calm and all right. I dont know if any of you witnessed a mother giving a long sip of beer from the calex of an adult to his boy of not even one year of age. Yes the boy was that young, three meters from us at the table behind the back of my friends! Also here in this blog still witnessing and realizing that an incredible number of our parents – it does not matter in which city or country, no place matter for certain matters, we are all responsible – is ignorant to this point. I have been told that in HK it is a normal attitude to do so with the children. Then we are so brave to call HK modern. Laugh. goodnite!

Spirit is food to a city and foundation of urban education

A skype talk about urban education and spiritual foundations.


Lui from India: [Hong Kong] it is among the most globalized nation of the world. How is HK in terms of education.


Lei from Hong Kong: not very good actually, static. We shud get there, as yogis i mean. I know several teachers and when they talk i dont feel anything so speacial and enlightened abt their method. So i suppose it s the same as in other countries


Lui from India: but being a free [market] also must have lots of opportunities for growth…


Lei from Hong Kong: yes may be


Lui from India: ok..


Lei from Hong Kong: but the programs for example are the same as in other UNI of other countries


Lui from India: ok tht’s nice.


Lei from Hong Kong: the globalized aspect you can touch it more in the street than in the school


Lui from India: you are absolutely correct. It is the general upscale living and life style…


Lei from Hong Kong: 90% of the people here is local


Lui from India: ok


Lui from India:how about the school.


Lei from Hong Kong: the schools?


Lui from India: ya primary school eduations for kids.


Lei from Hong Kong:some are very chinese , some others international with more teachers from abroad. Kids i heard they are very much pressured. They always have examinations during the year and between the years. I know that coz i talk to the kids in the ashram too. They study hard and have several extra classes


Lui from India: since you can understand the psycho of kids better [saying that because Lei has been a childhood psychologist, n.d.r.]…


Lei from Hong Kong:here kids study ALOT, maybe too much. They start languages, instruments when they are 3 for example. There are plenty of nurseries for this aim.


Lui from India: what is the common stress release for them.


Lei from Hong Kong:not too much time for playing free


Lui from India: hmm


Lei from Hong Kong:i always see them in the street dressed to go to learn something. Their head is too long in the little books. HK also is the first city in the world with the highest rate of music-learning kids.


Lui from India: how does a kid react when they grow up under high pressure.


Lei from Hong Kong: they develop an attitude like they want to learn many many things and apply to a course after another to fill the brain with lots of info.


Lui from India: do they frustrate or some would get involved in other activities to release stress….what do you say.


Lei from Hong Kong:i hear my colleagues talking about their daughters/son, they say the kid is not always happy but a kid should be happy and joyful all the time. But these kids here start to learn the word and the feeling of stress already so young, like it was a normal thing to handle or to cope with. This is not really normal. It’s like they are being prepared to live in a stressed socierty in the future not in a relaxed and enjoable one. Do u think is allright?


Lui from India: yes u are right, but tell me if kids grow up under pressure how do they react when they grow teens, or later…


Lei from Hong Kong:yes i told u they develop an endless desire to fill their brain with info, they learn many things, and probably they are good at them all


Lui from India: ok now we are on the same platform…must be excessive right sided..


Lei from Hong Kong:yes, my co-workers and friends of my age are not happy with learning 2 things for example. They dont want to put limit to this knowledge and they apply to so many classes, and they are like machines; i can see them, they are not relaxed. Always busy studying, learning someting, it’s not positive, i am sure.


Lui from India: it is out of competition or out of learning insincts they behave like these…


Lei from Hong Kong:i dont know, maybe both? many people say because of competition. It becomes a circle in the mind.


Lui from India: but if it is the latter it is better !!!


Lei from Hong Kong:YES


Lui from India: ya, this is why kids cannot enjoy their age now


Lei from Hong Kong:i also feel they burn so much energy and then later they will not have enough strenght for more important steps


Lui from India: this might result in decling age ratio then.


Lei from Hong Kong:somtimes i felt tempted to apply this and that class but i had to tell myself no, 2 is enough otherwise u ll go crazy. HK is based on the Learning principle, very mind oriented, not spiritual oriented, sorry.


Lui from India: i am completely with you on this…


Lei from Hong Kong: it s created on very fragile foundations, human foundations but the spirit is the most important food for a city.


Developing love is basic reality to educate children


I spent more than an hour skyping with Clara and Vicky from England yesterday at my office. These two young girls, we were living together in Italy few years ago when I was nanny and their mother was pregnant of the third child. At office I did not have the microphone so could only write down everything and listening to all they were speaking from the other side. The most beautiful chat: little things: stories, laughs, sending funny emoticons, chewing candies and so on. Just in the middle of the busiest time of my schedule at work. Just at the perfect moment for inundating the heart with something strong and sane.


Now the attention towards how the children do spend their time is growing more and more everywhere. They are becoming the centre of our mind. There are plenty of books talking that we have to keep our kids engaged as much as possible to learn, to grow, to absorb in order to develop their skills and talents. This is false actually. I think that orientatively if they can be busy for half of their time with homework and activities they can also do nothing for the other half of the time. I grew up at this way: School, home works and dance class three times a week were all on a fixed schedule for about ten years from 6 to 19. All the left free time was spent to create things with the help of parents or friends. Painting, reading, listening to music, playing an instrument without any instructor, just alone, toys, journals, swimming in the summertime, going for mushrooms, asparaguses or cyclamens and mimosas during spring time, pic-nics, tons of free walks around the town and so on. The love surrounding was soft and spontaneous, just enough to guide explorations and personal growth.  

