Motor force in the background

Forget the past forget the past. What is this? …Erase the past? …Understand the past? …Give dignity to the past? Past is a source of power, a spiral of gems waiting to be lucidated and finally sparkle in all their splendor and sacrality. Each person has a special background because each person is special. Two Mondays ago i has the fortune to walk around Rome, the only world city where history comes alive and you cannot forget your past. Rome sucks you back wherever you are born and whatever is your motherlanguage. Rome does make your inside bell ringing: Love Your Past, Give it the Dignity. This is why Rome is awsome and this is also why I am pervaded by immense gratitude fora pretty long Roman pastlife. She understands me. Of course my visit was not only for pleasure causes but there was a productive reason linked to important working documents that She was still taking care of. It was now the time to be fully entitled the predicted sole owner of these Papers. And there i was enjoying the renewed past. When we k.n.o.w. where we are coming from, extraordinary motor forces get ignited. Never forget who we really are if we want to take the chance to drive. 

The daily connection

The most beautiful thing is when you are tired or stressed or bored or a mix of the above or/and something else different (whatever you want to feel you are free to feel it anyway). It`s when the day was plane and uninteresting, and nothing special happened or you got a great new and you are jumping with joy. You could not reach the heart of that person as you have wished, you have tried many times and things do not change, you have meditated too. Days look flat normal or they look quite gorgeous to yourself.  The most beautiful thing is that despite the flatness or the gorgeousness, you know the truth and its aspects. It goes beyond and ahead of all the above descriptions, and justifications. Perhaps it s not a feeling but it s something that you know and doesnt move and you dont lose it even when you feel what you feel.  I think this is when you are connected to the truth.

The heaviness of the matter

Thursday is the only weekday evening i am free and can stay home in case i decide not to join my husband at his yoga class. The last couple of months have been so busy that i often wished to escape somewhere else from this horrible crowded city where evrything is so fake and profit oriented. The profit of the matter at its peak. I dont know how many years will pass before the trend will change direction. People talk and move like robot, there is no grace in the air, no sense of profound love an compassion. Some days are so heavy that the need to go walking barefeet on the grass during the day is overpushing. Tonite i will paint somebody similar 

Asians ripped off by westerners promising enlightenment and improvements in life


Spiritual teachers, sound shamans, crystal healers, general healers, no idea how much rubbish there is also in Asia. They come from Europe or America  and start estabilishing themselves in China, Thailand, Indonesia…they even succed in opening retreat or healing centers with the sole scope to earn money and live their life. They are very clever and organize lots of workshop using the words: WISDOM – ENERGY – MEDITATION – RELAXING – CREATIVITY – SECRET – CONSCIOUSNESS – SUBTLE – POWER – HEALING- DIVINE SELF – EXPERIENCE TO EVOLVE – MIRACLE – CREATION.

Be careful. And be smart.

Here in Hong Kong they plan saturdays 7 hours workshop for 1.111 HKD and will promise to make you familiar with the keys to success and power, an easy guide to create your own life and improve it in all kinds of aspects.

Be smart and be alert.

They will tell that gratitude is the attitude and that money in this materialistic society is not leading to anything. On the other hand they will charge you a lot of money for a workshop and for 1 hour session (here in HK 800 HKD) of consultation, healing or astrology.

They will come up with some secret code or secret book that will want to teach you about, recalling some master or knowledge from the ancient times. Sometimes they dont live in Hong Kong and travel here in the weekend just to collect the money of their students. But once they go back home their students (are you or have you already been one of them??) are left in a transitive happy mood which will last only for some hours, then it will vanish and again there will be the need to go back to another workshop, and another and another. But the reality of life and the true joy cannot depend upon a workshop or a weekend seminar. It depends only on you.

So be smart and good luck.


Way out


There are ways but te Way is uncharted

There are names but no nature in words:

Nameless indeed is the source of creation

But things have a mother and she has a name.

