To master Italian language is a blessing

She doesnt master it but makes a great musical rendition:

Mi abbandono alla musica affondando profondamante in onde dei suoni Il cuore fino di vetro toccando il suono adesso domincia a svegliarsi il sentimento che esce dal fondo del mio core i suoni che vibrano nell’ aria tesa da dove da dove viene? apriamo il cuore un suono caduto nel mondo in blu un dono dal cielo ascoltiamo bene apriamo il cuore

open the heart, a falling sound in the blu world,  a gift from the sky, lets listen carefully lets open the heart

I was sinking into waves of sound, music, eyes to surrender.
Now touch the heart sounds thin glass, which wake up.
Feel from the heart
Tension trembling sound in air
Are they coming from?
Let your mind!
Listen closely to a gift from heaven!
Let your mind! (from youtube comments)

The heaviness of the matter

Thursday is the only weekday evening i am free and can stay home in case i decide not to join my husband at his yoga class. The last couple of months have been so busy that i often wished to escape somewhere else from this horrible crowded city where evrything is so fake and profit oriented. The profit of the matter at its peak. I dont know how many years will pass before the trend will change direction. People talk and move like robot, there is no grace in the air, no sense of profound love an compassion. Some days are so heavy that the need to go walking barefeet on the grass during the day is overpushing. Tonite i will paint somebody similar 


I presume you all know where ego is located in the brain. In case you have no idea about brain deepest anatomy and functions you are still on time for that. It is very easy to understand & useful to know. Here is a species of fish with a big ego which made me laugh a lot. Besids the fact that it seem to have been tatooed Chinese characters with black ink on the body too!

15 reasons why it s good to know own Mr Ego.

  1. because it gives a tremendous opportunity to laugh about your self and have lots of fun with your personal nuts!
  2. because it helps you understanding the real purpose behind your actions, dreams, goals…
  3. because it clarifies for you the purposes of other people ideas in your circle or groups regarding activities, projects ecc. you are involved.
  4. because it gives you the last chance to face your ultimate stupidity.
  5. because it gives you the last chance to understand the meaning of your feelings.
  6. because it gives you the golden chance to distnguish between ego and self confidence, which are two very different aspects of personality.
  7. because it helps to prevent general painful troubles with others.
  8. because it will give you a vision on a large scale of  how things move in the community you belong to.
  9. because it will help you to connect with other people who know their Mr Ego too (they are special and sometimes rare)
  10. because it feels like an amazing satisfiction with no other comparison to silent the ego thoughts.
  11. because an egoless life is much smoother and neater than an egoful life.
  12. because it gives you clarity and dynamism of thinking.
  13. because it makes you different and precious in every place you go.
  14. because it will build like a shield of protection around your personality and space of action.
  15. because it will move your attention on new things, very smart.

Like in a spiritual Disneyland

Despite of the fact that Chinese culture is often associated to the character of the Moon, cold, silverly, sleep lover, calm…everytime i visit a modern temple in HK the sensations revealed are just the opposite: tryumphing in colors, energetic, strong,  hot! You may get even dizzy by literally swimming into a rainbow of colors and attractions just like in an entertainment park!

Welcome to Kwun Yam shrine, a buddhist site situated on a eastside beach in town since the beginning of Seventies. Most of the statues follow the mosaic tecnique and dress themselves with brilliant colors. Look at the golden fish! He is watched out by three fluffy innocent goats that a child would love to ride and climb up on the horns for sure; everthing happens under the benevolent look of a robust  Wise master.

I did not shooted all of the monuments being some of their faces quite terrifying and  weird, therefore i am just offering you a panorama of what really caught my attention while basking into this glorious sunshine on Sunday, half lost with a couple of other friends in the crowd with mainlanders pouring and pouring in from touristic buses.

Of course the main character here is Kwun Yam, the eternal symbol of chastity and purity although poor lady was bestowed with swastika decorations drawn in the opposite way (like the one used by Hitler). She is a real Mother and believed to be the protector from all the dangers far away at the horizon. Is she protecting Hong Kong?

 She is grand, her impressive figure striking against the modern skyscrapers in the back at one of the most chic marine areas.

Her face shaped like a full moon, Purnima.

I was thrilled like when we go to Ocean Park. It s exciting to know that  spirituality has some nuances of  blast within,  like a bursting laugh or an erupting volcano. It is not always carried along pure white wings or zen materials.

Morever this blast is enjoyed by careful silent eyes of colorless statues. I loved the way many lady figures were scattered here and there, simple busts in smooth grey stone with nice hair styles nd cute cheeks too…They are witnessing that plyfulness in spirituality, the absurdity of the game and the beauty of the drama… Sometimes they give you their backshoulders, sometimes they smile, sometimes they seem serious. They all come alive!



 To conclude  the visit, my favourite matching colors in a classic animal scene on Chinese talavera:

Imprisoned by artistical tendencies

I am keeping posting in the other blog/collection of hand made inspirational objects here. Even the last posts here say it all. Next month there will be a beautiful Yoga seminar in Wuhan, which is located in the very middle of China, a great occasion to sell the last created jewerly. Ah, and here it comes my art fb page too!

Imprisoned by artistical tendencies…


How pure fun breaks down seriousness ‘nd misunderstandings

This is fabulous. It is the very first thing why i like China. But not only. This is an example for eveybody, whereva you are. Misunderstandings in our relationships and development processes always accompany us daily. Misunderstandings based on cultural or linguistic stuff, all kinds of things, human brain wants to be fooled by misunderstandings in general. A lot of them come from taking things seriously. Anything: ourself first, then people, places, situations. But i have seen those people who are really elevated personalities, for them joking is so essential. Yesterday i watched a old dvd (2007) of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi receiving people, or better the sahaja yogis, to Her home. The way She was joking, so often joking and having fun with them, so much laughing about people or gifts or the environment. A real sparkling concentrate of Life & Love. An ocean of pure Fun. Pure joy. When seriousness comes immediately the fun will break it down to a balanced point. The magic people know how to do that. Just like Shri Mataji.

