Learning a language thru the music

It is really fun, i didnt ever think that a word can be accompanied by a musical background and you just start following it and repeat the word in teh right sequence. Tonight i had my first experience with mandarin. Basically somebody who came to China started with this linguistic initiative. CDs are not cheap and each includes about 15 short chapters. You can always check it out here  . If you like music and ritmo it can work for you!

Verses in marathi

Marathi is a marvelous language, the more you will speak it the more your subtle system will open and strenghten. The cell of your body do know marathi already at a level of pure knowledge.

Bramha Shodhile, Bramhand. Mirlale.

Ai, Tujhiya Dhami

Janmojanmachi Punyayi Az. Ali Majhiya Kami

Ai, Tujhiya Dhami

I was searching for Divine vibrations/Mother, on Your doorsteps/All the accumulated righteousness of many a birth has today been put to proper use/Mother, on Your doorsteps…

It’s not true that a new language should be taught by mothertongues to the kids



I have two close examples which support the fact that children can learn a new language not necessarily from mother tongue teachers.

The first is a long study to which by myself I participated in 1998-1999 with a master thesis in Rome. Based on the main idea of Bruner about constructivism in psychology and learning processes we focused on children at kindergarten level living in an Italian context and being exposed to the English language as second one (L2). The research was inspired by 400 teachers and their young pupils. We eventually wrote this book comprehensive of all the work done. The cool point is that maybe only one of the teacher was a native English speaker, all the others learned in our seminars and transmitted their knowledge in the classroom. We analyzed their progress, prnunciation, improvements, diaries, workshops, a lot of interesting material…They did an excellent job and the children learnt each year more and more! Statistics and databases inclueded in the same book. Do you know why the children learnt English? The main result was that is because the teacher love them and express her lovely attitude plus interest towards them daily and firmly. A section of the project was dedicated to the expressions of her face, to her words and behaviours with the little ones. They love the L2 because they love in primis the person who is teaching them. That is why we intitled the book “The magic teacher”. This magic is nothing but pure love!

Second example is fresher and again comes from an experience in Italy which I only heard about directly and am supporting with material in Chinese language. My auntie, an experienced teacher and coordinator of seminars and workshop at a primary school, is already conducting Chinese classes in ludic form to the kids. And she never spoke Chinese before. She is using the modern Youtube way, karaoke, playful settings and real small storytelling linked to the new life of her adorable daughter (me 🙂 ) Here is an example i provided her few weeks ago. It is just so much sweet:

Children understand love more than anyone else” (Nirmala Srivastava)

The cute aspect of speaking in Chinese



If one day you may decide you want to do something cute for a long term then please take Chinese language classes. This language has strong sweet connotations and they can even be absorbed in the character and attitude! Learning Chinese is good because:

  • It makes you smile
  • It transmits a real sense of purity to yourself
  • It makes you talking with a sort of a new voice
  • It allows you to go back to childish verbalizations but seriously and in the present

A wonderful lyric about the powers of the big mother earth:

dang wo men tang zai da di

xiang tou shen zai shou hu

huo de zi jiao hou chong sheng

qi fa nei zai di guang

The beauty of understanding many languages

And if not speaking a language can be a reason to search beyond gestures and expressions and also have fun, speaking more than one or two languages opens so many beautiful doors. They are more and more the children who can speak at least two languages nowadays and they are growing up with such a flexible state of mind hat it is such an enormous pleasure to just see them! I have to say most of my friends are merried to a person who did grow up in another country, speaking another language. Just like my husband and me.

At the beginning it can seem quite a kind of challenging relationship but after a while the challenge leaves space to smothness and openess, its such a cool game! And you feel only enriched and grateful each day. So you start absorbing a new language and think why not learning a new one and then a new one?  It is happening to me. Its really exciting. Considering that in my family most of the people speak at least two languages, even the ones who could not attend school have learnt due to change of places and lifestyles. My uncles both can speak three european languages for example.

I always felt a positive attraction for learning them and until now have been so much lucky to have full opportunity to practice and absorb English, Croatian and Spanish. Currently Chinese. I am getting equiped for Hindi and possibly Russian and Portuguese. My brain shines, i can really feel it everytime i am engaging in conversation with different people in the same moment. The heart opens! People feel so good when listening to you speaking their mother language. They start loving you immediately. Its like you are part of their life already and they appreciate you so much.

There must be studies about good feelings and knowledge of many languages. May be i will look for them later. Now let me enjoy my studies and opportunity! Luv

The beauty of not understanding a language

This kind of “beauty” is not easy to understand; it requires loads of acceptance and inner strength. Quite a lot. Did you ever had a conversation or, on a lighter level, a simple daily relationship with people you don’t speak their language? And they don’t speak any other than that? Common people you could meet everyday: the bus driver, the man at the grocery store, the lady who sells newspapers… In the present time, you can have this unique experience in Hong Kong if like me you grew up in the west. Enquiring, watching and living this environment now I found out that the great majority of the hongkonise population grew up and studied in Cantonese, even the English language! My husband told me that when he was at school they used to have English books but they did nit understand one word of them, since even the teacher was talking in Chinese-cantonese. Isnt it funny?  However I am going to talk about the chinese language itself in another post.

What I want to stress out here is that we don’t need to understand what people say to have a fulfilling relationship. First we have to be fulfilled by our SELF, our INNER being. Aftermath we can interact with all kinds of human beings. It is because we depend upon ourself and not on the environment or culture or language surrounding us. Do you understand what am I talking about?  With love.