10 spectacular places i’ve been in the past 10 years

Mostly a tribute to flickr either because i am writing this post between home (where my pics are stored) and office and because soft copies of the pictures are only available from the last five years. I didnt follow a meaningful order, just browsing in my memory: 

1. Aragonese Castle, Italy

A unique place with an awsome history connected also to Michelangelo Buonarroti’s life. It shall deserve a rich post asap. castle(image by me)

2. San Francisco Aquarium by flickr

Even though Hong Kong and Genoa Italy aquariums are two of the biggest and most beautiful, i still loved Frisco one. why? Because you walk under real tunnels of the Bay Area!

frisco3. Pan de Azucar in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by flickr

A combination of spirituality and cable car is the most thrilling experience for me!

panazucar4. Big Buddha, Lantau Island

This other combination of spirtuality&cable-car is really close to my home and I could potentially get the experience every weekend. Last month with a friend from Vancouver we went up for two consecutive days just for tasting the feeling to fly higher and higher into the mountains and have the majestic Buddha waiting for us on the other side!  You may also want to enjoy a more accurate post about it soon. (image by me)












5. Jamaican beach

It was a lovely family tour during my stay in US. Bathing in the warm Caribbean waters every morning and chatting with the locals on the beach all day long until evening. We also met a direct friend of Bob Marley living upon discographic projects and hand making palm leaves hats for tourists. Most hospitable place. (photo flickr – my dad keeps all the real pics)

502826054_dab3769fdbjama6. Havana de Cuba downtown

Harmony of colors and extreme relaxation and freedom in the streets. On our fly-route back from India e Moscow with my friend Maneesha, we took loads of pictures and then… lost the camera. Ahahahh. I just remember we were in ecstasy for the whole day spent there. A most welcoming taxi driver strolled us everywhere and gave us contact number in case we’ll be back. If anybody interested.  (photo flickr)

varadero7.  Parque Chicaque, Colombia

The most vivid nature, the real “selva Colombiana”.  An amazing day trekking in the jungle, few of us, completely absorbed by beauty and silence in the country Garden of the world. There is an Indian story about Shri Vishnu, He had to leave India  because in trouble and went seeking refuge with Garuda precisely in Colombia, chosen because it was the only place on Earth so much rich in plants and fruits.  

chica8. Faraglioni, Italy

Did you know it’s the Zen Garden of Italy? Have a look, it’s my home. Really.


9. Beihai park in Beijin, China


A remarkable park to understand the lifestyle of old emperors. Many of them have written lovely poems to their own mothers, whose words are often engraved on marble pillars around.

10. Elephanta caves, India

I was speechless here I was totally stunned by the grandness of majestic Lords Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu.


I just realized there are more than 10 spectacular places i’ve seen but for now i will just confine into the maryadas of this TAG. And yes you have been tagged too! Which one are your most spectacular visits… 5, 10, 15 you number them. And leave me a message below when you have done the post, and please tag more people. Let’s travel all together! Do you know something shocking about travelling? I know it cause my sis is a travel agent in Italy. Last week she spoke over the phone that Italians are so crazy about traveling and holiday that despite of the economy struggle they are  paying rates for their vacation even if it’s just for few days!

Inside the flowers of Lamma island

Travelogues about island are not finished yet here. Lamma island is considered probably the coolest one to live in because of its artistical attractions. Lots of European families landed in Hk decided to settle down here although the houses are not modern at all and all kinds of interesting animals (lots of snakes they say) around are ready to visit anytime.

There are plenty of colorful things to watch in Lamma. Flowers, plants and trees have been marked and explained upon small wooden tags but for the aracnide up there there was nothing to read since it was a spontaneous meeting at the beginning of the main path. When arriving at the harbour, about 20 minuts from HK mainland, you may probably meet some native selling hand cooked red bean sweet soup or cookies.

Afterwards by following the main narrow street the wole greenish and easygoing, wild and relaxed environment will disclose in front of you:

There are 2 things you should pay lots of attention while hiking around Lamma. One is the strong smell of its flowers scattered in mass at any corner like in a big garden. All the fragrances fuse in the air, it s like being in heaven and the aroma is so much penetrating that your brain is so happy to swim into it! There are flowers whose petals are starting to yellow because of the Autumn season but they keep the odorous activity tuned, others present rare jungle shapes of colored lianas.


Now, why Lamma is considered so artistic?? First of all musicians, painters, dancers, writers and so on populate this place. Not only the fragrance but also the music of a piano flying out from a window for example can accompany you in the trip for a while.  I met a French dancers who has been living here for years while staying in HK and she never regretted to have to travel back and forth for her job was on the mainland, and consider that afyter 11 or midnite there are no more ferries every day. 