Other people realized from inside, sometimes they are excellent artists and they have the ability to speak to our souls thru their creations. The way they come into interaction is just joy. All misunderstandings run away, all seriousness is lost forever…


Wang Yi Guang

wang yi

While walking in Central few nights ago i was attracted by this huge paiting on canvas in a windw gallery. since sometimes i am dreaming of Tibet i went searching for this artist. He has been working for China railway Corporate for long time and thanks to his job he could depict the natural grasslandey landscape of Tibet.

To me , searching and selecting are vital when it comes  to the study and examination of life. Painters should open their hearts and merge into life without prejudice.

the thing which really attracted my attention was the laptop the girl is showing to the yak. An element of viratian modernity into a quite pure setting of countryside. this girl is meant to be the symbol of a flying goddess of  nature hovering along with these majestic bovins. These paintings have been considered as meditations on progress and ethical lifestyle in regions of the planet where the nature is very much incontaminated; nonetheless it is alterated by technological infiltrations build by man power. For example the Tibet region assisted to the construction of a long railway three years ago for the first time.




Cookies in art

Starting from a bowl full of peanuts then beating them on a wide peace of strong resistant wood for long time with a large-flat hammer until they smash and stick. Continuing to work with the hammer in two persons, until layers of a uniformed peanut mass can be made. By cutting a layer in squares warm cookies are ready to be tasted. Wish you could run into something so fantastic, simple and really artistic !

Eurasian conversations about digital and hand drawings

Digital painting is going towards the direction close to the human result, 80% already so close maybe. tech is unlimited, its application always depends on the people, their skills, their knowledge, if they are high then you can make very difficult drawings.

This conversation started after watching director Miyazaki at this Summer Venice Film Festival talking about his passion for the hand drawing animations.

 Well it is possible that Miyazaki does not have a complete knowledge of all the tech available now, that is probably the reason why he perfers the pencil. How about the feeling? the different emotions and actions which can be transmitted by hand or by digital painting? Exactly the same feeling, because now we use the computer screen just like the paper and the pen like a pencil on it. The innovation is also studying how to formulate touch screen brushes which will give the same effect of an oil painting for example. Wow!! The problem will be the printing at one point. Infact on a canvas you have a certain texture and dimension and to reproduce it exactly from the computer is not easy at the moment. Who knows? Now we are working on it.

Blogging: artistical angle of it

I know, I know always talking about art art art here in BI, am i Italian for real!? It is several weeks I wanted to say something about blogging and finally i got pushed with inspirative reasons. I will list few artistical reasons and rememeber you to take care of your blog as you would of a precious and unique piece of art that cannot be found anywhere else.

  • Similarly to any piece of art, a blog is made out of certain materials and colors, ceramic, argilla, glass, crystal, precious stones, metals, copper, acrylic, pastels, tempera, watercolor. Any combination does mirror your character and personality, completely hand made, it is not a Made in China product, it’s not fake. You are the artist: chhosing the template, the font, when to post, what subject, it is all arranged by you. By the way sina blog, a Chinese platform has a very beautiful template, Birth of Venere by Botticelli and i played with it wanting to start a pure Chinese blog (totally kidding). 
  • The art is in your words, in their meaning, in their strenght, in their originality and creativity. For each post you can use thousands of different words depending on the topic and on the target. Some posts will be directed theorically to any person, some others to a more restricted group of people. You are like talking to the people, so you have to arrange the words in the right dosage and quality, just like an artist completing a very nice artwork.
  • A good artwork transmits real feelings: so it is the passion and the meaning flowing thru the blog. Certain blogs are fresh and light, others lost in words, others meaningless, others empty and copied. Each blog gives a specific feeling to the readers. It should be the same feeling communicated if in person.
  • The art of selling your artwork:  meaning the way of being intelligent, cool, funny, positive, smart, alert, careful in what you propose and the way of organizing the contents for the blogosphere. See the response afterwards.
  • Playing like kids has got art in it: the blogosphere gives you the opportunity to play literally. To appear and disappear, to surf here and there, to post 5 times in one day, to not post for 5 consecutive days and so on. To start a new blog and delete an old one, to have more blogs at the same time. Everything is so clearly playful. i can also see art in all these movements and times.


Art patrimony of humanity: papercut

When i went to Bejing last month of course i run into the several shops exposing paper cut works and watched somebody outside one of them cutting with scissors a piece of paper. All the frames around him were beautifully displaying very detailed designs. This kind of art is really amazing!

Papercuts refer to handicrafts made by cutting paper with scissors to form different patterns and pasting them on walls, windows, doors and ceilings. With their long history, papercuts, which originated in China, have been very popular among the ordinary people of China. The first papercut can be traced back to the Northern and Southern Dynasties (386-581) period. The initiation and spread of papercuts had a close relationship with Chinese rural festivals. People pasted papercuts on walls, windows and doors at wedding ceremonies or festivals to enhance the festive atmosphere. (from the web)

All the topics drawn and their color have special meanings. The finest artwork use the thinnest paper and once they were also used as hair accessory by the women. During Tang dinasty they were accompanying poems. Handmade pieces are original and all unique in the texture. People should consider this form of art as an extremely precious patrimony we all have and if you get the opportunity do not hesitate to learn how to do it! Which other art form is similar to papercut? Do you know anyting similar from another culture?