The secret waits for the insight

of eyes unclouded by longing;

those who are bound by desire

see only the outword container.

These two come paired but distinct

by their names.

of all things profound,

say that their pairing is deepest,

the gate to the root of the world.

Myth of humility in today China

There is a big amount of historical and literary material in China, which reinforces humility in the human character. The two primordial masters Laoze & Confucius have left behind outstanding moral teachings which are precious example for the whole mankind. On one hand humility is one of the most regarded quality in a person especially when  flowing directly from the within matrix of pure love. This is why on the other hand thise quality is just myth in modern China. Why is it only myth?



    • The within matrix of pure love, also known as kundalini, has not been awakened in the whole Chinese population yet. Moreover there is no translation in Chinese for the word “awareness” which means people cannot include it in their chat or speeches or writings, thus cannot at least communicate about it.
    • Despite of the nice job done by the primordial masters in acient times it seems that seeds have been possibly planted but after centuries…where is the blossoming? A nation fully based, in its own educational and social system, on these two qualities should litterally flourish without having especially its young people struggling. 
    • When humility is there innocence is automatically there permeating all the fibers of the political and economical net. So walking in the street becomes a real pleasure for watching the coolest advertisments on the walls, whose only aim is to instill great high feelings into the eyes/mind.
    • Self confidence and determination are the natural result of an humble personality, not just smiling or being nice and dharmic.  

    Busy weeks

    And busy weekend too. It is midnite and i should run to bed but i cant resist to drop few lines in a sort of diary form here to break the blogged silence at BI. It seems to me i am living a course, my days in HK are very much similar to some kind of natural training merely based on the things i do or that i have to do. To be more coincise here is a list of things i ve been learningthe last couple of weeks in the Hot Hong Kong:

    1. Chinese furniture is among the best in the world especially when it comes with lots of carvings and beautiful hand paintings and when the wood is of the original reddish like 100 years ago, because red means good luck. We have visited several shops of antiques and i feel so much vibrations all the time. Some cabinets arrived from Mongolia, they show interesting flowers, others from china show the animals of the Zodiac and scenes from the Opera stage. i am totally amazed, they are expensive but i am going to negotiate and get the best price for a couple of pieces in the next weeks. My husband is not convinced but he will be. the thing is that Chinese do not like to have these furniture style in their current home, they consider it too old and “expired” but they dont understand this is another art: patrimony of humanity. Nowaday we have Ikea and company but there is no comparison with the enextimable value of a historical cabinet for example. In europe we appreaciate this idea alot and in fact the best customers here in China are all people from the West. I met Celine from  To Tsu kok, in this ultra decennial shop you can get your treasures directly shipped at home, no matter where you are living.

    2. HK is getting paralyzed because of inflation problems. Everything from the market to the clothes (primary goods) is increasing of price. i am saving a lot of money and buying only the necessary we daily need. We must be focused. At work people are living and being cut out because of some inner-company mechanism that it doe srequire a longer post with more info. The atmosphere in the offices is getting weird, at moments seems completely relaxed and empty, at moments seems terrible and heavy. People are getting sick and insecure. They do not want to understand themselves and they blame external parts all the times.

    3. The people who have plugged themselves into the understanding of the Subtle are becoming so attached to the natural cleansing tecniques that you dont want to disturb them with any other thing. Candle treatments, Camphor treatments, massages, footsoak in salty water are becoming extremely popular and assidous in these days when the earth warming is also increasing at superior levels. Myself I am paricularly enjoying great swimming times during the weekends (back to my roots 🙂 and at the same time i am so badly missing my native country (Italy) where the Summer time is the Best time ever of the Year.

    4.  Watching Olympics was never so entertaining. Wherever we go, restaurants, friends homes, offices the telly is airing those sportive channels. I am admiring some of the athlets whose sportive discipline is quite cool. on teh other hand I am discovering some other funny sports that should be directly eliminated from the list everywhere on the planet. At judo for example it is evident that the animal instinct of the human being plays a predominant role. Why do we have to forget that we are born to ascend spiriually and to engage in activity which are dignified and elevating for our own human nature? Why do humans keep doing stupid choices?? (Sportive)Food for another post here. I ‘d also like to know if any of you stepped onto a podium any time in his/her life for having won a sportive competition.

