When you speak about sahaja yoga people look at you fascinated


Because of the fact that sahaja yoga is born with the genuine desire to bring all kinds of people from every nook and corner of the world together, the people who speak about it related to different fields attract very much the attention of the listener. And it seems almost that the listener does not want to leave being captivated by these unique original stories. I had this feeling last week during a short interview by an Indian film maker. She is currently working on a movie related to the Intercultural thru the dance. She researched several genres of dance attracting the Hong Kong community, including bharatnatyam, which I am studying.


The cool thing is that she noticed my manglasutra around the neck and started asking about it. A new world was being disclosed to her ears while I was stressing the strong intercultural aspect which characterizes sahaja yoga. She was so amused to know that in Hong Kong there are many people who appreciate India very much especially for its spiritual roots. I loved sharing my views about India and intercultural stuff. But the more the time goes the more I realize deep down that intercultural lifestyles and ways are not a real genuine aspect for spiritual growth. Real spiritual growth goes beyond what is intercultural.


[artwork: Florence Hou, HK]


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