New lyric: Worship my confusion.


Nothing is clear or goes straight

Maybe posing a little while before turning left.

Clouds of my confusion looking puffy and soft,

Any wind could blow them away

But watching them moving like many cars on the freeway.

Sometimes confusion linking to illusions

U want to know its source

Mind telling ‘it’s just a myth’, there is no confusion already on a real course.

Simply be in love, once worshipped is your confusion

courage will not be deceived by disillusion.


My first five years in Hong Kong

I wish i had the right perfect words to express all the joy and the gratitude for spending now five years of my life in this wonderful place completely drenched into Chinese culture and understanding. When i decided to come here I dont really rememeber, everything always happen very fast sometimes and plays alot with my inside enamourament for ventursome challenges as well as desire to grow thru different experiences. I got what i deserved: a special environment where introspection is the only way out for a westerner.  There are plenty of stories to tell, five years is not a short span of time and actually i feel it like double or even much more. At the same time it passed so fast.

When i arrived HK one of the first thing to impress me were the forever glittering lights of the city, the supertall buildings and the neverending flow of people walking in every place in every direction. I really abandoned myself to this feeling of “being exploring a new reality, a different dimension with multi layers”; it was  a soft abandonment, as soft as the precious advices and guidelines of my native soulmate. I switched on a decoding mode which would enable me understanding what the local language didnt leave to penetrate. I knew i had  a diverse background and i know my history too. But the most important thing i came to realize is that without them, things would have been totally complicated and i could not explore the immense joy at the present.

The colors of this place are shockingly stunning and full of life, my eyes will never be tired to observe the beauty of its mountains, the green of the farms, the pink and yellow of the my age brickstone buildings, the multicolored hundreds of street market with all their abundant harmonious display. I will always treasure one thing here, which is the real common ground with my original country: history. And all which is connected to her (the history) : the wisdom, the spirituality, the good teachings, the fundamentals, the conduct, the family. These are the pearls, i realize, we people should take care of on a daily base, infact they are the keys for a balanced environment. 

Behind the supermodern aspect of the city, the preservation and the nourishment of something more vital. This is my first attraction in Hong Kong and it makes me feel very proud to live here and it makes me wish to live seventy years more here. I cant imagine any other place to live a happy joyous life for myself. Maybe other posts will have more in-place stories and happenings I experienced until now.

5 random things i loved during this time?

  • the birds: there are five aviaries to protect tropical birds here; they are stunning, cute, funny, many. Migratory birds from Australia, Russia, enjoy the warm weather for few months here and we go birdwatching.
  • the local food: there is lots to learn and copy about because the creativity in this field is just immense and unlimited. I steam much more than before for example and got used to hot soups and the use of dry herbs, learn some of their benefits, learn more things about connection between body and Nature in general.
  • the tropical weather: I didnt end up to collect some wool clothes that the warm weather is already kicking outside the balcony. By tendence my body cells worship the moon but they are taking positive advantages to understand the work of the sun too, unavoidably.
  • the delicate people’s heart: their heart is my heart air. I cant imagine my life without that prominent chinese loving touch into it!
  • the background urban noise: i live more in the countryside so i can appreciate, distinguish and laught at all the different sounds and noises dowtown: the people’s yelling, the music playing aloud, the cars and tractors, the traffic light tic tic tic, the train running and stopping on the rails, the bicycles in the traffic jam…

During these years I ve had the opportunity to travel mainland China, to see different cities and villages in the north, in the east and west side of the country. Maybe in the future i could live somewhere there too. China is an awsome place to be, especially nowadays with all these political turmoils going on in various corners of this planet. I feel a certain pleasant degree of safety here. I think it s a blessing not to underestimate. These politicians are really like magicians and they may work anything under that colorful hanky but again, those fundamentals and the inner freedom we are allowed to access today is somethng extremely valuable and reliable. I do treasure this spirituality and this connection to the essence of everything here. I trust it completely.

