Stumbling upon a deeply true statement  from an American author and journalist, about either the evident and the subtle distruction in front of our eyes within and without:  “WE now live in a nation where doctors destroys health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys moral and our banks destroy the economy.” Somebody asked “who is going to build then?”


more than 1

…some people land on Your heart,

some people touch on Your heart…

…some people push Your heart

some people blow on.

Other people swim into Your …,

others capture Your …

others look at …

others smile at …

Some people squeeze You

Some other people enjoy You:

so you must prepare a big heart.

or you may need more than 1 heart too.

Keep learning, keep smiling

I am watching the big soft orange placed right here on the office desk, a macrocosmo of vitamins and precious water. And just now i am back from reading a beautiful blog which focus a lot on health, nature, self care, beauty of life. Go ahead you too if like me and other people do cultivate the strong interest of living a vibrant, satisfying,positive life full of energy and in constant growth. With all the best wishes! 


How pure fun breaks down seriousness ‘nd misunderstandings

This is fabulous. It is the very first thing why i like China. But not only. This is an example for eveybody, whereva you are. Misunderstandings in our relationships and development processes always accompany us daily. Misunderstandings based on cultural or linguistic stuff, all kinds of things, human brain wants to be fooled by misunderstandings in general. A lot of them come from taking things seriously. Anything: ourself first, then people, places, situations. But i have seen those people who are really elevated personalities, for them joking is so essential. Yesterday i watched a old dvd (2007) of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi receiving people, or better the sahaja yogis, to Her home. The way She was joking, so often joking and having fun with them, so much laughing about people or gifts or the environment. A real sparkling concentrate of Life & Love. An ocean of pure Fun. Pure joy. When seriousness comes immediately the fun will break it down to a balanced point. The magic people know how to do that. Just like Shri Mataji.

Other people realized from inside, sometimes they are excellent artists and they have the ability to speak to our souls thru their creations. The way they come into interaction is just joy. All misunderstandings run away, all seriousness is lost forever…


Just like a heart beat

How is your heart beat? Do you check on it? Not medically but for real. i found out that my heart beat is regular and especially during two moments of the day/week it goes towards the extreme without even touching them.  During sitting time of meditation it slows down a lot, during a dance performance it does increase.

Traditional Chinese doctors suggest not to take to any hyper dynamic activity after 50 years of age. When we get old we should keep our heart beat on the same regular tune as much as possible. Nowaday there is a big trend to go jogging, running ~ there are big financial companies here in town which promote marathons to push up the heart beat of their employees and throw them in stressful conditions with the pretest of charity events or enhancing team spirit. But a completely conscious person will not listen to them and have great care of his heart beat.

Meaning and benefits of body shaping

But it is not only yoga the trend today, everybody is going crazy for fitness too! Movers & shapers, ginnastica dolce, step, aerobic, pilates, sweet yoga ….  boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, old and young ones. Among the facilities of the residential modern buildings for example a fitness room completed with all the latest appliances and equiments plus tv screen is never missing in the project design. What is the art of going to spend hours everyday in a place like that? Probably the art of shaping the body essentially, but it does remain restricted to the individual and his own mind, his own appreciation of him/herself. Because at the end of a training to keep fit, what are you going to give on a collective higher level to this modern society? Your sculptured body is the answer. And then when the same body becomes very old and fading because of the consuming time what ?

These are the promises listed on the website of a fitness center in HK where myself I am going  to have a trial tomorrow and am having fun commenting one by one:

  • Improve muscle tone and strength

Thru bharatnatyam, Indian classical dance, I found out that the muscles work out a lot and that if you don’t have strong muscles you cannot dance at a certain rhythm and make people enjoying of your beautiful performance.

  • Accelerate weight loss

For very fat ones it should be. The best is always to have a middle size / normal body, naturally rounded or squared wherever the innate shape of it does lead to.  

  • Combat cellulite

What is cellulite? A new star discovered recently?

  • Enhance energy and stamina

Here they are probably talking about the flow of the inner energy; Chinese for example call it qi. But for any good fitness guy it is very useful to know that this same energy it Is not handled by him but by another Mother energy, a Matrix of all the energies to say so.

  • Improve relaxation and total well-being

The maximum of improvement in this case is certified from centuries to be on a spiritual level first. If a person walk in a fitness room without feeling his/her own inner self it is always better to take this last step first.

  • Build bone density and fight osteoporosis

Interesting point.

  • Boost flexibility and circulation

The flexibility of the body is an absolutely natural consequence of a flexibility in the spirit and attitude. It is impossible and meaningless to start to work on our flexibility from the gross (body) level. For example the most important central flexibility we should have is at heart level and all the levels where heart is implied.

  • Be able to shop for stylish and comfortable active clothing, fitness and well-being accessories

Ah! You really want to sell me something. Okey let’s see what you got there.

