I presume you all know where ego is located in the brain. In case you have no idea about brain deepest anatomy and functions you are still on time for that. It is very easy to understand & useful to know. Here is a species of fish with a big ego which made me laugh a lot. Besids the fact that it seem to have been tatooed Chinese characters with black ink on the body too!

15 reasons why it s good to know own Mr Ego.

  1. because it gives a tremendous opportunity to laugh about your self and have lots of fun with your personal nuts!
  2. because it helps you understanding the real purpose behind your actions, dreams, goals…
  3. because it clarifies for you the purposes of other people ideas in your circle or groups regarding activities, projects ecc. you are involved.
  4. because it gives you the last chance to face your ultimate stupidity.
  5. because it gives you the last chance to understand the meaning of your feelings.
  6. because it gives you the golden chance to distnguish between ego and self confidence, which are two very different aspects of personality.
  7. because it helps to prevent general painful troubles with others.
  8. because it will give you a vision on a large scale of  how things move in the community you belong to.
  9. because it will help you to connect with other people who know their Mr Ego too (they are special and sometimes rare)
  10. because it feels like an amazing satisfiction with no other comparison to silent the ego thoughts.
  11. because an egoless life is much smoother and neater than an egoful life.
  12. because it gives you clarity and dynamism of thinking.
  13. because it makes you different and precious in every place you go.
  14. because it will build like a shield of protection around your personality and space of action.
  15. because it will move your attention on new things, very smart.

The support


Today people are confused about supporting each other or on a larger scale.  But supporting is very important and it is just like love, that without it everything is so dry and useless. The confusion is once again propagating from medias or other false sources as individuals or organizations. People think that sharing some activities, or giving some time or money is equal to support. That for example traveling to a place or sponsoring a child faraway or visiting a website with a badge from home is nourishing support.  They cannot go deeper down to the meaning of this action or feeling i should say. We decide to start a school and we get so enthusiastic & caring, we almost believe this must be a long lasting project for the benefits of all and then after several years the school have to be closed. This is an example on educational level which could apply to any other fields.  Real support is too subtle and cannot be totally understood or expressed, it is a quality which can flow from one person to the other and everybody will feel  and derive enormous benefits from that.

Cities, sense of belongings, ashram lifestyle, cultures: the way they fit

We are definitely getting closer now and do not need to sit down together for a dinner to feel this closeness. It is just happening, some people may still not be aware but this beautiful & colorful train is spinning to such a velocity where even the stars  are collaborating. We are now able to feel the universe with all its problems and all its wonders! One of the most excellent training  to this ability was certainly given by Mahatma Gandhi and the creation of the Sevagram Ashram during his lifetime. “People, he felt, should not tolerate each other and their differences, but learn to respect, understand, accept and appreciate each other.” – writes Arun Gandhi grandson.

It is exactly what it is in town for example where people are no more tolerating each other because they now want to connect and embibe the goodness of other cultures: it is a different process which can transform oneself into a new personality sometimes very different from before.

Throwing Pure Love all the way to Colombia

Today is a really cool day all over the world!! You know in about 200 cities the colombians living there have organized meeting points to attract the attention of the others on Colombia. I also have a family there, a very special family with whom i have shared two memorable years of my life. This is an extract received from them thru email: 

Colombia is living these days one of the most important moments of its
history: On the next 4th of February a massive, global mobilization
will be organized so that hundreds of thousands of Colombians will
march to protest against the Kidnapping and the guerrilla group ”
FARC”. Since a very long time the Colombian people have not expressed
their collective power of desire in such strong massive way and we
hope it will carry its fruits.
Therefore we ask to all our dear brothers and sisters in the world to
help us with their subtle work on the following subjects:

·         Unconditional Return home of hundreds and hundreds of Colombian
citizens who are now kidnapped.

·         End of the guerrilla group “FARC”

·         Solution of the conflicts existing between the governments of Colombia and Venezuela


THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING COUNTRY and more than 50% of the population is very young! many children are also trained to be killers for the guerrilla and if they try to escape they get tortured or even worst then that. This situation is so terrible that it requires the mobilitation of good brains around the world. We are indeed living a Era of Blossoming, no doubt and these weak people have to disappear for the sake of the whole mankind. 

One time i was stolen my bag in the capital, Bogota, while coming back from work in the afternoon. What i understood from that rapid and meaningful experience was that there are people at this world who are extremely weak and poor in their personality and understanding. They fear themselves more than anybody else and they do not deserve to raise their destiny but only to degenerate and disappear at the right time. 

S.O.S. true spirituality in China, Hong Kong and co.

Spiritual cool stuff open the mind, the heart, the awareness. Absorbing them makes me growing and maturing, appreciating the real beauty around me and in the other people. Spirituality moreover is an urgent must in a city like Hong Kong. Materialism will never compete brilliantly enough with the wonders of deep self-understanding since it is based on dead matters, alienating facts, unclear and fakes personalities, weak characters roaming around.

