Turtle delight

I want to delight you with some turtles we met on our way this past weekend. You know how much Chinese love them historically speaking. They are bizarre pets though and not my fav of all. The only thing i really like about turtles is that they live long enough to enjoy a full amazing life back and forth by water and earth (when they can manage both these elements). In HK turtles reeverywhere located for being admired, photographed or bought. They always remind me of one possibility of being a human who is still perfectly anchored to his old past shell and stubbornly carries it along the way despite of life changes. I guess we all have some turtling aspects hidden inside at some points…nd we all handle them in different ways.


2 thoughts on “Turtle delight

  1. After reading your comments on I000 Petals… I clicked your link and…became the speechless. That was something much better than I could expect. The turtles gave me a good shake. Wow, that was the boundless inspiration indeed. The glorious view!
    So I read your post with the tremendous interest. The turtling aspects that were hidden deep inside were thus revealed. Thank you. Art by Tomas became your hot fan.

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