Three May pictures

While planning vocational movements i m posting for you a sample of random visual searches. This is in China but in somewhere unknown to me at the moment. I used this image to promote a peaceful and spiritual event happened last night far away on the other southern corner of Eurasia, in Italy.

That event was hosted more less in the area dotted with white houses beyond the sea horizon, on the far left corner of this happy image, where children are playing free on a beach during an afternoon of end of Summer last year. I captured them while going back home after a wonderful sea swim. It reminded me of my childhood and how beautiful it is to take advantage of the nature when we have Her so close. We shall never take Nature for granted and enjoy each and every drop of what she openly dispense wherever we live.

Just like this bear is cautiously doing!



Such a small church!

In the background the famous  Duomo in Milan. Such a miniature church – my mind thought during the beautiful tour last week. Then i watched it carefully and found so many details all around but in its complexity it was still feeling a little church. Maybe because only another time had i the opportunity to visit Milan when 17 and yes that time it was looking imposing! Time change all your perspectives! Non only about monument…

Not missing holidays at all

i grew up with a great culture for respecting the holidays, especially during Summertime. Now that i am in HK with a normal full time job which obviously allows only two holiday weeks per year by contract, where is my inner holiday culture gone i really dont know. I kid not. And i use to tell to friends that i am on holiday everyday. that’s my feeling everytime here at work or at home or walking in the city, every day is very light and simple, with no charge or big sense of responsability. Everything takes its own place in a sharp and moderate way. It’s beautiful: you also try to be on holiday everday. It’s a mindset: maybe because i grew up where the holidays are respected the most.


With all that mixed up & down

With materialism kickin in the brain as luxurious & distillating as possible to let everybody feel confuse and alienated, givig the blurred feeling that reality has already been grasped and estabilished.

With the European and Italian elections going on in an arena of corruptive mood and misunderstandings, shame and struggle of an overtired population.

And with the wave  of…

Source of much of Chinese culture


When I came to the United States I was surprised that there were so many translations of the I Ching in English. I cannot immagine how these translators all found the I Ching scholars and did the decades of study necessary to truly learn the I Ching.

To the Chinese, the I Ching is like a Holy Bible written by the four most honored sages in our history – Fu Xi, King Wen, the Duke of Zhou and Confucious. The Chinese translation of Holy Bible is Sheng Ching. Sheng is equivalent to holy, and Ching means classic. Chinese understand that Ching is the Tao, the Truth, the holiest of the ancient books, and because they revere and respect the sacred writings of the Jews and the Christian church, they honor the Bible by calling it Ching.    

The I Ching is truly a profound book.  It is the source of much of Chinese culture. Originally, the I Ching was a handbook for divination. After Confucius and his students had written the commentaries, it became known as a book of ancient wisdom. It is a book that not only tells one who consults it about the present situation and  future potential but also gives instruction about what to do and not to do to obtain good fortune and to avoid misfortune. But one still retains free choice. The guidance is based upon comprehensive  observations of  natural laws by ancient sages and their profound experiences of the principle of cause and effect.

These are excerpts from the Preface of The Complete I Ching by Taoist Master Alfred Huang. Before coming to China I used to consult I Ching alone or with friends, in Italy for example this book is definitely appreciated and studied by people who meditate and seek for self knowledge in their daily life.  Here in Hong Kong i still did not find anybody who throughly knows about it and some local people often comment not really positively about it. 

This master suggests that the best English versions of I Ching are: Richard Wilhelm’s and James Legge’s although westernized.  He adds that

… the ideal translation should be English but Chinese in essence. As a book of divination, Confucius’s commentaries are crucial. The Chinese call Confucius’s commentaries the Ten Wings. They believe that the I Ching depends on the Ten Wings to be able to fly. In other words, without Confucius’s commentaries the I Ching cannot be understood.

I felt I had no choice because the more I meditated the more I felt that I had an obligation to work out a translation of the I Ching based entirely on Chinese concepts. I began to realize that during his last years, Master Yin’s proposal to teach me the I Ching was not accidental. There was  a reason. I sense now that in this great time of change, when people are longing to transform and the situation is ripe, a new translation of I Ching based upon ancient Chinese wisdom and experience might be helpful for those making their own choices to enter the twenty-first century with confidence.

