Casual easy enjoyement.

I heard that facing the truth is hard and makes u suffering. Or even disgusting like Mr. Jung wrote in his psycho-books. That it s painful but worthy because it s going to help the blossomin of a new personality, and stuff like that.

But facing ourself can also be easier than we think and more comfortable than reading a psycho-book about it. It just happens, just because you want. If you want to play you will get the ball and play. Without any need to feeling hurt nor misunderstood nor even crashed inside. There is no confusion about it. It is already happening this kind of enjoyement.

The daily connection

The most beautiful thing is when you are tired or stressed or bored or a mix of the above or/and something else different (whatever you want to feel you are free to feel it anyway). It`s when the day was plane and uninteresting, and nothing special happened or you got a great new and you are jumping with joy. You could not reach the heart of that person as you have wished, you have tried many times and things do not change, you have meditated too. Days look flat normal or they look quite gorgeous to yourself.  The most beautiful thing is that despite the flatness or the gorgeousness, you know the truth and its aspects. It goes beyond and ahead of all the above descriptions, and justifications. Perhaps it s not a feeling but it s something that you know and doesnt move and you dont lose it even when you feel what you feel.  I think this is when you are connected to the truth.

Shri Laxmi loves shopping


She must be one of the most modern goddess, nicely dressed up and enveloped in some loving smell of a flower fragrance. I think Shri Laxmi loves Hong Kong which has already conquered the name of Paradise of shopping worldwide. She makes money circulating, jobs creating and people being blessed by her rapid touch. She has some preferences, being her gusto of a divine type. She keeps testing on folk’s inner energy to see if it is used in the proper dharmic way with balance and immense love, detached. Laxmi is the prettiest of all, She never forgets to wear jewerly and khajal. She acts in the subtle with endless inspirations: today indulging on the creditcard, tomorrow resting in the pink lotus flower busy with new works  for the times to come. Peaceful and tireless. Diwali of course is Her favourite because is when She can truly bestow or confirm powers with the spontaneous meditative style freely accessible to everybody now. Today Laxmi is a reality. Feel your stomach and feed the others.

Going to the roots of the dance


With Rabindranath Tagore awsome encouragement to revive the cultural aspects of India, the art of Sadir or Sadiatam (today known as bharatnayam dance) and the art of Kathakali (music and drama) were estabilished with more prestige and underwent significnt development. It is no surprise that these arts grew, in the South of india,  under the influence and the presence of ancient civilazations such as Greece, Rome, Egypt and Syria. the artists at that time used to performe everywhere without need for a stage. Any outdoor setting would have been perfect as far as there were some people rady to watch them. And this is exactly what I have been experienced last weekend in this Chinese hub of stock market & cutures. isnt it unbelievable? i still get goose bumps if i go back to those moments on Sunday.

i was lucky to the extent to performe Indian dance two meters from the crowd, on rugs placed directly on concrete floor, with genuine Indian instruments and curtains as background  just like in the ancient times but in a hyper modern city like Hong Kong is. it was too much of a blast! I wish all passionate dancers to get this marvelous and full of meaning experience. A meaning going straight to the root of the heart. the focus is different: when the heart is dancing, you are jumping in the flow and everything is still and perfect.


Source of much of Chinese culture


When I came to the United States I was surprised that there were so many translations of the I Ching in English. I cannot immagine how these translators all found the I Ching scholars and did the decades of study necessary to truly learn the I Ching.

To the Chinese, the I Ching is like a Holy Bible written by the four most honored sages in our history – Fu Xi, King Wen, the Duke of Zhou and Confucious. The Chinese translation of Holy Bible is Sheng Ching. Sheng is equivalent to holy, and Ching means classic. Chinese understand that Ching is the Tao, the Truth, the holiest of the ancient books, and because they revere and respect the sacred writings of the Jews and the Christian church, they honor the Bible by calling it Ching.    

The I Ching is truly a profound book.  It is the source of much of Chinese culture. Originally, the I Ching was a handbook for divination. After Confucius and his students had written the commentaries, it became known as a book of ancient wisdom. It is a book that not only tells one who consults it about the present situation and  future potential but also gives instruction about what to do and not to do to obtain good fortune and to avoid misfortune. But one still retains free choice. The guidance is based upon comprehensive  observations of  natural laws by ancient sages and their profound experiences of the principle of cause and effect.

These are excerpts from the Preface of The Complete I Ching by Taoist Master Alfred Huang. Before coming to China I used to consult I Ching alone or with friends, in Italy for example this book is definitely appreciated and studied by people who meditate and seek for self knowledge in their daily life.  Here in Hong Kong i still did not find anybody who throughly knows about it and some local people often comment not really positively about it. 

This master suggests that the best English versions of I Ching are: Richard Wilhelm’s and James Legge’s although westernized.  He adds that

… the ideal translation should be English but Chinese in essence. As a book of divination, Confucius’s commentaries are crucial. The Chinese call Confucius’s commentaries the Ten Wings. They believe that the I Ching depends on the Ten Wings to be able to fly. In other words, without Confucius’s commentaries the I Ching cannot be understood.

