Motor force in the background

Forget the past forget the past. What is this? …Erase the past? …Understand the past? …Give dignity to the past? Past is a source of power, a spiral of gems waiting to be lucidated and finally sparkle in all their splendor and sacrality. Each person has a special background because each person is special. Two Mondays ago i has the fortune to walk around Rome, the only world city where history comes alive and you cannot forget your past. Rome sucks you back wherever you are born and whatever is your motherlanguage. Rome does make your inside bell ringing: Love Your Past, Give it the Dignity. This is why Rome is awsome and this is also why I am pervaded by immense gratitude fora pretty long Roman pastlife. She understands me. Of course my visit was not only for pleasure causes but there was a productive reason linked to important working documents that She was still taking care of. It was now the time to be fully entitled the predicted sole owner of these Papers. And there i was enjoying the renewed past. When we k.n.o.w. where we are coming from, extraordinary motor forces get ignited. Never forget who we really are if we want to take the chance to drive. 

The heaviness of the matter

Thursday is the only weekday evening i am free and can stay home in case i decide not to join my husband at his yoga class. The last couple of months have been so busy that i often wished to escape somewhere else from this horrible crowded city where evrything is so fake and profit oriented. The profit of the matter at its peak. I dont know how many years will pass before the trend will change direction. People talk and move like robot, there is no grace in the air, no sense of profound love an compassion. Some days are so heavy that the need to go walking barefeet on the grass during the day is overpushing. Tonite i will paint somebody similar 

The oldest connection

Sometimes people look older than their anagraphic age, their eyes are so deep that thousands of lives can be read in them. One of the reason why people mature  like wonderful juicy fruits is that they know how to connect with the elders. I am posting from China which is quite proverbial worldwide for the efforts put at the services of supporting this slice of the population. Althought it does show total unbalance and unrealistic in many cases with local concepts of remaining conditioned and dry for the rest of the life. Beware of the age of a country, it’s a whole world to explore!

How to connect with the elders is the point.

Nothing is simpler for the ones who deeply understand the natural cycling of the life.

Maybe even Klimt did know that to live a serene third age it is necessary to lie the forward down in the hand (should be the right hand, he was slightly confused at this point) and forgive the past.  Then evrything fells at its own place and that old age becomes the goldest of all ~

i had not completely understood my own oldest connection until the day of the chinese banquest we hosted in ShunDa (China) when myself freshly arrived from Europe. Our big rounded wedding table was hosting only one man, the groom, and beside myself, the youngest of all the ladies with most probability was the 70 years groom’s mother. The encompassing sweetness of those giggling ancient eyes i cannot forget, it was the most awsome gift for a special day. The special: Welcome to China, land of oldest …and lost connections.

Dont blink ~ the light is ON


It’s Diwali. Cant you feel? Close your eyes and dont blink, it’s Diwali. No need to know what is Diwali, no need to be from some country, it’s just Diwali for all because everybody has its own light inside, somebody has it turned on, in somebody else it is off. If you know how to turn it on then just connect.

Today i went to one of the most furnished stationary shop here at the corner to look for clay for making diyas, little lamps and home decorate with plenty of tiny lights, flames. Went up and down alonge the aisles of the big packed shop and ended up showing some gesture to teh shop keeper with my hands. I was simulating to play with clay with my hands in front of her, i dont know how to say clay in Cantonese and didnt have the cell with me to ring my hub for help. so i just said in half chinese and half english “mgoy ni you clay?” and acting in front of her like rubbing clay in both hands. She looked at the hand for quite a while and then started blinking furiously, then run back to her stuff mumbling mumbling.

Happy D i w a l i     

  • dont
  •  blink
  • switch
  •  the
  •  light
  • ON

Daily streets from Viet Nam

they are like in Southamerica, with supersimple ” tiendas”, stores selling basic food, staples, clothes. Lots of hairdress and nail art places. Lots of people sitting in the shadow,  chatting or resting. They are not large. Mostly silent.  The buildings are very interesting, usually each one is a house for one family; they are developed in height on 3 or 4 floors. Many have been built in the last five years, pretty young and smart in design.





