Acrobats for living

Thay are coming to Hongkong next Spring and i dont want to miss them. This Summer we enjoyed Cirque Du Soleil in Guangdong but slightly disappointing, the themes were quite old fashioned. Momix company seems more intriguing and original in its creations, although they have the production in common with Cirque du Soleil. Anyway it shows something more innovative  and modern in the choreography’s style. I always admire the perfect acrobatics of a human body, it ‘s like a blend of madness and perfection thru the most beautiful art form.

A performance about self discovery

No surprise anymore about the fact that everybody now is moving towards the searching of the self. After thousands and thousand of years that hundreds and hundreds, if not millions or billions (how many hidden people we do not and we will never know?), of people covered this topic in all kinds of fields, now it would seem sometimes even redundant to face the topic. But here we are again, we are going to offer a beautiful fusion to the audience in Hong Kong on the 20th and 21st of this month, with the arrival of Springtime!

It is possible that until now no other artcompany thought to work on this unique kind of blend in town where indian live music, Tagore poetry, bharatnatyam steps and contemporary dance will fuse themelves on stage for an hour time.

If you live in Hong Kong try not to miss it, it’s going to be quite a mind blowing event.jouney1

Scattered pills reported from backstage directly from a dancer participant: 

a) on a subtle point of view it shows an interesting form of collaboration between Kazakistan and Vancouver. It also includes artists from India, Pakistan, Italy, England, Hong Kong. Moreover, women from different cultural backgrounds and experiences have the ability to work out beauty and understanding more easily.

b) it is really magical to notice how human beings involved in artistic creations about self discovery realize having an attention double times focused towards witnessing the blossoming and the refining of their own character and personality.

c) people in general here in town are becoming artistically more sensitive and mature, hence showing their desire to treat the audience with fascinating ideas and interesting designs.

d) nirmal yoga, spending time in sahaja yoga dimension, is becoming truly essential for that performer who want to enjoy the development of his efforts and perform at good vibrant levels. this yoga will give the performer the adeguate skills and strategy to avoid stressful routine and unuseful thoughts  which could lower the capacity to perceive pure joy during the all process of reharsing and dancing.

“Dancing is a very good way of clearing out your pressures because, in the dance, you go into thoughtless awareness and also into the joy. Then the joy is so fulfilling that the joy of the spirit is much more than the joy of any world comforts or also of physical comforts. Its gives you physical comfort, it gives you mental comfort it gives you also the spiritual comfort.”

           [H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi]

Positive epidemy of Indian art-forms

Which I wanted to briefly recollect here based on two trips, one in India and one not far from home in Hong Kong. These are the epidemy we love to hear arent they? These artistical injecton of bubbling lovely effort to raise our awareness and our energy levels. To push them higher towards humble and generous goals. To make them touch the souls of all the people around ourselves so that at least they can get a soft glimpse of ho wparadise laws work out. They work out thru love and compassion, thru dance and action.

You know how much i love dancing already. My mom used to tell me all the times when i was about 7: “daughter i am sorry you were born in Italy cause if you were living in Russia now i would have enrolled you right away in a dance school to work out your talent better”. Never mind i took other paths but dance is always in my heart. In the next post i want you to sniff two secrets of one kind of the indian classical dance which i am studying now. stay alert and move your body on the notes&sounds of heaven.

Positive effects of (sahaja) meditation

Once people keep nurturing their organs and subtle aspects thru the meditative silent, they can also expect miracolous plus fun-filled happenings along the way! Always spontaneous! And sahaja means just spontaneous in sanskrit. I had volunteered at my office to train about 20 people in a Stretch&Dance workshop, as we called it. I am lucky enough to work stimulated by a department of Human Resource whose coordinator is interested in creative, diverse and intercultural activities, always searching for those ones in order to stimulate and support good relationships and healthy culture among us.