Motor force in the background

Forget the past forget the past. What is this? …Erase the past? …Understand the past? …Give dignity to the past? Past is a source of power, a spiral of gems waiting to be lucidated and finally sparkle in all their splendor and sacrality. Each person has a special background because each person is special. Two Mondays ago i has the fortune to walk around Rome, the only world city where history comes alive and you cannot forget your past. Rome sucks you back wherever you are born and whatever is your motherlanguage. Rome does make your inside bell ringing: Love Your Past, Give it the Dignity. This is why Rome is awsome and this is also why I am pervaded by immense gratitude fora pretty long Roman pastlife. She understands me. Of course my visit was not only for pleasure causes but there was a productive reason linked to important working documents that She was still taking care of. It was now the time to be fully entitled the predicted sole owner of these Papers. And there i was enjoying the renewed past. When we k.n.o.w. where we are coming from, extraordinary motor forces get ignited. Never forget who we really are if we want to take the chance to drive. 

Narrow minded character of metropolitan big cities

A very functional & natural way how huge cities work! Big metropolis are always depicted  as intercultural areas where the most open minded brains from different cultures come and join to lift the standards of the city up. At all kinds of level: creative, educational, urban…Hundreds of thousands of projects from all sides are regularly thrown into the big melting pot for being cooked and then digested not only by the resident population but also and especially to inspire who live not in the city. Sometimes i read blogs of people who come to Hong Kong for work only or for holidays and  project an image of freedom and amazing inspiration about the city. A superficial image or better half image. The counterpart is told above in the title. Bliss of the balance. Extreme openness must be in harmony with extreme closure. Very cool.

There will be the most narrow minded people in a highly populated city. It s part of her beauty and it s totally part of her gwrowth. You will be amazed. You need to grasp both parts and make them hugging each other 😉

(photo: adriana pinzon)

The daily connection

The most beautiful thing is when you are tired or stressed or bored or a mix of the above or/and something else different (whatever you want to feel you are free to feel it anyway). It`s when the day was plane and uninteresting, and nothing special happened or you got a great new and you are jumping with joy. You could not reach the heart of that person as you have wished, you have tried many times and things do not change, you have meditated too. Days look flat normal or they look quite gorgeous to yourself.  The most beautiful thing is that despite the flatness or the gorgeousness, you know the truth and its aspects. It goes beyond and ahead of all the above descriptions, and justifications. Perhaps it s not a feeling but it s something that you know and doesnt move and you dont lose it even when you feel what you feel.  I think this is when you are connected to the truth.

Within quality of a shot

The real master photographer is the one who spends his days without spoiling  80 – 90% of  his attention  on things which surf around photo world like travelling each time in magnificent places to shot unique pictures or becoming more knowledgeable about cameras and tecniques.  Today the gift of the divine creativity seems to had been bestowed upon an infinite myriad of precise fingers and enlightened brains. Wow! It is amazing to observe how many zillions of outstanding photoblogs are growing in this net. Impeccable clicks triggered during impeccable holidays or free weekends. We are surrounded by visual geniuses like never before. What an evident fact? So are all the geniuses the same or some genius is more or less genius? How to capture the rightousness of an image? How to know it is something really of great quality? And that the photographer was meant to be in the right place shoting the right image? One simple thing is that the master photographer kows himself much better than his camera and the flash.

Shri Laxmi loves shopping


She must be one of the most modern goddess, nicely dressed up and enveloped in some loving smell of a flower fragrance. I think Shri Laxmi loves Hong Kong which has already conquered the name of Paradise of shopping worldwide. She makes money circulating, jobs creating and people being blessed by her rapid touch. She has some preferences, being her gusto of a divine type. She keeps testing on folk’s inner energy to see if it is used in the proper dharmic way with balance and immense love, detached. Laxmi is the prettiest of all, She never forgets to wear jewerly and khajal. She acts in the subtle with endless inspirations: today indulging on the creditcard, tomorrow resting in the pink lotus flower busy with new works  for the times to come. Peaceful and tireless. Diwali of course is Her favourite because is when She can truly bestow or confirm powers with the spontaneous meditative style freely accessible to everybody now. Today Laxmi is a reality. Feel your stomach and feed the others.