Presence of magic Indian notes in Italian soil

My brothers from Italy published here the recordering of a raga freshly composed by a santoor musician from India, with his son. Here’s the explanation of the raga given by himself on stage few days ago. It is not really a surprise that artists of such a calibre are now exhibiting in this land in the middle of the Mediterraneo. Italy is a great receptacle of musical understanding and a fast absorber of beautiful divine melodies.

The eartquake is inside the people


Last morning i saw these pics of a serious earthquake happened in Italy and I realized how simple and humble those people are: it s read in their faces, it s so amazing. Like another life now. Another life starting again. Somtimes we live several lives in the same lifespan and we face so many things and transformations. People start not to recognize us anymore because changes have to be strong in some cases. The Italian area where earth was shaken is surrounded by Maiella, a wonderful motherly mountain very rich in Bhoomi devi tattwa. One time I saw a wonderful documentary made by sahaj yogis about this mountain and its historical and spiritual meaning. The essence of us people is shaken too. Now we say “let’s do it globally” and that economy is going under repair and that the world needs to be fixed, all these talks we are listening in these days. Here in Hong Kong now everybody is going for fundraising more than ever before. HR at my office asked me to teach the Bollywood dance in Slumdog Milionarie because they want to perform it in another charity event next month. Art, money, globalization, all mixed up sometimes nicely sometimes just in confusion. This fenomeno of globalization is interesting because it is just like the earthquake going to kick onto the essence and the vulnerability of the humans. You see their real faces and understand what they are for. For example, the trend of incredible India is so unveiling (can I use this term). Here in China you will find people who are born and lived and worked here all their life and suddenly they get to know to India better and they start becoming like Indians: they take to yoga or Indian appealing styles and all of a sudden forget that they were Chinese and stay for a long while ignorant about understanding their own background and essence. It’s too fascinating. Future is gonna be bright and shocking.

Some developments of globalization in my life

Just some because it would be too many detailes and stuff to tell and describe, but i can list the most recent happenings linked to them.

I have to start with the word India because the background of this great country is going to play a fundamental role in the future of my life. i like it and did not expect to find this India-connection six years ago for example. But yes i recall that one time when i was very young, maybe around seven, i found an Indian holy book in my mother’s bookcase and read with a certain interest something which i dont remember anymore and in a language which was not Italian. After that  i forgot it and went back to my toys and stuff i suppose. Last night a friend from India who lives in Hong Kong organized an after rugby (a big international sportive event in town) dinner  at the indian recreation centre in town and I went in my usual ethnic outfit hindo-chinese from the head to the knees and western from the knees to the feet. Here in HK we are an huge mix of population, in many many places you sit down with a moltitude of people who had traveled and worked in more than two places and had to adapt quickly to new things and contexts, in most of the cases they grew up with parents from two countries and things like that. There is always a small light switching on automatically when getting together with these kind of folks. It’s something in the genes i suppose, we are united from diversified experiences and familiar with  geographical changes.  

Indians today always ask me why i wear the manglasutra, a precious gift from my husband on our first trip together in India. When i was on an Airindia flight two weeks ago i read an article advocating the ever stronger choice of the arranged marriage among these families. I found myself in the middle  of a gorgeous Punjabi arranged wedding, being friend with the bride’s elder sister. I ll make a reportage soon about this incredible experience under the auspicious words of Guru Nanak. Arranged marriage is surely a big effect of the globalization in my life, since as many hindu spouse i had to turn around the fire and move the tiny rice hills with the toe. Magic.

But my husband has a Chinese, not Indian, background: another huge golden door opens in front of me. and while yesterday we were discussing at the recreation center the affinities between Italians and Indians, they are showering from somewhere  new affinities and connections: on one side between Italians and Chinese on another side between Chinese & Indians. I ve explored …15% until now, good and bad. Attitudes, clubbing styles, food. It depends on your mind and what you want to do with your life now. Globalization is all pervading and everlasting. Will keep it updated…


In Neaples it’s like being in India

Walking thru the markets and the most popular streets of Neaples is like walking thru the market and the popular streets in any of the cities of India. So many colors, voices & sounds, kids, motocycles with three or even four people on board, smells, pollution mixed with the fresh exhibited vegetables on the wooden stalls or on the ground, men pushing behind a small wood wagon loaded with fruits and drinks. Seven hours flight between south of Italy and south of India are nothing in comparison with all the amazingly identical gestures and lifestyle of their populations. There is also an incredible profundity in their own dialect although diverse.