I felt I had no choice because the more I meditated the more I felt that I had an obligation to work out a translation of the I Ching based entirely on Chinese concepts. I began to realize that during his last years, Master Yin’s proposal to teach me the I Ching was not accidental. There was  a reason. I sense now that in this great time of change, when people are longing to transform and the situation is ripe, a new translation of I Ching based upon ancient Chinese wisdom and experience might be helpful for those making their own choices to enter the twenty-first century with confidence.

Hit of this Sunday


Maiya tere char. no ki

yadi dhul. jo mil. jaye

Sach. keh.ta hu Nir.mal. Ma

Tak. dir. badal. jaye

Maiya tere char. no ki


Yeh man. bada chan chal. hai

Kese tera dyan. karu ise sam. jau ise behelau hi machal. jaye


Sun. te hai teri reh. mat.

Din. rat. bar.s.ti hai

Ek. bund. jo mil.jaye

dil. ki kali khil. jaye


Naj. ro se giraa na na

chahe saja dena se jo gir. ja ye

Mush. kil. hi sambhal. paye


Maiya is. ji wan. ki

Bas. it. ni tama na hai

Tumi sa mine ho meh. re

Mera jiwan hi sambhal. jaye

America wake up darlin!

We have little idea of how music acts on people. Thru music an entire nation can awaken! Be blessed America. And whole World.

Don’t suffer: go for the truth

Hey we are not the first to suffer fortunately here in HK city! I know these big commercialized events were showing everywhere in the west countries too in recent years. And now recently of course it is HK turn too! Pure money lovers can’t wait! A new sensational blast for the economy. And how about the economy of the brain of all the people who will attend the event?





You might be interested to know more about Yoga. See these valuable points here, they have been written as easy guideline before starting a yoga class.


  1. Is money taken at any time? (the truth cannot be owned, nor can it be bought or sold). 
  2. Do your teachers pressure you like salesmen? (you should know the value of their path by your own conviction, not by the number of books you read, classes you attend, or pledges you make. Truth is not dependent upon salesmenship). 
  3. Can you, yourself, feel the effect of the technique? (do not be satisfied that you will be in an “inner circle” at some time in the distant future). 
  4. Do they clothe you in unusual dress, seat you in strange postures or submit you to wild chanting ? (the truth is not something that has to be attained through strenuous efforts. It is the strength of your desire that counts, not the harshness of their tests). 
  5. Is the new path you’ve chosen dharmic ? (that is, is this a the path of the center, similar to that followed by the sages, yogis, and great men and women of the past, or will it lead to frightening experiences of a subconscious or super-conscious nature ?) 
  6. Are the members of the organization, especially the leader, founder, or guru, people you can trust? (are you comfortable with them? Do they display love and joy? Is their warmth genuine? Is the value of what they are teaching evident in their eyes ?) 
  7. Do you have the freedom of choice to leave or continue? (follow your heart, not your ego. If you have fears or misgivings, give them heed. If you are in doubt or under duress, leave. Do not be bullied.) 



There is a yoga instructor in the 2007 video of the same yoga conference who says: “now yoga is so popular because the divine mother is calling us and engaging us in the work again”…Personally I found this brochure at the reception of the place in downtown where I go to learn bharatnatyam. It is interesting that people are now fascinated by yoga as a “blend” of freedom and awareness. But one thing is to feel this so named awareness inside the brain and become yourself the process of evolution, and one other thing is to do these yoga exercises without knowing the truth all the time. Try to get with discretion to the point of it!

The greatest teacher

Sitting down here you can think about anybody – your mother, father, anybody. You will know each centre you are catching and all these centres denote something within you. But if you want me to teach you everything in one day, it’s not possible. You have to give some time to yourself, that’s all. I think that’s the only thing needed, that you have to give some time to yourself and you have to value yourself.

Nirmala Devi Srivastava, 1979

Pure music in pure body (part two)


Music as therapeutic is widely accepted today. There are lots of interesting studies on its effects and reaction into the human body. They are really fascinating and real at the same time. After having transcripted the pronunciations used in the phonetic language of Devnagari (language spoken by the Devas) in the part one, now i am going to list the Bija Mantra and Bija Akshar which are sung for each complex-of-organs to awaken the energy that monitor the area:


Bija mantra: Om Lam Lam Lam Lam (4 times Lam)

Bija Akshar: Om, Wam, Sham, Sham, Sum, Om


Liver and surroundings:

Bija mantra: Om Wam Wam Wam Wam Wam Wam (6 times Wam)

Bija Akshar: Om Bam Bham Mam Yam Ram Lam


Stomach and surroundings:

Bija mantra: Om Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram (10 times Ram)

Bija Akshar: Om Dam Dham Nam Tam Tham Dam Dham Nam Pam Pham Om



Bija mantra: Om Yam Yam Yam Yam Yam Yam Yam Yam Yam Yam Yam Yam (12 times Yam)

