Ottica divina

Pyar. Bhare Ye Do Nir.mal Nain. Mila Ye Amrit. Mai Chain.

Koi Jane Na Is. Pyar. Ki Gah. Rayi

In. Ankho Ki Gah. Rayi

Pyar. Bhare Ye Do Nir.mal. Main.

Behold these beautiful pure eyes (=ottica divina) which have provided us eternal security and comfort. Nobody knows the depth of the love and compassion they emit through their radiance, so also nobody has been able to fathom the depth of the eyes. Behold these beautiful pure eyes.


Jhil. Kahu Par. Us.Ko Bhi Hai Tai 

In.Ke Aage Saagar. Bhi Ozal

Surya Prakash. Bhi Ho jaye Ojhal

Tulna Se Bhi Upar. Uth.Gaya

In. Naino Ka Sthal

I can see the serenity and calm of the lake in the eyes but the two are not comparable since the lake has a bottom, while the qualities in these eyes are perennial. Even the deep ocean appears shallow as compared to the depth of these eyes. These eyes are beyond similes and beyond comparison: they are divinely ‘beyond and above all’. Therefore how they can be compared with any other creation of God?



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