I love families in Viet Nam. I met different people, young working couples with kids. They have helpers at home and enjoy the tremendously well known traffic every day. Everybody knows about the chaos provoked especially by rivers and rivers of motorbikes. Also taxi-motorbikes of course. Here we got caught by heavy rain on a Saturday night.


10 spectacular places i’ve been in the past 10 years

Mostly a tribute to flickr either because i am writing this post between home (where my pics are stored) and office and because soft copies of the pictures are only available from the last five years. I didnt follow a meaningful order, just browsing in my memory: 

1. Aragonese Castle, Italy

A unique place with an awsome history connected also to Michelangelo Buonarroti’s life. It shall deserve a rich post asap. castle(image by me)

2. San Francisco Aquarium by flickr

Even though Hong Kong and Genoa Italy aquariums are two of the biggest and most beautiful, i still loved Frisco one. why? Because you walk under real tunnels of the Bay Area!

frisco3. Pan de Azucar in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by flickr

A combination of spirituality and cable car is the most thrilling experience for me!

panazucar4. Big Buddha, Lantau Island

This other combination of spirtuality&cable-car is really close to my home and I could potentially get the experience every weekend. Last month with a friend from Vancouver we went up for two consecutive days just for tasting the feeling to fly higher and higher into the mountains and have the majestic Buddha waiting for us on the other side!  You may also want to enjoy a more accurate post about it soon. (image by me)












5. Jamaican beach

It was a lovely family tour during my stay in US. Bathing in the warm Caribbean waters every morning and chatting with the locals on the beach all day long until evening. We also met a direct friend of Bob Marley living upon discographic projects and hand making palm leaves hats for tourists. Most hospitable place. (photo flickr – my dad keeps all the real pics)

502826054_dab3769fdbjama6. Havana de Cuba downtown

Harmony of colors and extreme relaxation and freedom in the streets. On our fly-route back from India e Moscow with my friend Maneesha, we took loads of pictures and then… lost the camera. Ahahahh. I just remember we were in ecstasy for the whole day spent there. A most welcoming taxi driver strolled us everywhere and gave us contact number in case we’ll be back. If anybody interested.  (photo flickr)

varadero7.  Parque Chicaque, Colombia

The most vivid nature, the real “selva Colombiana”.  An amazing day trekking in the jungle, few of us, completely absorbed by beauty and silence in the country Garden of the world. There is an Indian story about Shri Vishnu, He had to leave India  because in trouble and went seeking refuge with Garuda precisely in Colombia, chosen because it was the only place on Earth so much rich in plants and fruits.  

chica8. Faraglioni, Italy

Did you know it’s the Zen Garden of Italy? Have a look, it’s my home. Really.


9. Beihai park in Beijin, China


A remarkable park to understand the lifestyle of old emperors. Many of them have written lovely poems to their own mothers, whose words are often engraved on marble pillars around.

10. Elephanta caves, India

I was speechless here I was totally stunned by the grandness of majestic Lords Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu.


I just realized there are more than 10 spectacular places i’ve seen but for now i will just confine into the maryadas of this TAG. And yes you have been tagged too! Which one are your most spectacular visits… 5, 10, 15 you number them. And leave me a message below when you have done the post, and please tag more people. Let’s travel all together! Do you know something shocking about travelling? I know it cause my sis is a travel agent in Italy. Last week she spoke over the phone that Italians are so crazy about traveling and holiday that despite of the economy struggle they are  paying rates for their vacation even if it’s just for few days!

The feeling of the “nectar”

I was just chatting with santasamudra who also can feel the divine nectar in the brain. These days an eclypse is coming out, today to be precise, and it is going to be visible about 10% somewhere in Europe and 100% in Cina and Russia. many fanatics mixed up with researchers, you may say and also seekers, went up to Siberia with all the most sophisticated equipment to record the event.