Bija Akshar: Om Kam Kham Gam Gham Ngam Cham Chham Jum Jham Nyam Tam Tham Om


Throat, ears, nose, neck:

Bija mantra: Om Ham Ham Ham Ham Ham Ham Ham Ham Ham Ham Ham Ham Ham Ham Ham Ham (16 times Ham)

Bija Akshar: Om, Am, Aam, Im, Iim, Um, uum, Rum, Ruum, Rlum, Rluum, Em, Aim, Om, Aum, Am, Ahum, Om


Forehead, eyes:

Bija mantra: Om Om Om

Bija Akshar: Om Ham Ksham Om



Bija Mantra: AUOOM

Bija Akshar: AUM

All these mantras should be sung in SA (the note)

Pure music in pure body (part one)


Music is therapeutic and it must be experienced to be felt and notice the real results in the person. In my opinion music is the best way to grow inside, to cultivate that unique humus of humanity (and divinity!) of which we are made of. Ancient musical discoveries from India are just perfect for these kind of experiments. The Indian notes, swaras, were established by talented men who meditated for long time and reached higher levels of awareness and self-understanding. They related these swaras to the animals:

  1. SA from peacock
  2. RE from bull
  3. GA from
  4. MA from crane
  5. PA from cuckoo
  6. DHA from horse
  7. NI from elephant  

There are organs (and also no organs) our body is made of, tissues, cells, molecules, energy, movement of vibration, the deeper we go the less we can see with our eyes, the more we can feel with our sense. As a consequence notes can be sung and experienced at this level very deep.

As a tree comes from seed, likewise the whole mantra evolves from Bija Mantra. And being so, the Bija Mantras are considered as a source of creation. From the realization of the potencies of these vibratory Bija mantras, the Rishis devised Mantras, which when properly intoned activate these creative forces to produce the desired result. [mantras] are like engines pulling a train, and for thsi reason they ar eoften called Shakti mantras.  [N. Srivastava]

When I was working in an Italian hospital as psychologist in the department of Neuropsychiatry for children there were programs based on music therapy for the little patients aiming to restore their abilities of speaking and self-integration. Today the science of music is utilized widely in different settings and discussed in worldwide conferences. This science has got a tremendous potential of solving crucial problems of personality either on individual and collective levels. We are all born with a subtle system within ourselves. Many people know that, many more do not have its knowledge.

Every time we sing a specific letter we are producing a movement around a main organ, or complex of organs. Seven complex of organs (chakras) are recognized to semplify the structure of our body: pelvis, liver, stomach, heart, throat, eyes, brain.

All the petals in all the chakras have a particular letter which was seen and heard by the great Rishis during their meditation. The letters are charged with the specific power of that particular petal and so when chanted, give the desired result. That is the power of that particulat chakra. 

Pelvis area

Wa, sha, sha, sa
Liver area Ba, bha, ma, ya, ra, la
Stomach area Da, dha, na, ta, tha, da, dha, na, pa, fa
Heart area Ka, kha, ga, gha, ga, cha, chha, ja, za, nya, ta, tha
Throat area A, aa, I, ii, u, uu, ru, ruu, lru, lruu, e, ai, o, ou, am, aha
Eyes area Ha, ksha
Brain – top head (thoughtless, no sound) can be Om or ca be pures form like: a, la, ta, la, ta, a , la

Throwing Pure Love all the way to Colombia

Today is a really cool day all over the world!! You know in about 200 cities the colombians living there have organized meeting points to attract the attention of the others on Colombia. I also have a family there, a very special family with whom i have shared two memorable years of my life. This is an extract received from them thru email: 

Colombia is living these days one of the most important moments of its
history: On the next 4th of February a massive, global mobilization
will be organized so that hundreds of thousands of Colombians will
march to protest against the Kidnapping and the guerrilla group ”
FARC”. Since a very long time the Colombian people have not expressed
their collective power of desire in such strong massive way and we
hope it will carry its fruits.
Therefore we ask to all our dear brothers and sisters in the world to
help us with their subtle work on the following subjects:

·         Unconditional Return home of hundreds and hundreds of Colombian
citizens who are now kidnapped.

·         End of the guerrilla group “FARC”

·         Solution of the conflicts existing between the governments of Colombia and Venezuela


THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING COUNTRY and more than 50% of the population is very young! many children are also trained to be killers for the guerrilla and if they try to escape they get tortured or even worst then that. This situation is so terrible that it requires the mobilitation of good brains around the world. We are indeed living a Era of Blossoming, no doubt and these weak people have to disappear for the sake of the whole mankind. 

One time i was stolen my bag in the capital, Bogota, while coming back from work in the afternoon. What i understood from that rapid and meaningful experience was that there are people at this world who are extremely weak and poor in their personality and understanding. They fear themselves more than anybody else and they do not deserve to raise their destiny but only to degenerate and disappear at the right time.