Neaples by night is sometimes a way to attract tourists in the most animated of italian cities. 

Somewhere in internet recently i read that in Neaples anarchy is the rule. It is probably true, in the past time it was even worst and stories of mafia or camorra are very common to the superficial worldwide points of view.  But Neaples is much much much more. A great attraction for all multiculturality travelling especially from Africa, Asia and Russia. The city needs to be discovered in each small detail because it s just magical. It is magical mainly because of her people. In this area live the descendents of the greeks who created the comedy and tragedy of all the main important form of theatre practiced also today.  All the children who attend school in these areas are made familiar with the basic of theatre and acting. For the adults the vision of  life as an eternal drama is attached into the bloody cells. The philosophy that life without enjoyment is not real life is also very much cultivated and developed since long times.

One thing about Italy I dont celebrate

The thing I never liked about Italy is the wine. The fact that this pretty corner of the world is remembered and celebrated also because of the wine makes me feel really uncomfortable. I always talk the contrary about Italy, that it is not true that the wine is so famous and exalt instead other kinds of interestingness and beauty (which Italy does not miss actually!). When somebody here approaches me praising Italy for the wine I use to give him a burning look and start to tell how dangerous is the wine instead. Why the Italians should be signaled as the ones who indirectly annihilate the senses and the consciousness? Why can’t they be indicated as the ones who bring forth awakening of the consciousness instead? Wouldn’t that be superior and more dignified?seaischia2.jpg  vineyard.jpg

The island I come from in Italy was called Aenaria (the sea in the picture), after the Latin people, that means “Island of the wine”. There is so much green still left in this little pearl and plenty of vineyards cultivated over there. They are used by the locals to make wine and sell it. A big section of the economical proceeds in Italy are drawn from this fragile activity.

The 2007 it has been a special year for the Italians because Mother nature has come to protect them and shock their economy for the better. The weather has changed up to the point that the grapes were not mature enough to produce wine in large quantities: the reason why some ignorant group of people out there is doing its best to increase the prices and so on. But these people will disappear with the time and nucleus of other people whose only desire is to bring light and awareness to the economy will slowly take its own place. It has to be like that if we really want to live in a Shining world. Otherwise let’s be very happy and satisfied with ignorance and blindness. Like in the medieval times. What do you say?

One thing Hong Kong does miss

They say that Chinese and Italians have in common the sense of the family. It’s true. In fact Italians and Chinese mothers know very well how to take care of their sons in general. They are loving and firm, simple and spiritual in their way of educate and grow them up. They have strong desire to see the family united and happy, that everything is normal and work hard to preserve good feelings among the members.

Right now Hong Kong is undergoing some slight changes into the familiar asset. They are mainly due to the pressure of this money oriented society. The young people work and study very hard often morning until night. Many are disoriented falling into a circle of earning and spending. It is increasing the number of singles and couples who are going to live in a flat independently from the parents and see the family during the festivals, public holidays after having arranged day, place and hour of meeting. In how many cities of the world does this happen? That we have to set up an appointment to see our parents. Never in my Italian life this had happened! I used to be with my family almost every weekend or see each other during the week, it’s one of the most pleasant thing that a crowded city will miss forever.

Is this the city of the angels?


Well, Hong kong is the perfect environment for somebody like me who spent the first 20 years of her life in a wonderfful small Italian island surrounded by the cool breeze of the Mediterranean winds. How much lucky am I to be discovering this city now? quite a lot, i can assure it. When i realized that i was getting merried to a chinese prince it was too late to say no. The sweet princess with big Italian eyes was going to carry on her destiny into a different place, where so many things and people would have had other eyes. But since this little princess was already in love with differences she decided to go, two years ago…

[painting Coin Qian in Shanghai]