  • Meet like-minded people

This is tricky. People who are too much like-minded end up having their attention only on the same things all the time and it feels like they belong to a circle or a club. They start to email each other the same stuff and go to the same places together everytime. Which is completely uncomfortable and brings the mind towards an exclusive tunnel of no-freedom at extreme cases. Then we also become very boring and unsatisfied for sure as a result.

  • Take a little time for yourself

Once in a while maybe,… but actually we don’t need to go the fitness club to have time for ourselves. We can have time for ourselves even when we are simply sweeping the floor or helping out in a conference. Any moment is GOOD for ourSELF.

Know few bodypoints when it comes to daily accumulation of impurities

Meditating: okey. And what about the body? It’s like stress, smog and popping negative energy all penetrate randomly into our bones, in the muscles, in the body! There are certain points we really need to know, it is not so important to know all of them like my intelligent traditional Chinese doctor. Acupuncture, herbs, candles, he use to explan everything to me, i love to be his student more than a patient. Regarding these points, at least the two located on the shoulders and the one laterally on the uper-leg, these ones are really important and seem to be quite appropriate for this technique . The left and right leg are the recipients of our left and right channel whose energy should be “shaked” every day to not let it stagnate. Meditation does help our body but working on it even by touching, will give great stable results certainly manifesting in the time.  

Beat yourself to the point you don’t feel pain. When you dont feel hurt while treating the area with vigour it will mean you are strong, your body is strong and likes to release negativity and stress in form of impure energy at this way. Beat yourself does mean have a proper tool available and start using it directly on the points with the speed you prefer, with the strenght you prefer but in one direct movement. Also have somebody to help you if you like. It is very practical and useful. The immediate feeling, after a while, of the area starting to relax and become softer and elastic/tonic is just unbelievable. This little sport should be done as often as possible to renew the circle of the flowing energy and contribute to the well maintenance of our private, precious “lab”.

Now the two tools bove. The black one is made out of cow bone which is considered having cooling-down qualities. The blue one is a plastic thing with a disk-magnet incorporated into the flat part which is for being directed to the point! Beating has never been more useful than today. With the amount of needed energy that only you can know.


Pure music in pure body (last part)

According to Indian philosophy our span life is measured in number of breaths. Every time we inhale oxygen for giving energy to our body the air is filtered by the nose and the lungs have to work hard in order to purify it from toxins, carbon dioxide and so on. We need to develop and reinforce the capacity of the lungs to free the blood from all toxins. Breathing exercises are very helpful for that.

When regularly practised, Medical Vocal Music, as defined nowadays the Music therapy, does regulate our brething activating a process of ionization from inside our body. A naural process of ionizationA vibratory field is created around us. This is reflected in the aura and a magnetic field is created for us. We start to feel more dynamic, vital and soothed, peaceful all in one. Stress management, depression, asthma, several diseases and attitudes can be cured with this method. Longevity and vitality are assured with this method. It is simply fantastic and easy to follow. Our spirit connects with the all pervading power we are all plugged in and becomes one with the sounds.

There is a detailed book, old and wise book, “Siddhi-Sthana” written by Charak Rishi which explains very well all these understanding and processes.

“In our day to day life we find that all the seven energy centers – complex of organs as I was saying in the past two posts – are not active all the time. Some do not work properly, as there are some hindrances, due to lack of required energy power. Since these energy centers are connected with different organs, any hindrance in their functioning creates physical imbalance in the person. Emotional and mental imbalance is also seen depending upon the state of the energy centers. Music produces different effects such as heating, cooling, soothing. Medical Vocal Music Therapy helps the person to match his individual Sound energy’s frequency with the frequency of the cosmic Sound.

Smiling at any time is really healthy?


After having crashed hundreds of times here in Hong Kong on the normally “serious” faces of the thousands of Chinese around with my “latino smile”, I realized that maybe I am a bit awkward. The always happy mood is not the best way to present yourself everytime. It is not true that smiling is cheerful and healthy. They say it activates lots of muscles on the face provoking a natural gymnastic for the facial tissues and so on. Thus it is beneficial. But I am reckoning no. I am absorbing this half sleeping mood of Chinaland, the gravity of her inhabitants, the fixed sight and the straight mouth they are used to exhibit regularly. That’s fine. My heart is still more smiling than ever so my face can bear to be relaxed at that way. It feels even peaceful not to express joy so neatly all the time.

Yesterday was Monday and I got a surprise at my office, something I defined “americanized” while chatting online with my mom in her office in Europe. I said “mom whats going on in the heads of the people, they want us to smile and cheer up three people each Monday from now on”. How is it? They launched a real campaign with smiling badgs, leaflets and posters! I couldnt stop to laugh for long time with other colleagues. We now need to be told to smile. The coordinator of the project came to my desk and said “Please keep smiling” while handing the yellow circled pin of the happy face with a cute heart painted on the eye.