Grey fotoreportage from Popular Sham Shui Po

This is Sham Shui Po one of the most attractive areas in HK city. It is a pretty popular neighbourhood with the classical dead temple and old buildings. If you look at its district logo  you will  notice that, only with few others, it was inspired by a Chinese idiographic character. There is one reason why i love to visit SSP at least once a month… can u guess? stay tuned for it!




Here shops do not stay open until wee hours so you must be fast and before 5 o clock your shopping should be over. the market is a great attraction, it’s one of the cheapest in town and offers different kinds of goods, from antiques to clothing to electronics….but i dont come to SSP for these kinds of goods unfortunately.


there is also a timid accentuation of a cultural variety and you can mingle with Indians and Arabians along the road…





not enough colorful and beautifully beautiful? tha’s why i said stay tuned untill the next.





4 thoughts on “Grey fotoreportage from Popular Sham Shui Po

  1. the speciality of this area is the soy milk solid dessert topped with brown sugar. And the fresh made local beancurd skin to make springrolls. superdelicious both of them!

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