Not missing holidays at all

i grew up with a great culture for respecting the holidays, especially during Summertime. Now that i am in HK with a normal full time job which obviously allows only two holiday weeks per year by contract, where is my inner holiday culture gone i really dont know. I kid not. And i use to tell to friends that i am on holiday everyday. that’s my feeling everytime here at work or at home or walking in the city, every day is very light and simple, with no charge or big sense of responsability. Everything takes its own place in a sharp and moderate way. It’s beautiful: you also try to be on holiday everday. It’s a mindset: maybe because i grew up where the holidays are respected the most.


magic Underneath relationship


Sometimes you are in a group of people and you have the feeling to share things with them. I dont know,  maybe it’s just the human way, that we want to have something in common, it gives a feeling of security to have something in common: the same stuff, the same holiday, the same house, the same ideas…But later you realize that it is no one of them connecting you to the others. Or you meet people in a place, a city, a workplace, anywhere and believe that you have a destiny in common. And it’s wrong again. Because there is just a crossing over of experiences. The reason why i am in a place is not the same reason why another person is in the same place. Some magic underneath.

Photohistory of unique shopping malls

 Everytime i enter a modern shopping mall here in town a breeze of sophisticateness punctually blows around me. It’s not that i spend the time shopping during my visit but most of all tasting the colors, the architecture, the large space in name of the which we all sacrifice the space of our own homes in Hong Kong. Have a look from this past weekend.

Few but useful Airport check in counters  inside the mall:








environment and design


in case you want to have a snow stroll










dining & shopping

everybody likes it…


So this is an expat blog from today

chinese characters

In fact i found this online community of bloggers and copied and pasted the “luggage icon” here on the left. It comes with the sticker ILove NY instead of ILove HK in my case but you know i have 108 resons to say ILOVE NY too (see about section of this blog) so it is just the same. All places are the same and people too deep down in the end.

I was browsing a lil around the other blogs of expats (this word is not so beautiful, i think it is the first time in two years i am using it in a post! simply because i have no real feelings to be an expat) and found one common characteristics: they look like real girlish diaries, even when written by men! People like to write every single breath they take, how many steps from their home to the work place and how many noodles they’ve been eating at lunch. How amazing they have all the time to muse on all these details OR maybe it is just they THINK too much and their heads are full of stuff and they use the blog as a discharging channel. Interesting blogospheroidal concept, isnt it?

So enjoy the little green luggage logo and if you know others cool logos plz let me know.  ~:-) Luv

[the one in the pic they say is the most ancient Chinese character wowoo]

Where you come from is your power


It is not just a joke that we are born wherever are born. There are millions of things about our origins we still are unaware of , about the corner of the world where we took birth. It is really complicated yet fascinating, misterious and worth to explore. It gives complete satisfaction to know the truth about a land, its geographical and subtle meanings, the rule it is playing in the fast pacing world today. We cannot still imagine where we are going to be projected ad expanded with just our being. Many of us move to other countries for different reasons but they take it for granted, they cannot see the real truth of their movement. Some other will complain having lived all their life in the hometown and dream to change, without being able to grasp the why they are placed there.  A long quote from 7 years ago:

“People say it is Kaliyuga. Why has this Kaliyuga set-in? What is its meaning? Mostly the people do not know. They know about it from different people and talk about it. It has an important myth behind it of the time of King Parikshit. No one knows about it, no one reads it. People read only stupid books. At the most they read Ramayana but they have no knowledge of its message or its philosophy. No one knows about it. But we Sahaja Yogis must acquire this knowledge. We must know from where the culture of our country dawned and how it reached at this level. Without the knowledge of all these our approach will also become like the ignorant foreigners and eventually the ego and other negativities will have an effect on us. So it is better that we understand them from its roots from where these qualities have originated and what is their significance? Why do we do certain things? Or we do it because other people also do it. It is not proper. We must have thorough knowledge of it”. (H.H. Shri Mataji, Gudi Padwa Puja (Translated from Hindi) Palam Vihar, Gurgaon , India , 13.04.2002)

Dad’s letter


I hope both of you will take up that work, righting the wrongs that you see and working to give others the chances you’ve had. Not just because you have an obligation to give something back to this country that has given our family so much—although you do have that obligation. But because you have an obligation to yourself. Because it is only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you will realize your true potential.

These are the things I want for you—to grow up in a world with no limits on your dreams and no achievements beyond your reach, and to grow into compassionate, committed women who will help build that world. And I want every child to have the same chances to learn and dream and grow and thrive that you girls have. That’s why I’ve taken our family on this great adventure.

I am so proud of both of you. I love you more than you can ever know. And I am grateful every day for your patience, poise, grace, and humor as we prepare to start our new life together in the White House.

