America wake up darlin!

We have little idea of how music acts on people. Thru music an entire nation can awaken! Be blessed America. And whole World.

Harmonium time

Now it is also the time of the harmonium, my fresh purchase from Mumbai, last week. I chose a simple one, easy to handle and move around the house. Years ago i was living in a wonderful 3 floors house in Bogota, Colombia, and somebody left an harmonium half broken which I loved to play almost every night. Playing in this case for me does mean playing the basic notes and sing them along in order to procure a slight movement of energy around the organs the note corresponds to. This is a principle of music therapy. I learned few basics a couple of years ago in India while attending some workshops at an amazing academy in Nagpur, state of Maharastra. As soon as i put my hands again on the material I will make a more extended post for you. It is cool and interesting stuff that everybody should at least hear of! Lots love, see the harmonium: