Bold painting

Bold art is a fantastic way to express clear truth of feelings and understanding. The three artworks here reported are from K. Saito (1907-1997) who dedicate his work to woodblock printing in Japan. His style is simply great and to the point. Very modern. Today we do not need to talk too much to transmit our personality or ideals. There are new ways of expression which will show things in bolded lines. It is the time for admiring them with full attention listening to the silent message they are holding for you.

These last two are acrylic paintings from me, i love strong bold colors, thats for sure. I have difficulties to make thin lines, with minute details. My hands have a pretty bold shape too. And the brushes i choose are usually pretty thick.



To master Italian language is a blessing

She doesnt master it but makes a great musical rendition:

Mi abbandono alla musica affondando profondamante in onde dei suoni Il cuore fino di vetro toccando il suono adesso domincia a svegliarsi il sentimento che esce dal fondo del mio core i suoni che vibrano nell’ aria tesa da dove da dove viene? apriamo il cuore un suono caduto nel mondo in blu un dono dal cielo ascoltiamo bene apriamo il cuore

open the heart, a falling sound in the blu world,  a gift from the sky, lets listen carefully lets open the heart

I was sinking into waves of sound, music, eyes to surrender.
Now touch the heart sounds thin glass, which wake up.
Feel from the heart
Tension trembling sound in air
Are they coming from?
Let your mind!
Listen closely to a gift from heaven!
Let your mind! (from youtube comments)

Why I love Japa Anime

  1. Colors are fresh and realistic
  2. Good demons and bad demons fight
  3. Landscapes are paradisiac
  4. Animated details inside homes and cities are extraordinary 
  5. Characters are tender
  6. Other characters are really funny
  7. Musics are moving and wonderful
  8. Story plots are interesting and with lots of  imagination involved
  9. When i was girl i used to draw the same faces of the girls of these movies
  10. Innocence is there usually

This is taken from Howl’s moving castle with origianl song:

Power runs on the lines of design

It is beautiful to see how the design of certain style flourishes in one place and then moves to another one. And people can admire the original feature of the original design truly better in the second place than in the first. It’s fascinating. This is what happened to the buddhist Chinese architecture which originated here in China during the Tang Dinasty and can be nowaday found quite intact in the island of Japan.

There is almost no need to go and seek for informations about this period because the temples speak by themselves. They are charged with silence, dignity and sober beauty. These qualities are certainly the same residing in the ancient Chinese spirit which was moreless lost for all these years. These are the blossoming times and the meaning of strenght and power animating this spirit must come back now.