But true spirituality is never boring and never ending, it can always keep growing just like the age. You realize the transformation is really taking place and you are undergoing constant changes in your mind and in you feelings. All these changes are for good because you know that the spirit is the source. “I am the spirit, I am the pure spirit, I am not conditionings, no ego”. It is the most beautiful affirmation one can say at least once in life! China has this beautiful history of dharma and spirituality that not all the other countries have already understood completely. And unfortunately today it is happening that even the Chinese do not really understand it otherwise they would show it and the country would shine in all its marvel and splendor.

One of the first time I went to China from Hong Kong I asked to my inner spirit (which I believe to be also my inner mother) “Please let me see immediately the problems of this country”. We were just landed in Xiamen and were on our way, as a tour group, to the hotel the very first night. We arrived to a beautiful hotel and while waiting for the rooms a horrible slideshow of local people just in front of our eyes, completely drunk, coming out from a room where they were holding a wedding banquet. Young girls, younger then me, drunk and helped by smoking men to walk thru the hall to reach the sofa. People vomiting on my right side and on my left side on sofas and chairs. After about an hour the tour guide said “Sorry this is not the right hotel, we have to get back to the bus”.

Well, at least I got one good answer to my question and the rest of the tour was of course very pleasant and smooth.

When I read about Chinese news here and on international magazines, when I speak to my mandarin teacher who lives in Beijing, when I hear the comments of family and friends from Europe and America, when I look at my husband every day while staring with his deep sweet curved Cantonese eyes I get automatically sucked into another dimension and I am aware of that.

There are no clear words to describe it unfortunately since it is something that should be lived and experienced to understand. I really hope China will resurrect gradually in its own spirituality again in this modern world which is not needing liquors, nor cigarettes, nor brand new companies and products, nor 100 tallest buildings, nor even English speakers but only of a huge dosage of awakened awareness towards the need of a deep inner revolution in order to sustain proper evolution.

Let’s live in this world like an orchestra does

You already understood the meaning. But understanding is something and realizing is somehing else.

Today after finishing to watch the documentary Rhythm is it! ,that a lovely blog friend  so kindly send me thru air mail, I felt so much energy and inspiration that we can really make this world a very cool place. I had no doubt even before watching the documentary but a kind of logical, you can say, thought came to my mind. Its the following.

If an orchestra:

  • can play so well such divine pieces of music all the time in any place of the world.
  • can delight the senses of so many people in the same moment.
  • can work with such harmony and coordination.
  • is composed by people of any social background.
  • does not know what the ego of any single person is, thus expressing the climax of the collective job.

If a simple but wide orchestra can really do and be like that for real. Why doesnt the world we live in become like a huge ORCHESTRA with no ego and completely collective in its own human work? 

If an orchestra does it we can also do it.

This transforming world

The world is changing! Despite all the terrible news they keep showing on the TV, on the internet, in youtube, the world IS silently and slowly undergoing a huge visible change.Where do I see it? Firstly on the face of all the people I meet every day in the street, on the bus, in the office, at the restaurant, in the neighborhood, at the market… People smile, chat, wave, laugh…and on their mouths I can read sweetness, surprise, tenderness, understanding, struggle. It might be that their awareness is not yet opened to a real change. Not yet, but their gestures, their words that my ear-antennas rapidly receipt, their eyes are so longing for a simple and effective transformation. 

 If you are able to feel a nurturing connection with yourself you can also feel the hearts of the people around yourself. Automatically spontaneous it really happens!You will feel that no matter what they are doing, no matter where they are going, no matter how they are dressed up, no matter where they come from, they still long for this transformation to happen. Maybe they are naively thinking that the world they see have to change and not the world they feel inside. But still they desire the change. 

I am sure  my (because I am also them) people are awakening more each moment. Their body cells are stretching out towards the sunlight of the collective consciousness. This whole process so evident is the proof that our hearts are opening more and more. Silently and incredibly. We are projecting ourself towards another dimension, a higher dimension made of purity and joy where all our smiles, chats, waves, laughs will have a wonderful meaning of peace and hope. Where the beats of our heart will be synchronized and bounded together with one accord, to resemble the heart beat of the Mother earth that is the home we are all living now in.

We are all connected

This little story I experienced yesterday amazed me a lot!!I moved to another desk at my office, so this week went thru all the cleaning and ordering routines of course. Books, pens, cards…and I run into a wonderful picture of children running in circle, smiling, very beautiful. I always seek for inspiring pics to be surrounded with, especially pics related to the innocence of our kids (since all my tasks at work are strongly linked to it). I hang up the big picture of the circle. Yesterday I turn again the look at it, to the faces of the children absorbed by the sunlight. They are so joyous – I think and keep watching. Ops there are few names up there in micro graphics, I read them carefully and I find the name of a person I know. He is a professional photographer in Europe, lives in Italy and I use to see him and his Indian wife when I go to India or in Cabella!

Do you know something called the collective consciousness?