Recently we have talked a lot about stress and I dont know how I ended up in training room to show and dance with them:

  • at the rythme of Lagaan soundtracks in circle with Indian wooden sticks
  • with simple steps of break-dance and salsa
  • by doing stretching exercises both on the mat and standing
  • by trying simple mudras and bharatnatyam steps
  • by having a short head and back massage in a train of people
  • by stretching on the wave of modern dance styles

A short mix and taste of everything I knew so far. But we enjoyed so much that i am afraid we will have new rounds. Infact the comments were really positive, I heard people who had come in with a big headacke and left the room light and really fine. I call these: “positive effects of the meditation” because words were hardly spoken during the whole session and people just jumped into the flow of the lovely music and fun. Laughters were great, stress was left out of the door, an experiment well done!

Other tracks used were from Lisa Ono, Kenny G, Zephyr, Indialucia, Miyasaki. The music has been no stop and probably this is one of the reason why the energy level was kept on a good one. The session started with a short head massage pressing in different points of the head to activate the circulation of the brain and starting to awaken the sensibility of our last chakra called sahasrara.

  • The idea of accompanying the session with two main exercises in group has been based on the fact that working in collectivity with linked hands or in circle or in train ir does increase the level of understanding and cooperation among the people.
  • The idea of preparing exercises where people had to touch the hands or the shoulders of another person is also based on the fact that softly touching another person for a supportive aim (massage for example) does help the ability to give and to open to the other in a subtle way too.
  • There were only 4 men which I knew from before and that is the reason I brought the wooden sticks. We gave importance to them by letting them dancing in the middle of the circle while all the women were following spontaneous feminine movements (yes Indian ones!) and steps all around.  
  • The intercultural element was also touched: musics were from Japan, India, Australia, England, Brazil.

The most important: enjoyement and freshness were the most important characteristics which completed our experiment. 

The power is within and you need a dark Indian raining night to realize that


Did you ever dance for a whole hour in the heavy rain?

Did you ever move in the dark at the rhythm of the dolak?

Have you ever been in Paradise where the elettricity went off

where the divine thunders as divine necklesses did decorate the sky like real diamonds,

where thousands of angel lightly swirl in the atmosphere singing and clapping.

And you are alone indeed

You can’t see one face around, you are in the most gorgeous darkness

And you are not afraid. The power of being alone, drenched in the water

The power to be with everybody else but all the faces look the same face

The power is within and you still do not realize that.

Indian outfit for an American musical?

This last two months I have been busy at work rehearsing the musical which with my colleagues we are going to present during the Annual dinner. It is a famous American musical that we adapted in a bilingual version (English and Chinese-Cantonese) with the guide/direction of a producer from TVB and a dancing teacher.

When it came to discuss the costumes, we tried on some that looked all right but the producer did not seem really satisfied with them. The day after he came back with some sketches of each one of the characters and I noticed that I was the only character he draw with a long princess dress. Also he told that it would be really beautiful and original to dress all the girls up in punjabi which is the common Indian (but also traditional Chinese) female outfit. Let’s see which will be the final decision!

My passion for dance: an India connection

Since I was 6 the family always encouraged me to dance and with this form of art it was “love at first try” from the beginning. I performed for the first time at the age of nine, when in Italy, in a wonderful musical titled “The creation of the universe” which attracted thousands of people in my hometown.  I don’t know how to explain but for me dancing it’s felt like such a powerful activity which makes me completely thoughtless and free inside. I naturally feel comfortable when joining a circle of dance or on stage with others.

Why an India connection? This, I understood it three weeks ago when in India was joining a special collective Event which I will tell in another post. I was in Mumbai for the recent Xmas holiday. When I came back to Hong Kong, they asked me what did u do then? And I realized that “I just danced”, all the time, morning and evening and night:

Cut me off the food

the job

the relationships

the nature

the sitting meditation

…but let me live my dance

express my self with beautiful and decorated movements of the body

feel the singing of the angels in my heart

and be connected to the paradise of the universe

where its party all the time

the colors are festive

the people are brilliant

the dance is grateful

the time is infinite

the love is expanded

the smiles are eternal