    It is time to go to sleep now. see you 🙂

    Do you want to know how it feels to live on a beach for almost two decades? Read it here

    There are many people nowadays who go for holiday in seaside places, in resorts on the beach. Many more are moving to the cities determined to work and live there and see the natural beaches only for vacation because of course in such a materialistic world we live today who is going to choose to stay on a beach for 365 days a year. There are commercials about wireless products and laptops which make people believing that yes they can be in control of their job from an island while sipping a fruit cocktail under a palm tree, arent there? But who would stay settled ona beach for years today? Only the ones who are forced to by the events of life, or who are kind of lost in this universe, let’s’ say.

    One time in Jamaica i met an old man who was surviving to the poverty by singing raggae and making straw-hats under a tree all the time. Every morning he would stay under the pal tree crossing the straw leaves. His skin was dark and wrinkled, he said to have been good friend with Bob Marley and to have composed music for him during young years. Who knows if it’s true. But he was a good man, quite a symbol of a life-on-the-beach in a central american country of the past years. He could have been a good friend of my grandpa probably who was able to understand the variations of the weather just by looking at the sky in the morning. He was always right, very knowledgeable about nature and time cycles. It is because he was living and working on a beach for 80 years. His wife the same for 95 years. Their daughter, my mother, the same and still now at 52 in the old century house with one kilometer of peaceful beach in front of it. The beach where her two daughters, my sister and I also spent all their childhood, the adolescence and few more years.

    Do you really want to know how it feels to have spent 19 years on a beach? See again the picture above. Then ask it to the sound of the sea waves, to the light of the starry sky every night, to the melody of the seagulls early morning, to the cool grey sand  under the naked feet, to the storm coming thru the wind, to the punctual sound of the anchor released just behind the barrier rock in the harbour. All this is only imaginable for the ones who did not live two steps from the sea. Nurturing, always calm and shallow sea. Just like a real father.



    The value of speaking like poetry every day

    I am realizing this value just now. This is an habit i am carrying since ever, probably since when I started reading poetries aloud to listen to my voice speaking languages different from Italian. It is a practice i enjoy a lot everyweek at home: I grab a book of poetry and start reading few aloud in Italian, in English, in Spanish, in French, only the sections of language i am more familiar with.

    The realization is that I include improvisations of poetries (invented) in my daily speaking communication. Whatever we are talking about you may hear a line or two told with the solemnity or the smile of a poet. Last night for example we were  talking about the weather in Australia with a friend and suddently i went:

    but then we can reach the sun and catch it

    and carry it all the way to Australia

    to make you smiling

    And she smiled of course by noticing my imagination. Yes, that is the point: I make a clear use of my imagination. i cant escape from that. This is the reason why in my family they often refer to me like “she’s coming down from the clouds – eccola che scende dalle nuvole”.  I sing a new stanza of a song for my husband almost everyday while we chat and he smiles punctually. You see? Poetry makes people feel good, never unhappy or angry.

    Poetry does stick to the tunes in your heart

    to the joy you can feel

    to the smiling child you still are

    to the desire to go higher in some other place

    to the reality of the beauty you are made of

    So please be engulfed by poetic notes everytime is possible


    Thoughts recorded by the “daughter within” myself


    From the Mother:

    Don’t lie to me because I already know everything about you.

    Don’t ask too much, you also have to know when keep silent. 

    Are you conscious of what you are doing? Or you just don’t care? 

    Play with and love all your friends coming from other countries because they are children just like you. 

    Why do you want to study psychology?  

    Enjoy the people any moment you spend with them because you don’t know when you are going to see them again. 

    Don’t use a bad language otherwise it will be retorted against yourself one day. 

