Tao couplets

Usually they stop to the first couplet but here’s the rest, even more beautiful and enduring!

1. It is wisdom to know others;

It is enlightenment to know one’s self.

2. the conqueror of men is powerful;

the master of himself is strong.

3. it is wealth to be content;

it is willful to force one’s way on others.

4. endurance is to keep one’s place;

long life it is to die and not perish.

Accompanied by fabulous sitar from Bangladesh…enjoy it ~

Tao te ching: how it works in corporate business systems


Most perfect, yet it seem

imperfect, incomplete:

its use is not impaired.

Filled up, and yet it seems

poured out, an empty void:

it will never run dry

The straightest, yet it seems

to deviate, to bend;

the highest skill and yet

it looks like clumsiness.

The utmost eloquence,

it sounds like stammering.

As movement overcomes

the cold, and stillness, heat

the Wise Man, pure and still

will rectify the world