Slow, melodious, soulful: top 10 Italian songs ~ tagged!

On the wave of the amazing tag, after top 10 Chinese pieces which is my soulmate mothertongue, enjoy now my mothertongue songs. As you all know Italy plays a strong role in the whole musical panorama and when you start to learn the basic of the notes,the pentagrams and the musical languages you have to speak Italian automatically. So this is one of the purest & most melodious languages in the world. However there is still a very long way to go for all authentic Italian singers and today the most sensible people can immediately understand the difference between what is trash and what is good in the field. Of the below pieces, many are very classic (1-4-5-7) and overused in movies and thetre.   The 2 is not in Italian to be precise but in Napolitan, which is my maternal grandmother’s language that obviously i personally learned and absorbed together with the family lifestyle. This version is from an Indian singer, it’s truly delightful and will caress your heart.  The 3 is from my dear friend Gianni who lives now in London and has got a sort of caraibian touch in it: if you live in the capital of England make sure to go to one of  his next concerts!

1~~~~Ennio Morricone, Gabriel’s Oboe (from the movie: The Mission”)

2~~~~ Hemlata Sardesai, O Sole Mio (Oh my sun)

3~~~~ Casabella, Che cos’e l’amore (What is love)

4~~~~Andrea Bocelli, Canto della Terra (Chanting to Mother Earth)

5~~~~Giuseppe Verdi, La Forza del Destino (Force of the Destiny)

6~~~~Carmen Consoli, L’eccezione (the exception)

7~~~~Giorgia Fumanti, Ave Maria

8~~~~Domenico Modugno,Volare (Flying)

9~~~~Lara Fabian, Caruso (written by L.Dalla)

10~~~Elisa e Ligabue, Gli ostacoli del cuore  (Heart’s obstacles)

next 10 songs will be a mix  in few Italian dialects (Neapolitan, Sardo, Sicilian) whih are also very close to Latin of course.


12 thoughts on “Slow, melodious, soulful: top 10 Italian songs ~ tagged!

  1. Hi Radha,

    I see that O Sole Mio is in the second place. Great! Actually you can embed any video from our Video Blog just you did for Youtube videos. Just to let you know.

    best wishes

  2. I heard them all. My favorites are song no. 4, song no. 7 and song no. 10. The fourth song was deep and the seventh song was melodious and soulful. I liked everything about the tenth song. Especially the energy in it. Thanks for the recommendations.

    Destination Infinity

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