                                                                                                                         Love, Dad


[the full version]

Busy weeks

And busy weekend too. It is midnite and i should run to bed but i cant resist to drop few lines in a sort of diary form here to break the blogged silence at BI. It seems to me i am living a course, my days in HK are very much similar to some kind of natural training merely based on the things i do or that i have to do. To be more coincise here is a list of things i ve been learningthe last couple of weeks in the Hot Hong Kong:

1. Chinese furniture is among the best in the world especially when it comes with lots of carvings and beautiful hand paintings and when the wood is of the original reddish like 100 years ago, because red means good luck. We have visited several shops of antiques and i feel so much vibrations all the time. Some cabinets arrived from Mongolia, they show interesting flowers, others from china show the animals of the Zodiac and scenes from the Opera stage. i am totally amazed, they are expensive but i am going to negotiate and get the best price for a couple of pieces in the next weeks. My husband is not convinced but he will be. the thing is that Chinese do not like to have these furniture style in their current home, they consider it too old and “expired” but they dont understand this is another art: patrimony of humanity. Nowaday we have Ikea and company but there is no comparison with the enextimable value of a historical cabinet for example. In europe we appreaciate this idea alot and in fact the best customers here in China are all people from the West. I met Celine from  To Tsu kok, in this ultra decennial shop you can get your treasures directly shipped at home, no matter where you are living.

2. HK is getting paralyzed because of inflation problems. Everything from the market to the clothes (primary goods) is increasing of price. i am saving a lot of money and buying only the necessary we daily need. We must be focused. At work people are living and being cut out because of some inner-company mechanism that it doe srequire a longer post with more info. The atmosphere in the offices is getting weird, at moments seems completely relaxed and empty, at moments seems terrible and heavy. People are getting sick and insecure. They do not want to understand themselves and they blame external parts all the times.

3. The people who have plugged themselves into the understanding of the Subtle are becoming so attached to the natural cleansing tecniques that you dont want to disturb them with any other thing. Candle treatments, Camphor treatments, massages, footsoak in salty water are becoming extremely popular and assidous in these days when the earth warming is also increasing at superior levels. Myself I am paricularly enjoying great swimming times during the weekends (back to my roots 🙂 and at the same time i am so badly missing my native country (Italy) where the Summer time is the Best time ever of the Year.

4.  Watching Olympics was never so entertaining. Wherever we go, restaurants, friends homes, offices the telly is airing those sportive channels. I am admiring some of the athlets whose sportive discipline is quite cool. on teh other hand I am discovering some other funny sports that should be directly eliminated from the list everywhere on the planet. At judo for example it is evident that the animal instinct of the human being plays a predominant role. Why do we have to forget that we are born to ascend spiriually and to engage in activity which are dignified and elevating for our own human nature? Why do humans keep doing stupid choices?? (Sportive)Food for another post here. I ‘d also like to know if any of you stepped onto a podium any time in his/her life for having won a sportive competition.

It is time to go to sleep now. see you 🙂

Real journalism requires vibrant minds at work

The feeling of headaches generated when starting reading journalistic oriented stuff might happen for these reasons:

  • journalistic oriented people put too much informations often recycled and summerized by other works, thus not genuin
  • they emanate vibrations of a mind who is inclined to research everything with no control
  • very often the journalists have weird hobbies and interests related to false knowledge and inexistent worlds and these tendencies can be mirrored into their articles

On the other side when the presentation of a content or topic has got origin from a brilliant and light mind the story is verily different. Explanations and sentences just flow in such a smooth way inside your mind, they do not get stuck and you do not need to read one word or one line more than one time! It is very interesting and bright when they talk for example of human happenings and at the same time make comparisons or parallels with the nature, the plants, the water, the mountains. it shows that they are very well grounded personalities with a well nourished soul.

It is not sufficient sometimes to have a big brain, collect info and read as many newspapers as possible to stay updated! It sounds frenzy, nothing new from the standard educational methods of the big schools of journalism. I mean the world goes on even without them, what’s the use to be so much updated about all different events?  Can they live without reading a newspaper for 24 hours? Or even on holiday the attention is always into those writing stuff? Then we make the excuse that we got inspired by this landascape or by that person to write and entire article about it. Can the inspiration be solely an inspiration without being translated in words all the time nowadays? I just wonder.