    You have to be a little bit fatter. Men don’t like skinny ladies. 

    You have to use comfortable heels you can walk on because you are a woman. Also use skirts more often then pants. 

    Help your sister and forgive her all the time if something goes wrong.

    It doesn’t matter, I don’t want to listen anything else, you should just forgive that person. Just forgive okey?   

    From the Father:

    You should not think about money too much because money will come. The most important for you is to behave in a honest and respectful way with your colleagues and supervisors. In this way you ‘ll get any job you wish. 

    I expect the other people to talk good about you when they meet me. I don’t want to hear any complaining about you. 

    You should nor copy nor follow anybody, you should be yourself all the time and seek for the dimension you are looking for. 

    Listen to the people and be interested in their life.

    Don’t talk to much, by listening you can grow faster. Listen especially to the elders because the fact that they have white hair it means they can count on a longer experience than yours.

     If its possible try to help everybody at the same way. 

    Life is beautiful because is never the same. 

    Life is a game. Sometimes its like playing card, you have to decide which card to put down in order to make the best play.  

    Don’t lie to anybody otherwise your life will become very confused and complicated and you mind will go crazy. 

    When you go to sleep at the end of the day see if your consciousness is clean and light. Every day you should test it. 

    Don’t think about the past, it is totally unuseful and blocks your growth. 

    Measure yourself, you must know how far you can walk anytime. Don’t make a step longer than your leg (Italian proverb)

    Talk to yourself in the mirror. When mistaken have the courage to tell yourself “you are not good, you did something wrong, now forgive it and keep going”. 

    Who knows yourself better? Yourself or the others? 

    You have to find equilibrium in everything you do and say. 

    You should have discipline with yourself, try to get up early every morning. Don’t spoil your body. 

    Don’t smoke and don’t take any drug otherwise you will become addicted and loose control upon yourself. 

    Don’t believe in the love is commercialized around by the TV and at the movie theatre. This is not the real love. 

    The politicians are all there to make you laugh, they are like comics. Same the TV shows.

    The culture is not important, the experience is more important.

    Seven Things a Woman should have on her Desk at Office

     A little bottle of pure almond oil: The skin needs to be always nourished and kept elastic. Few drops applied every day will make a big difference in the tone and flexibility, especially around the eyes.

     A small vertical trousse with, incorporated, at least 10 different nuances of lipstick: Lipstick is a must we all know that. Whether strong or light it always gives something beautiful to our face. This handy tool is fast to be used any moment we pop out for a meeting, a lunch.

    A medium size bottle of aloe vera gel: During summertime the gel is especially helpful to quickly refresh our skin. It can be used as general cleanser too. The massager can work in combination with it!

    A tube of Moov: in case you really want to care about you joints and the back, this is the immediate solution to any symptom of backache or neck ache in the chair.

    A small bag of sugar crystal candies: Pure sugar gives energy to a liver stressed out in any moment. If you don’t like candies, you can always drink some water with sugar at room temperature. At least one glass a day gives extremely positive results along the time and they will be noticed!

    A handy massage tool: It’s very good to stimulate the blood circulation all over the body. It’s very pleasant to use any moment.

    A beautiful and cheap hand made jewelry box: First it gives a touch of decor to the desk, second it’s really useful to keep all you need for the make up and not only.

    Laughing about

    When you are angel you are angel.

    If you are devil, you are devil.

    By the laughing you can understand wether there is an angel or a hidden in your body

    Devil and Angel are not interchangeable

    they are clear cut personalities

    but it is not easy to understand them

    You must jump into the Ocean of Reality

    Watch the play and you will hear them laughing

    Watch the air, the streaming water into your being

    Watch when you meditate and the thoughts dissolve

    into the Ocean of Reality

    Watch the earth, see the colors around

    see the truth behind

    it is inconsistence

    it is as heavy as the World

    as old as the Universe
    as real as the Ocean

    (verses by roberta bertogna)