Being surrounded by beauty is not so obvious where we live

Everytime I see a spectacular and beautiful building rich in vibrations I feel reborn. Everytime I see fatiscent or poor in style and beauty buildings I have to struggle and try to ignore the energy they emanate. Where I live for example there are very few if no one great architectonic testimonials. There is a modernity which is brought to an excessive end and an unbelievable lack of true beauty. That kind of beauty of a building which is drenched with gravity, importance and elegance. It seems that these real beautiful examples of edification only belong to the past times. I feel much more satisfaction into the eyes and heart while looking at old and well mantained constructions than to the more contemporary and new ones we use to walk around everyday in our busy cities today. How lucky are you? Are you surrounded by true beauty in your place? Or do you have to travel on a trip to see them? 

[photo by photopoetry]

I cannot live too far from artistical views

It s quite visible from my window and easy to reach, They have called it Western Monastery. Probably beacause its architectural features are not 100% Chinese. It could be defined as an hybrid of Manciurian style (one of the last dinasties)  and modern way of building the temples in this side of the world. Infact the Yeun Yeun temple is a mix of taoism, buddhism and confucianism as explicated in an HK leisure website. These kind of structures have always attracted many people, never mind they are stylishly original or not. People like to watch the magnificent totality of their design. The imposing beauty. The colours. They do not really pay attention to the historical point of view and the subtle meaning. Especially here in Hong Kong. In general we are like children who play with the picture they see, commenting colors and shapes. Not the human value. Few are the people who are really inetrested in understanding how the history of a building developed, who was living there before and now, how old it is and other details.

Rural Hong Kong rocks

HK governament puts effort in protecting and re-touching as less as possible the rural areas around. The structure of the old villages is always maintained although new house and taller buildings are being built in their proximity which feels strange at least for the old inhabitants of the villages themselves. many young couples are moving in three floors houses nearby the villages today. the railway connections are very close and fast to get to the city so for them it is good to live in teh outskirts and work in the city.

I am still prefering the city and all “her” amazing noise and vitality which sound so much feminine in some terms. It is like a pulsating body continuously alive, breathing with the breath of all the human cells (us) that go to give “her” a unique form. The villages are indeed beautiful spots where to rest during weekends and discovering always new aspects of the city personality.