Blast of Chinese Outskirts

Daily walks are really popular around here and infact you can see all kinds of people on their way to something. On their way to or from work, back home from a grocery expedition, chilling along with other family members, coming back from school or even on a bike ride since the wide sidewalk is alined to the cycling path; in addition others are waiting or getting off the train on the old railway track in line with the cycling path.

Neighbor colors and patterns.

Wandering and browsing around my neighbor makes me feel very energetic and happy. There are plenty of colorful stuff to look at, some traditional some modern. I m in love with both and with the taste of balance which you can see thru them. Cool and positive traditions should be noticed carefully and enjoyed as much as possible because they represents the projection of human beings to create a healthy society. There is lots to see every time i go downtown and watch the people and the places. they ar never the same, there is always some tiny difference, some improvement or something to discard. Usually i have iPhone on hand but every time i promise myself to bring the high quality camera with zoom and great lens. Hope you will enjoy these quick shots took on a rushey afternoon weekend break.

A common “drink and snacks grocery” located at street level. The order is nice to watch.

Somebody is going for a delivery soon, it’s tea-time. Somebody else is going for a city walk.

Somebody else is going for a city walk.

There is usually lots of work in progress on the streets. Holes, wooden tables resembling tiny bridges on sidewalk, workers busy to fix and crash pieces of cement or other materials. we actually live in a no stop legoland!

It’s really fantastic to roam inside the small streets too, they normally connect two main roads or have a dead end. They carry some interesting details of some job at some point. Like a wooden ladder left on a wall. Or a bike, well, a classic here. Or a table with the today menu for a lunch set or dinner.

There is much wore to visualize, some windows, some other street scene with people. It’s a great neighbor, very lively fun and energetic. Here are some people and a street seller with its treasures for the sewing box. Finally again the order of the colors, a detail of neatness.




Getting involved in different activities is one of the most famous way to empower the selfish personality. We are very happy to succeed and improve our artistical, intellectual or physical skills. Such a fast competition today and this competition is born directly out of egoistical roots.  Thru media, medical advicers and friends (??) we are also told that getting involved is a good way for socializing and mingling with people to open up and exchange vibrations. Indeed getting together is essential straight up to human EVOLUTION  but the best competition, the serious one is that for higher ideals and a work of love, silent and fulfilled. Getting togheter with the sole scope to nourish this work belongs to a special kind of understanding.

Imprisoned by artistical tendencies

I am keeping posting in the other blog/collection of hand made inspirational objects here. Even the last posts here say it all. Next month there will be a beautiful Yoga seminar in Wuhan, which is located in the very middle of China, a great occasion to sell the last created jewerly. Ah, and here it comes my art fb page too!

Imprisoned by artistical tendencies…


China’s Po Po

Po Po is the Grandmother affectionately called just like my Nonna (in italian) or my Babica (in croatian) in Europe. Po Po here in HK i dont have her actually but i kind of meet them everywhere when crossing the street.

 There is a restaurant chain here called Shanghai Po Po, we love their food and their huge childish frames decorations on the walls. I am writing about China PoPo over a phone call to my mom where she was telling about seeing a documentary on Himalaya: up up in the Moutains strong women are lowered deep down into natural wells to fill buckets with pure rose salt; which is lately collected and refined by the men of the village. The entire process is hand made and these women just awsomely carry on such a heavy body work. In China women compromise themselves at the same way  although we have no pink salt. Women work and worked very hard until consuming their mind and their whole life, and that’s their result when you cross that street:

Principles at heart


Trust nor the Senses nor the Media. Trust the Innate principle of Organization. Every day i need to cross indoor a huge and sparkling shopping mall to reach the bus stop. There are beautiful decorations in the middle of the hall and  people spontaneously use them as dividing to organize their flow (i flow with them of course) . On one side people go, on the other side people come.

China is organized at heart.


Tools for unlocking people souls

Any PhD around to get these tools? No sorry. It’s beyond intellectual life. One very small hint is the dialect. We live in a world of dialects. Sometimes dialects are made official languages other times they just survive to the flow of changes. With my gramma I had to talk dialect although she could speak and understand the country official language very well from school time. I heard Easyjet, an airline company based in London, is planning to use dialects on board during three main Italian routes from north to south and vicevesa.  During lunch break n Hong Kong it s a ritual,you go out forlunch and you have to speak dialect. But at one condition only: because you want to unlock people soul.

Otherwise you can choose to  keep your foreigner soul growing bigger and get lost in confusion with the time.  Any magic tool is pure c h o i c e .

[image is from national geographic best 2009]

meaning of OMG


Oh God, from your love, tears of bliss have come. They make room for your love in my heart. You open my heart like a flower in blossom. You water this flower all the time, but only sometimes do I absorb it. May I always absorb your love, so that your fragrance can flow through this flower, and be shared with others.

Inspiration from a Sai Nath Film

Inspiration in the inspiration by Chris K..

How blogging divides people

Blogging has  a double face and is becoming more and more popular not only from home but also from work. For example the company where i work in HK also started a blog now because we dont want to waist any opportunity want  to jump into the modern flow. Sounds cool. Moreover what can you expect from a  quite dedicated blogger like the author here? Since primary school her teacher, il meastro, used to reinforce the writing talent he noticed in this now older little girl. But there is another side of blogging which is: it does not have the power to bring people together all the times. At least not yet… This is a new process just begun with plenty of possibilities to explore. Some groups started blogs together dividing the tasks on their abilities. The group atmospehere is always friendly and everybody art of expression is respected and cherished. Is that good enough to build a strong worldwide collective? The answer/answers in the process… 

Small step in maturing as a big toy company?