The second Art reason is that all the shops and restaurants maintain of course a well trendy made look to catch your eyes. They care about little details, sometimes extravagants, sometimes normal. So you may notice an old singer sewing machine right against the main wall of the street you are walking along or a wooden rocking horse placed like on a pedestal at the end of a street. Romantic sets have been created at the outdoor tables of all the restaurants. Lamma is perfect for the tea time and serves traditional or western home made cakes or for the dinner/lunch with the availability of the tastier and fresher of the fish (expensive!) for you to pick directly from the big tanks outside each restaurant.

AH! before night time, dont forget to enjoy the sunset that on the islands is always so spectacular and regenerating!

Travelouge’s sunset also comes here ~


Pudong at a glimpse ~ Shanghai between fairytale & wilderness

I cant stop watching the waterfront and with the fairytaling mind I got immedaitely jumping back with the fantasy of a little girl. In the very same point i was also posing for a pic with friends few minuts ago stories and legends at the Pirat of the Caribbeans style were taking place during the Thirties. It is not long long long time back. Today we have among us personalities who were even born in the Twenties or before and still they have so much to teach and tell us before departing. A century is nothing comparing to the huge surprises the history of the whole humanity is preserving for us.

Going back to the spot from which i am observing the waterfront whose location is “the western bank of the Hangpou River”, the river that splits Shanghai in two parts, each of them charged with itsw own original history, characteristics and modern features. From here, Puxi, i am watching Pudong, the eastern bank, the one which makes me feel in the movie of the pirates. But they were not from Caraibi, they came from France and England to spend their wild weekends in bird huntings and gaming. They were also the protagonists of the most trafficated sea trades of the century between Europe and China. There was a British Consulate one time and foreign firms. European buying lands and building their colonial residences. They  used to call this area The Bund. It replaced in luxury style the stinky path of crewmen and company.

Do you see the colonial buildings in the picture? They are all banks and hotels. Do you see the streets between each building? They are still desolate and smell horrible especially at night when the today residents of the old buildings behind “the colonial line” come out to sell oily fried-at-moment-food of all kind, animals, fruits and vegetables. I even saw Arabians young guys selling slices of their traditional gigantic cake of dates and dont know what else.

I kept walking to escape the smokes of food and motors blended and saw little children left alone sleeping or playing on cartoons on the edge of the sidewalks. This is only the night scenary of downtown Shanghai. During the day it is another story, the one of the girl picturing old film fantasies. Another way to be also child without being a child.


Being surrounded by beauty is not so obvious where we live

Everytime I see a spectacular and beautiful building rich in vibrations I feel reborn. Everytime I see fatiscent or poor in style and beauty buildings I have to struggle and try to ignore the energy they emanate. Where I live for example there are very few if no one great architectonic testimonials. There is a modernity which is brought to an excessive end and an unbelievable lack of true beauty. That kind of beauty of a building which is drenched with gravity, importance and elegance. It seems that these real beautiful examples of edification only belong to the past times. I feel much more satisfaction into the eyes and heart while looking at old and well mantained constructions than to the more contemporary and new ones we use to walk around everyday in our busy cities today. How lucky are you? Are you surrounded by true beauty in your place? Or do you have to travel on a trip to see them? 

[photo by photopoetry]

Donneconlavaligia: Italian passion of the travelling woman

If you cannot read Italian you can always see the pictures and browse a typical blog magazine created by a typical original, artistical and versatile woman mind. The mind belongs to Marina Misiti, cool professional journalist from the Bel Paese with tons of stories and experiences to write and tell you inspired by years of travelling almost everywhere (considering the articles she uploads). So you can also understand why we crossed into this life sporadically enjoying the fun of sharing travelling-materials.

Donneconlavaligia (Womenwithetravelbag) is fascinating because:

  • it straightly and lightly points out the best of slices of places, countries, cities by using pictures and words in a balanced way
  • it summarizes the most important articles written by Marina Misiti in her carrier of journalist and reporter for national well known magazines (many for ladies)
  • it gives fun plus useful tips for different topics concerning the places wher eto go, where to eat, what to dress…
  • it gives tips about travelling and how to travel
  • it is completely open to the internet panorama of other travel/leisure/women topics websites
  • it is creating a net of reportages from other travelling women who understand Italian (and Italian culture in the world i ‘d love to say too) and live abroad
  • it is a great idea of a blog magazine, extremely modern and complete which explores the feminine world from a wonderful perspective

Enjoy here the reportages in Italian by Radha for Donneconlavaligia: 

Fotoreportage from the train from Hong Kong to Beijing

Where to eat in HK: 5 best restaurants

From India of Gandhi to Italy: a long travel for peace

Hong Kong: not only skyscrapers

Hong Kong daily life


Positive epidemy of Indian art-forms

Which I wanted to briefly recollect here based on two trips, one in India and one not far from home in Hong Kong. These are the epidemy we love to hear arent they? These artistical injecton of bubbling lovely effort to raise our awareness and our energy levels. To push them higher towards humble and generous goals. To make them touch the souls of all the people around ourselves so that at least they can get a soft glimpse of ho wparadise laws work out. They work out thru love and compassion, thru dance and action.

