10 amazing places of some Asian travels


1. Rugs in Singapore: Arab street is one of the most attractive and colorful area of the city. Must stroll along the main road and peak into the stores. Rugs here are awesome. Delivered all over and coming from different countries. Especially the silk hand woven made in Pakistan or Middle East. If you are lucky to find this shop owned by a Malay-Pakistani couple. Located at the end of the main road walking thru North. While accepting fresh fruits from them we enjoyed the company sitting on the rugs, watching the defile of patterns, chatting and finally picking the chosen one.

2. Local duo of pottery and furniture in Jonker Street, Malacca: There are several studios with pottery handmade items downtown Malacca. Try to go for the most original shop. It’s not a real shop, it’s a combination of two floors house with a garden incorporated. Stunning. Wood all around you. Downstairs the wife arranged clay exhibition and the linked lab. Upstairs the husband shows beautiful furniture in strong wood and such amazing design.

3. Vietnam Trade Union Hotel in Hanoi: Most strategically located hotel in town. Walking distance from Le Duan Railway Station and practically merging into the urban downtown landscape you cannot miss. Really affordable, enormous and cool. The perfect place to be for a couple, a family, a business group or a huge event people. Now you know where to head in the fascinating capital of Vietnam.

4. Bowrington road market in Hong Kong: One of the best wet market in the whole town. I love it stays open until late at night and that it’s located just a pleasant stroll from Causeway Bay busy hub. This market is famous for seafood but you can find a good variety of local and malaysian or Indonesian picks in fact of veggies, biscuits and sweet stuff. Also great for local tofu and artisanal noodles. But the highlight is the lamb, for lamb lovers only. Amazing and smiling service.

5. Tibet coffe shop in Beijin: Called “Tibet Cafe”. It was such a wonderful coincidence to sit in this coffe place and sipping authentic Tibetan tea and Momo dumplings. If it was not for a lovely friend who is originally moved from Tibet to Beijing. The bold colors of the wall and the playful presence of copper and wood furniture pieces, cushions and drums directly from those mountains of Lhasa are almost lively talking about traditions and stories. Quite a beautiful experience in the heart of the busy capital, in Nan Luo Gu Alley, Dongcheng. Also with a blog at tibetcafe.blogspot.com

6. Futian Book City in Shengzhen: One among few others of these Cities. Huge and well furnished. Interesting section for language learning, food and recipes and art design. You can spend hours in here and browse the paper material. Or taking a break and window shopping upstairs for some handmade trendy. Or a fast food experience. It;s located in front of the local Library,  at Shao Nian Gong Metro station.

7. Food Alley in Xian: Xia’an is in the heart of China with its Great Mosquee and a mixture of souls descending very probably from traders who were concentrating in this important trading route of the ancient Silky road. The old style trading has vanished and what you can appreciate now it’s for appeasing the stomach. Aka snacks, dumplings, kebabs, noodle soups and much more. Delicious stroll. Or by sitting at a table.

8. Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh: a place for everyone where you can find really everything, any food, clothes, accessories, paintings, home furniture, bed linen or table runners, cushions, fabric. Yes you guessed it: a massive area located on a couple of floors. A touch of tradition and color for the grey financial hub that is the city today.

9. Ricshaw in Nanning: Never fear a rickshaw, you never know where it is ending. Nanning. Boarder city. Peaceful and crowded at the same. Mount on a rickshaw and get prepared to roam everywhere. From the station to the hotel to the park. If you are staying in the city and want to check more than two places out, the fearless rickshaw is your sure choice! Enjoy the ride.

10. Bintan Island: a resort island at the boarder line, just outside Singapore. To enjoy the dreaming beach and a ayurvedic massage. It’s all about super relax and crystal colors unless the monsoon rain has decided  to show off its refreshing powers! But it is still allowed dreaming and watching at the slender palms while sipping a cocktail under the pagoda roof at Nirwana Beach Club.

One thought on “10 amazing places of some Asian travels

  1. What’s amazing about the Futian book city (I’m in Shenzhen every weekend) is the Huge building that looks like a manta ray nearby. It’s an architectural masterpiece

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