Rural Hong Kong rocks

HK governament puts effort in protecting and re-touching as less as possible the rural areas around. The structure of the old villages is always maintained although new house and taller buildings are being built in their proximity which feels strange at least for the old inhabitants of the villages themselves. many young couples are moving in three floors houses nearby the villages today. the railway connections are very close and fast to get to the city so for them it is good to live in teh outskirts and work in the city.

I am still prefering the city and all “her” amazing noise and vitality which sound so much feminine in some terms. It is like a pulsating body continuously alive, breathing with the breath of all the human cells (us) that go to give “her” a unique form. The villages are indeed beautiful spots where to rest during weekends and discovering always new aspects of the city personality. 

8 thoughts on “Rural Hong Kong rocks

  1. Somehow, Hong Kong was always super-tall, cement & glass laden for me. That there is a “rural HK” was a pleasant surprise to me. Thanks for the post.

    Sad that when the entire world is trying to preserve it’s past, India is consciously destroying it.

  2. Chinese love their past in every sense, it s just a drama that they are making high buildings. even behind my home-building of 68 floors if i walk just 10 minuts i can find a big group of houses one after another like in a labirinth, that ‘s the rural side in the heart of the “modernity”! About India why do u say that? The cities will go under a change but at the outskirts towns and villages will be preserved won’t they?

  3. The cities have undergone a minor change in India compared to the outskirts & villages – with the advent of cable TV, my own village which used to buzz with activity by 5:30 AM now wakes up at 7:00. Women wear nighties and children are wise beyond thier age. Girls talk about make up and men use whatever they earn on gambling and booze. The Gandhian dream of India”s heart being in its villages is long gone. There is heavy migration to cities and most Indian cities are ripping at the seams with incapability to handle the inflow. As a result, sanitation, welfare, food and housing are all tremendous issues which will come up soon. For now, the common man prefers to look away from the future troubles and believe what the government is telling him – that India is shining.

    To be very truthful, my heart cries for this misguided motherland but I really would want to move out of this country soon.

    On the other hand, there are some structures which are still alive as a part of our heritage – however, a misunderstood version of “modernity” has taken over the hearts of people which pains me.

  4. The hearts of the people (as u are saying at he end), of all of us is the main point. Until they will be problematic and won’t shine in a divine and strong way we cannot even trust ourselves and all the plans we are making for our life and for our cities. The places where we live and the attitude we show are the translation of the work of our heart. Heart of people is the center of everything ans should be looked at as the source of our activities and achievements as individuals and communities, what do u say? Gandhi was Gandhi coz he had a strong, clean, established heart.

  5. Heart, certainly is very important but I feel there should be some amount of brains when collective humans are to be considered. Personally, when my life is to be considered, I”d do what my heart says – but often, I have to do things that I may not like to because others around me prefer those things.

    Gandhi is a confusing personality and I would not comment on him – at this stage, I believe he was a great person. I also would have liked him to set up the villages with a better backbone because they have been ignored ever since his demise.

    On the other extreme, I now remember what I had said on Axinia’s post on diamond studded cow – it is only an assumption that we perform actions- they were anyways bound to happen!! We were just tools and the Geetha says – your are just tools to get the thing done-you don’t do anything…

    Basically, I am just confused…sorry..

  6. True, we dont do anything at the end of all, just as it is said in Gita. Also when it seems we are playing a rule or a circumstances we dont really feel “by heart”, that is fine coz we are meant to be there and we can find good reasons for that. Also the others around ourself, they are there, ALL of them for our growth and benefit, but we must see it and dont stuck to the apparent-superficial side. See what Tukaram has said: When the heart is purified with sincerity
    Then even enemies become friends.
    Tigers may come near but will never attack one.
    Poison offered to such a one will turn into nectar,
    Any harm directed towards him will result into good,
    Harsh words will sound polite.
    Any pain afflicted will become the source of happiness.
    The flames of fire will turn cool.
    For God All Merciful is pleased.
    If one’s heart is full of compassion,
    If one loves others more than oneself,
    God will look upon such a one with an eye of mercy
    And bless his heart with His presence.

    Enjoy and have nice sunday! so nice sharing thoughts with u!

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