You know how much i love dancing already. My mom used to tell me all the times when i was about 7: “daughter i am sorry you were born in Italy cause if you were living in Russia now i would have enrolled you right away in a dance school to work out your talent better”. Never mind i took other paths but dance is always in my heart. In the next post i want you to sniff two secrets of one kind of the indian classical dance which i am studying now. stay alert and move your body on the notes&sounds of heaven.

A Indian village in Madhya Pradesh (boarding with Maharastra)

  • This not too big lake is used by the few villagers as source of food and water.
  • There are fields of vegetables and weath all around.
  • The pink small flower, dhatura, is narrated to be one of the favourite poisoned food of Lord Shiva.
  • The guys are offering to the water lots of petals of roses from a puja
  • The net it the one used for fishing.
  • Outside the green house there are large baskets of tomatoes.
  • The location is the heart of the heart of India, towards the east part of Maharashtra, India’s most urbanized state.

“Maharashtra, is a state where many saints have been born and vibrated the land; and that is why it is called Maharashtra,  is vibrated region…”

Travelling to search for the within mother

How about travelling to search for the self? I find this idea very feminine especially when the woman who is travelling is also seeking for some kind of mother energy inside herself. As reported here for example there was this lady of the so called “beat generation” who travelled half the world and lived all kinds of weird (and also not weird) adventures. The reason?  For she knew about the “cult of the mother” and wanted to understand more about it. She also wrote a book mentioning something like “a snake”. 


                                                  [painting by N. Roerich]

Well I bet there are plenty of women around the world like her, still today. Searching for the mother within is something truly natural. Most of us women dream to be ourselves, to be free and very feminine, to achieve great powers although many times we dont even know clearly which kind of powers we are desiring. Anyway we try our best. Travelling in order to develop the own femininity is fascinating. Nowadays we are convinced that the more experiences we get the more we grow inside and outside. The more we learn the more we improve. The more we see the more we absorb and the more we absorb the more we become experts and special persons. The mind of a women is the same shape of her heart. It is drenched with love, motherly love. She expects to meet kind people wherever she goes. She is ready to suffer and to smile when she travels with these high intentions. 

Many women today travel alone, others follow their husbands job-routes. Many dont know why they move from one city to another. They still carry some burdens from the last cities and the last years. Others know very well why they move and for which exact reason they are living in this or that place without carrying burdens but livinga nd enjoying the present untill the end. It is an extraordinary adventure which, most ofthe times, people call life.

The seeking lifestyle of the women.

There are many ideas of freedom, it should be one


The title itself is not completely right because implies that to get freedom one must have and idea of it first. This is wrong! Great wise personalities have said “Truth is what it is”, I say freedom is what it is. You cannot achieve, buy, do something, be somewhere to feel freedom. Freedom is everywhere, everybody IS free but not everybody feels free.

What happens and what happened since ever is that these brains (ours) thank to which we have been living until now (no matter the race, the year or the lifetime) have been ingurgitated by fake freedom brainwashers. Horrible boothish characters who are at the same time so much aware of the real freedom and so much aware of wanting to hurt the sensibility and the purity of the human beings. This is it. They want us to believe with all our heart that freedom is equal to:

  • Knowing many languages
  • Traveling on holidays
  • Shopping with our friends
  • Studying arts
  • Following the rituals and meetings of all the so called religions
  • Talking every time we feel the need to talk
  • Expressing our ideas in different forms (blogging is a modern one for example)
  • Having a good job…

This list could be endless and yet will not give any particular insight about freedom. I just wish people will seek real freedom from inside themselves wherever they are and inescapably from what they have or do not have at the present or where they are.

Within freedom is something too important to be missed in these times. 

Inspiring friends

I am going to dedicate some articles to my girlfriends because I must say I grow also thank to them all over the year everytime.

Since long long time I was never attached to any best friend. When I was girl at the beginning I felt sad for them that could not consider any other girl like best friend but they were all on the same level of affection for me. Of course there were some I used to share more time with depending on the interests and other activities but I was not thinking this is my best friend. On the other hand I know they were thinking that I was their best friend. This idea of best person in the heart I don’t really have. I don’t know if it is good or bad, but I know I don’t have it and until now I had no problem of friendship, every where I find somebody with whom sharing love, laugh, thoughts, activities, things and good pieces of life.


When I came to HK Gigi was immediately one of these persons, lovely persons I connect with. She loves art, fashion, make-up and meditation like me so the feeling was already created. Here it goes her most updated work in the field of women magazines. She quickly brings the readers to her recent six-months tour in India thru art, pictures, food, fashion, sahaja yoga, festivals and people. Featuring in one of the coolest magazines for ladies in Hong Kong.