Meditation camps


 I have been attending Meditation camps since 2002 and I find them quite incomparable to any other experience for inner growth. Normally they are organized in very beautiful places where the presence of the nature is strong and pervading and you can spend your time in complete freedom, chatting with new people, sharing talks, suggestions, doubts, everything you like. You can even give your support for whatever it is needed from the kitchen to the cultural program, from the singing and dancing performances to the kids area, there is always lots to do and enjoy during a weekend of this kind. And most of all you will feel a little bit like a new person the next week.

Imagine to attend a minimum of two of these weekends  per year for all your life. When you will be 80 you will look at yourself in the mirror and will find a completely transformed person not only in the body but also in the way of feeling and thinking. You will be the embodiment of a new personality who has enjoyed a meditative mood during the whole life. Isn’t it exciting and marvelous?

There is always so much we can learn during a Meditation camp


2 thoughts on “Meditation camps

  1. Yes, this is actually what I like most during these camps. The fact that I can meet new people and regenerate plus refine myself “with their help”

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