My birthday parties were memorable, sometimes at the central park among rocks and small animals sometimes at the beach, and aunties, mommies and friends were all enjoying at the same time. It has been going for years like that. There were no scheduled activities and we used to run free in the nature or making a volcano or a castle with the sand. Everything was really simple and familiar, the environment comfy and the people smiling. Love was developing on its own natural way… and still is.


Here in Hong Kong my friends-mothers tell that the schools are putting a lot of pressure on the little ones. They have to pass examinations and study hard even at night several times during the week. Plus at least three courses-activities in afternons and/or weekends. I am sure this is not the right path to educate children. I am sure both teachers and educators, parents are lovely and careful. But love and pressure do not combine nicely most of the times, do they? If a child feels he is too often forced to do something, that means he is not comfortable with this rhythm and this situation will be translated sooner or later in another problem. It is obvious. There are other ways to educate which are safer and more adapting to a child inner self. And it is in the inner self where all the talents and the skills already reside! 

Momo and the time


More and more clearly, Momo perceived that this mighty sound consisted of innumerable notes whose constant changes of pitch were forever weaving different harmonies. It was music, yet it was also something else. All at once, she recognized it as the faraway music she had sometimes faintly heard while listening to the silence of a starry night.

But now, as the sound became ever clearer and more glorious, she sensed that it was the resonant shaft of light that summoned each bud from the dark depths of the lake and fashioned it into a flower of unique and inimitable beauty.

The longer she listened, the more clearly she could make out individual voices – not human voices, but notes such as might have been given forth by gold and silver and every other precious metal in existence. And then, beyond them, as it were, voices of quite another kind made themselves heard, infinitely remote yet indescribably powerful.

As they gained strenght, Momo began to distinguish words uttered in a language she had never heard before but could nonetheless understand. The sun and moon and planets and stars were telling her their own, true names, and their names signified what they did and how they all combined to make each hour-lily flower and fade in turn.

[Momo, by M. Ende]

Toys today

Working with electronic toys… I would never expect to do also this job. But now that I am used to this circle I realize that working with toys today puts you in such delicate tasks! You are dealing with the softest of the minds and the skills to really understand the world of a child are lacking tremendously. No matter you have been studying for becoming a teacher at primary school level, or as a psychologist or as infancy educators, or as animators. There are plenty of people with these majors out there but that does not mean that also the quality of understanding is playing a mature role out there.

 These are quotes I collected from an email-thread pointing out resources for toys today: 

…the wonderful paper ideas are fine, and needed for children over 6. Books too can be designed and printed in India, no need to worry about pleasing western publishing firms, print them for our own use, or to sell/give to children we reach.
But for little children, we need classic wooden toys and dolls, excellent control of paints, fabrics, and stuffing, i.e. organic, so they are not toxic.

How about building toys – blocks – an established way to teach math and geometry in preschool – but they don’t have to be boring they could be hand painted with all kinds of creative designs, like mendhi, or abstract, flowers, and angel faces.

Our world economy is going in dire straits. Attention has to be somehow on handicraft too, on artist creation also. All of these we can build it with a good and collective attention on the proper channel to “manufacture it”. Let’s know what you think about the local power of handicraft…???

 Examples of content scripts, the basic software matrix for electronic learning products, proposed by modern companies trying to play their role to educate children on a mass level.

USE+ARROW01+INST17a                  Use the arrow keys to finish building the equation.
SELECT+INST18a+ WSABERKBRD                                 Select a correct operation sign with the lightsaber or the keyboard.
INST19a+INST19b+NUM001+ TIME02                                                Pay attention!  Solve as many as you can in one minute!

Found in an article:


“We wanted to get away from the branding. I don’t think children should be advertised to,” says Lee, who co-founded the store two years ago with wife Danielle and sister-in-law Shelley Goldschlager. Their mission: selling toys that would encourage kids to construct, create and invent their own storylines.

Then there’s, a new online store offering more than 300 minimalist playthings.

“A good toy is 10 per cent toy and 90 per cent child,” says Peter Emmenegger of Toronto, a software engineer and father of two who launched the venture last month. “The child’s imagination is the engine of healthy play.”

Some important “must have” requirements to work in this field: 

  • To have an innocent and childlike personality
  • To be familiar with (after having absorbed thru background and other experiences) eradicated good values, humus for a child personality
  • To have an established and overflowing creativity covering at least 3 branches of art (e.g. music, painting, drama).
  • To have the ability to not think too much
  • To have the skill to simplify contents
  • To have an extremely flexible and adaptable character
  • To have an open mind and heart
  • To be able to seek  the playful aspect of the daily life
  • To be extremely collective and not individualistic

Today the chances to become really professional in the toy industry (at any level) are not so high, if we give an honest glimpse around ourselves. If at least we already covered three of the above qualities we are probably on the right path to succeed…