Toy companies have to find their way and their magnetism from inside. A very famous one got some good advices. I also left a comment to that post where i explained what was the end of all my Barbie dolls during my sweetheart childhood~

Well i know this is old song, nothing original and creative just like most of the toys on the market and this boring doll. Okey you have no time to go and see my comment into tht blog so i will explain it also here: every time they gave me a Barbie as gift (coz my mom never got it for me, she preferred me to play with “Cicciobello” better, which i truly enjoyed guess why) i promptly used to break it in pieces and use her legs and arms as chicken legsto be cooked into the toy-kitchen :p


My daily panorama back from work

In Hong Kong you get EVERYTHING from any point of view, that is why many people who have lived here a long part of their life can miss the everthing feeling. And that’s what makes this city so unique in the whole world and the kind of place to not be missed once in life. It is just unbelievable! Moreover, if you are a content person that is not seeking special entertainments or adventures in life, Hong Kong is still perfect for you because of its deep Chinese heritage which is all pervading in people and happenings here! There are no cities like Hong Kong, where progress is showering from all sides, there is no fear of Big plannings ahead in the years, a character which is blossoming nd blossoming  every day. If you come to Hong Kong you will leave transformed for sure. In a world that cannot escape the game of transformations, this city is playing each card with the professional skills of a champion. 

My new route at sunset betwen traffic jam in the heart town and the Chinese sea flowing thru the beautiful hills (and hundreds islands).

Photohistory of unique shopping malls

 Everytime i enter a modern shopping mall here in town a breeze of sophisticateness punctually blows around me. It’s not that i spend the time shopping during my visit but most of all tasting the colors, the architecture, the large space in name of the which we all sacrifice the space of our own homes in Hong Kong. Have a look from this past weekend.

Few but useful Airport check in counters  inside the mall:








environment and design


in case you want to have a snow stroll










dining & shopping

everybody likes it…


That inner sense of theatrical being

 How can you miss your theatrical part in life, i mean the comic or dramatic aspect of your character which gives so much meaning to every day! otherwise we will be like fish in a box.  In these financial cities where everything and everyone is on a schedule you can enjoy some theatre

  • very much at the theatre where you pay the ticket and assist to the show
  • very little during interaction cause most of the people act moreless monotonely so they give the impression to do all the same things at the same way.

mother_smileWell, there are countries where people are so serious about theatre that they act 70% of their time in norml dailylife. They conversate transforming their voices intentionally like they were possessed or performing acts in any place when get along together; for example you cannot understand when an Italian is talking seriously or he is joking. Such a skill he has got. Innate. Humoristic and tossed with charm and kindness. It’s just pure life. you can’t get this sense in a materialistic society where businesslike minds guide every profit out. But if you really seek for this side, a comic side is also there and it will make you laugh. I start believeing that this is why we have big cities: to make people laughing about it and about themselves.


Source of much of Chinese culture


When I came to the United States I was surprised that there were so many translations of the I Ching in English. I cannot immagine how these translators all found the I Ching scholars and did the decades of study necessary to truly learn the I Ching.

To the Chinese, the I Ching is like a Holy Bible written by the four most honored sages in our history – Fu Xi, King Wen, the Duke of Zhou and Confucious. The Chinese translation of Holy Bible is Sheng Ching. Sheng is equivalent to holy, and Ching means classic. Chinese understand that Ching is the Tao, the Truth, the holiest of the ancient books, and because they revere and respect the sacred writings of the Jews and the Christian church, they honor the Bible by calling it Ching.    

The I Ching is truly a profound book.  It is the source of much of Chinese culture. Originally, the I Ching was a handbook for divination. After Confucius and his students had written the commentaries, it became known as a book of ancient wisdom. It is a book that not only tells one who consults it about the present situation and  future potential but also gives instruction about what to do and not to do to obtain good fortune and to avoid misfortune. But one still retains free choice. The guidance is based upon comprehensive  observations of  natural laws by ancient sages and their profound experiences of the principle of cause and effect.

These are excerpts from the Preface of The Complete I Ching by Taoist Master Alfred Huang. Before coming to China I used to consult I Ching alone or with friends, in Italy for example this book is definitely appreciated and studied by people who meditate and seek for self knowledge in their daily life.  Here in Hong Kong i still did not find anybody who throughly knows about it and some local people often comment not really positively about it. 

This master suggests that the best English versions of I Ching are: Richard Wilhelm’s and James Legge’s although westernized.  He adds that

… the ideal translation should be English but Chinese in essence. As a book of divination, Confucius’s commentaries are crucial. The Chinese call Confucius’s commentaries the Ten Wings. They believe that the I Ching depends on the Ten Wings to be able to fly. In other words, without Confucius’s commentaries the I Ching cannot be understood.

I felt I had no choice because the more I meditated the more I felt that I had an obligation to work out a translation of the I Ching based entirely on Chinese concepts. I began to realize that during his last years, Master Yin’s proposal to teach me the I Ching was not accidental. There was  a reason. I sense now that in this great time of change, when people are longing to transform and the situation is ripe, a new translation of I Ching based upon ancient Chinese wisdom and experience might be helpful for those making their own choices to enter the twenty-first century with confidence.