What happen at each human being level, when Eclypse is showing up, is something to be experienced and annoted, like i am doing now for example. When you drive your attention to the center of your being there is something subtly imperceptible which tries to push you out of your nectarious way. You keep going on your way driving yourself towards the center and it happens of course. It is not that you are working for nothing from within. But the most creative thing is that the spirit guides you and all of a sudden the nectar, the divine Nectar, does start showering from inside. It is a feeling. it is a real happening. And i am sorry to have at my disposal insufficient words to explain this fact. So my dear ones enjoy yourself.

bee photo is here: bzzzzzz


Positive epidemy of Indian art-forms

Which I wanted to briefly recollect here based on two trips, one in India and one not far from home in Hong Kong. These are the epidemy we love to hear arent they? These artistical injecton of bubbling lovely effort to raise our awareness and our energy levels. To push them higher towards humble and generous goals. To make them touch the souls of all the people around ourselves so that at least they can get a soft glimpse of ho wparadise laws work out. They work out thru love and compassion, thru dance and action.

You know how much i love dancing already. My mom used to tell me all the times when i was about 7: “daughter i am sorry you were born in Italy cause if you were living in Russia now i would have enrolled you right away in a dance school to work out your talent better”. Never mind i took other paths but dance is always in my heart. In the next post i want you to sniff two secrets of one kind of the indian classical dance which i am studying now. stay alert and move your body on the notes&sounds of heaven.

Designing lifestyles simply collective

At Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy, they just concluded few days of new meetings, conferences, workshops and so on…all about designing. To greet the plethora of young designers coming from all over a new idea of “staying together” has been planned and realized. La Casa del designer – The designer’s home: 130 beds, services to share, relax zone, wi-fi connection, internet point and little newspaper/magazine area. All for 30 euro per day. It was said “a new concept of hospitality” this one of the sharing. It also helps the creativity to boost up and get new nourishment while mixing with other people as much as possible.

New concept?

Do you remember the beautiful and progressive ashrams of the ancient time born in India to protect the meditative attitudes of the ones who wanted to live surrounded by peace and nature only?  Well i was having this experience translated in these modern beautiful times few years ago for quite a long time either in Europe and in Southamerica …and it s a blast! I think living collectively is some kind of an attraction and attitude located deep down in our roots. Not just an habit or a decision. It’s natural. There is so much to gain when you are living in a group and nothing to loose. Either you meditate or you dont meditate. As far as there is concern for the others it s a totally nurturing experience where we humans develop

  • ability to support each other
  • desire to love and “feel” others and ourselves

If we know few crucial things about relationships, mind and spirit the game becomes even more interesting and we start to enjoy it at maximum levels. When i was living collectively in Italy for example i understood that even without talking about our problems they get dissolved into some kind of force derivated by the spirit of union of the group; afterwords the problems start to disappear litterally and a sort of protective aura develops around your phisical and mental person. It is an amazing process which is the essence, the key of the power of the collective work.

There is not even need to talk about it, it just acts and clearly, with the neatest evidence. It is to be experienced only. When i was at the Uni was also used to shift from an house to another with my friends. Great times. Very little meditation but yes the desire to understand each other was always present whomever the time was shared with. And the time spent together was not few weeks but months, years… My friends were my sisters, my brothers, my family. This is my world, i have been always living in extended family, groups, collectives, always constantly measuring myself with the connection to the others. Thing that grew more and more when I arrived to a more consistent connection with myself thru meditation after a while.

Maybe this is one of the reason I landed in a small stripe of land swarming with 8 millions people…

[artwork picture: Lotus flower, symbol of collectivity, made out of 2100 petals by sahaja yoga collective living in Italy – emancipated innovative designers…]


The beauty comes

…from where? inside, outside? 2 sides? what do you say?

We experienced something unusual and cool few weeks ago at my office in Hong Kong. It was a workshop: a blend of inside and outside beauty, underlining how important it is to keep beautiful and fresh on both sides at the same time, especially for a woman today. Living merged with the pollution,  the smog, the huge crowd, the stickyweather and aircon requires you to get some kind of “vital” certificate in order to overcome all the nesty consequences of an appearent unhealthy life-environment. There are many aspect, many subjects to go thoroughly thru to get this certificate and I will explain them soon.