Best 5 modern Songs with a message within.

Experience which transliterates thru a powerful song is something really valuable. Not always a song tells about a true experience or a flow of feelings. WHAT is good in a song that makes it empowering?? Few points:

  • It has a great lyric, poetic. Not just words but words with a meaning and with some experience in them, as the singer would connect you to his/her own life happenings and understanding sharing a message emitting something positive to the listener.
  • Energizing at musical level making feel joy and desire to embrace life in all its aspects; at this point it can be slower and deep striking innermost silent chords giving a still and peaceful mood or strong and up beat for uplifting and dancing thru the notes.

“let my eyes see what you see

the infinite sky”

1. Ocean ~ Nicki Wells


Where you invest your love you invest your life”

2. Awake My Soul ~ Mumford & sons


“we are young

3. We Are Young  feat. Janelle M.~ FUN


“questions of science, science and progress

do not speak as loud as my heart”

4. The Scientist ~ Coldplay  

“you are the flower of tomorrow”

5. Antwerp and rain ~ Marie Joelle



To master Italian language is a blessing

She doesnt master it but makes a great musical rendition:

Mi abbandono alla musica affondando profondamante in onde dei suoni Il cuore fino di vetro toccando il suono adesso domincia a svegliarsi il sentimento che esce dal fondo del mio core i suoni che vibrano nell’ aria tesa da dove da dove viene? apriamo il cuore un suono caduto nel mondo in blu un dono dal cielo ascoltiamo bene apriamo il cuore

open the heart, a falling sound in the blu world,  a gift from the sky, lets listen carefully lets open the heart

I was sinking into waves of sound, music, eyes to surrender.
Now touch the heart sounds thin glass, which wake up.
Feel from the heart
Tension trembling sound in air
Are they coming from?
Let your mind!
Listen closely to a gift from heaven!
Let your mind! (from youtube comments)

Five long quotes from five Sting’s lyrics

1. He deals the cards as a meditation
And those he plays never suspect
He doesn’t play for the money he wins
He doesn’t play for the respect
He deals the cards to find the answer
The sacred geometry of chance
The hidden law of probable outcome
The numbers lead a dance

2. When there’s no information
And the compass turns to
nowhere that you know well
Let your soul be your pilot
Let your soul guide you
He’ll guide you well

3.This ain’t no time for doubting your power
This ain’t no time for hiding your care
You’re climbing down from an ivory tower
You’ve got a stake in the world we ought to share

4. In the quiet time of evening
When the stars assume their patterns
And the day has made his journey
And we wondered just what happened
To the life we knew before the world changed
When not a thing I held was true

5. When the world is running down
You make the best of what’s still around

Musical tag: (Latina) fast, furious, danceable songs

This is just what i as needing these days to wake up my senses in super steaming and superhot Hong Kong. Sometimes i’ve got the impression to be melting together with smoke of the fried vegetables in the street stalls downstairs or together with the black asphalt my bus runs on up and down every morning nd evening. I am becoming the sticker of the city, i closely follow her mood, atmosphere and environment, i am totally ONE with the nature yea. This tag wakes me up and makes me dance, which i also totally love. i love screaming and dancing at the same time, to do this you need exactly a fast, furious, danceable song. I love you Destination Infinity, you make my day and make my blog too, because thanks to your musical tags traffic always increases nicely. i shall totaly award you the friendship blogger for this. danceAward It’s here for you, pls ~pick it up ~ post it in your blog, ~pass it to 5 more people to join the dance! ~link them and leave a message for them~link this blog also

Many latino songs are danceable and furious just like our, of latino people,  mood and character. We are mostly made of fire, although in my case there is a moderate component given by my zodiacal sign which is in the water element. Hope you all enjoy the songs!

I was a disco girl for many years and i guess still am although the platforms have switched from disco club to social gatherings in different places. few months ago for my hub birthday we made it up as a fundraising event and danced mostly bhangra songs no stop in a cool restaurant. Enjoy the songs!

Bellissimo by Casabella listen here

this is a great bhajan:

this is crazy = loca

nice dance with this one:

I am also inviting to dance in blog friendship (any of the songs above :-)):

Marta Cristina









Three Fun songs

Again moving here posts from my old blogspot blog : (3 songs written in 2006)

1. A thought supreme

ooh Mother kundalini of my heart
i am waiting for the sparkling of your love
ooh mother kundalini of my heart
i am waiting for the thoughtless in my mind

2. Nothing can give you joy & happiness out of the pure silence.

Today is the day we want to spread our wings
 Open our eyes
 And make out vibrating souls flying around the World
Knocking to your heart.
It has been years thet we have realized where joy and happiness live:
So we decided to go out for telling people
To not stop feeling their vbrations
And spread new visions.
Wherever you are
You are realizing that
Nothing can give you joy & happiness out of pure silence
We love you man
Let us knock at your heart
let us feel your vibrations
Don’t you feel we are one Body
one Mind
one unique Flower
We love you man
Wherever you are
Wherever you look and walk.
Look at our face
We are knocking at yo
We are saying that
Nothing can give you joy & happiness out of the pure silence.
3. They will speak for you
Open your hands
Your hands will speak for you
Like oysters your hands
Pearls of vibration in them
Feel the flow coming out of your hands
Like flowers your hands
Fragrant petals of vibrations in them
Love is coming out from them
Open your hands
They will speak for you

Be shining as pearls and flowers in the space
spreading yourself in the space can free the lace
look at your face, feel your hand on your face
dance your hands in the space
…they will speak for you.