Inside the flowers of Lamma island

Travelogues about island are not finished yet here. Lamma island is considered probably the coolest one to live in because of its artistical attractions. Lots of European families landed in Hk decided to settle down here although the houses are not modern at all and all kinds of interesting animals (lots of snakes they say) around are ready to visit anytime.

There are plenty of colorful things to watch in Lamma. Flowers, plants and trees have been marked and explained upon small wooden tags but for the aracnide up there there was nothing to read since it was a spontaneous meeting at the beginning of the main path. When arriving at the harbour, about 20 minuts from HK mainland, you may probably meet some native selling hand cooked red bean sweet soup or cookies.

Afterwards by following the main narrow street the wole greenish and easygoing, wild and relaxed environment will disclose in front of you:

There are 2 things you should pay lots of attention while hiking around Lamma. One is the strong smell of its flowers scattered in mass at any corner like in a big garden. All the fragrances fuse in the air, it s like being in heaven and the aroma is so much penetrating that your brain is so happy to swim into it! There are flowers whose petals are starting to yellow because of the Autumn season but they keep the odorous activity tuned, others present rare jungle shapes of colored lianas.


Now, why Lamma is considered so artistic?? First of all musicians, painters, dancers, writers and so on populate this place. Not only the fragrance but also the music of a piano flying out from a window for example can accompany you in the trip for a while.  I met a French dancers who has been living here for years while staying in HK and she never regretted to have to travel back and forth for her job was on the mainland, and consider that afyter 11 or midnite there are no more ferries every day. 

The second Art reason is that all the shops and restaurants maintain of course a well trendy made look to catch your eyes. They care about little details, sometimes extravagants, sometimes normal. So you may notice an old singer sewing machine right against the main wall of the street you are walking along or a wooden rocking horse placed like on a pedestal at the end of a street. Romantic sets have been created at the outdoor tables of all the restaurants. Lamma is perfect for the tea time and serves traditional or western home made cakes or for the dinner/lunch with the availability of the tastier and fresher of the fish (expensive!) for you to pick directly from the big tanks outside each restaurant.

AH! before night time, dont forget to enjoy the sunset that on the islands is always so spectacular and regenerating!

Travelouge’s sunset also comes here ~


The Wind from the Inner Island

Of only one thing I am REALLY proud and it is the fact that I took my birth on an island. My father is not an islander like my mother and myself but he keeps repeating to everybody that like Ischia Island there are no other islands in the world (and he is the one who has traveled and seen most of the islands of the globe, trust me).The small Ischia Island is located in the Mediterranean sea and I have spent there the first 18 years of my life. The reasons why you can be proud of this kind of accidental background are:

1)     you grow FREE: the sea, the beach, the forest and the countryside are your secure companions.

2)     You grow CONTENT: people around yourself are all the same, like a big family, they know you, they see you growing, they love and respect you because basically they are extremely simple and unconditioned.

3)     You MEET loads of people from everywhere: at least for 2 seasons in the eighties (now its all over the year), Spring and Summer of every year, you get this wonderful opportunity to mingle with loads of tourists in the narrow streets, listen to a variety of languages and watch a myriad of faces from any country and greet them!

These are just three “practical” aspects, and I would love to tell you more about subtle aspects of growing “surrounded by water” nextly. 

Is this the city of the angels?


Well, Hong kong is the perfect environment for somebody like me who spent the first 20 years of her life in a wonderfful small Italian island surrounded by the cool breeze of the Mediterranean winds. How much lucky am I to be discovering this city now? quite a lot, i can assure it. When i realized that i was getting merried to a chinese prince it was too late to say no. The sweet princess with big Italian eyes was going to carry on her destiny into a different place, where so many things and people would have had other eyes. But since this little princess was already in love with differences she decided to go, two years ago…

[painting Coin Qian in Shanghai]