Shri Laxmi loves shopping


She must be one of the most modern goddess, nicely dressed up and enveloped in some loving smell of a flower fragrance. I think Shri Laxmi loves Hong Kong which has already conquered the name of Paradise of shopping worldwide. She makes money circulating, jobs creating and people being blessed by her rapid touch. She has some preferences, being her gusto of a divine type. She keeps testing on folk’s inner energy to see if it is used in the proper dharmic way with balance and immense love, detached. Laxmi is the prettiest of all, She never forgets to wear jewerly and khajal. She acts in the subtle with endless inspirations: today indulging on the creditcard, tomorrow resting in the pink lotus flower busy with new works  for the times to come. Peaceful and tireless. Diwali of course is Her favourite because is when She can truly bestow or confirm powers with the spontaneous meditative style freely accessible to everybody now. Today Laxmi is a reality. Feel your stomach and feed the others.

That inner sense of theatrical being

 How can you miss your theatrical part in life, i mean the comic or dramatic aspect of your character which gives so much meaning to every day! otherwise we will be like fish in a box.  In these financial cities where everything and everyone is on a schedule you can enjoy some theatre

  • very much at the theatre where you pay the ticket and assist to the show
  • very little during interaction cause most of the people act moreless monotonely so they give the impression to do all the same things at the same way.

mother_smileWell, there are countries where people are so serious about theatre that they act 70% of their time in norml dailylife. They conversate transforming their voices intentionally like they were possessed or performing acts in any place when get along together; for example you cannot understand when an Italian is talking seriously or he is joking. Such a skill he has got. Innate. Humoristic and tossed with charm and kindness. It’s just pure life. you can’t get this sense in a materialistic society where businesslike minds guide every profit out. But if you really seek for this side, a comic side is also there and it will make you laugh. I start believeing that this is why we have big cities: to make people laughing about it and about themselves.


Urban life: the job perspective

I work full time in a city of 9 millions inhabitants.

Hong Kong life in all its aspects rotate around your work. Usually here you see the beautiful clair cblue sky with cloudy shapes in the morning for the time you take to arrive at your workplace. Afterwards you can see again the same beautiful sky for an half hour during the lunch (because the other half hour you will sit somewhere at a table eating). Finally when you come home you can enjoy a great sunset from the vehicle on the way back home unless you take the MTR, underground.

Urban lifestyle is not that light and when you are home at the end of the day you feel like an angel who has been flying all day and now only wants to rest his wings.

Interesting aspects of the urban life connected to your job:

  • you always keep a wide eye open on the global economy and the local economy of many countries. there are many opportunities to talk and hear about it during discussions with friends.
  • you meet up with people who tend to be dynamic and active, travel quite a lot and share news and facts from different places they have visited. A first hand updating of what’s going on somewhere else.
  • All your activities other than working are available only during the evening and in the weekends. Meeting of family and friends also. It is rigorous to hace a schedule and fix a time for any meeting. When you see somebody you know in the street or somewhere spontaneously it is always a surprise but you know there must be a connection because among 9 millions of people…
  • I heard of many women who get “bored” or “depressed” when they do not have a job. How is it possible? Especially here people get this wrong idea that to not be on full time is not good. I would have hundreds of good things to do even without a full time job and I say it is exactly the same. When we get too attached to our money-job we start to see it as indispensable. But at the essence a job is meant to:

Keep yourself balanced and emancipated. Stimulate the creativity, the ability of problem solving, the capacity to make new contacts and engage in new friendships. Have fun during your day, find new methods, watch your mistakes, improve what’s good, see your limits and open new doors in your minds.

Who is lethargic by nature will usually talk about tiredness, who is more active will talk about create new opportunities.  Overall it is a matter of character, attitude and inner balance. When teh attention is still inside you do not consider too many aspects of your job, you just enjoy it and treat it as a respectful opportunity, a holiday of the spirit with a great aim.


Silent warrior’s notes on the weekend

The more i live the more I find ties between these two forces animating and shaping the time we are all blending in. But these ties are of unnatural type. For Attention with capital “A” here it is meant Divine force, Fragrant Purpose, Self Connection… there are many creative words to describe it because the Pure Attention is the one governing the all Universe. She / He is not identified with any purposes but Joy and Love. How beautiful would be the place we inhabit now if these force would take over! Let’s support Her!


Anxiety is the opposite which I am softly and speedily learning (?) in this Hong Kong Jungle context. Weekend comes and Attention graciously runs away for the ones who are not deeply attached to her. The busy cities have too much on the plate, now we call this “too much” with the name of entertainments. The list is infinite and at the core is really boring and creativity killing!


We start to believe that we can have fun by doing lots of things in one day or by trying different places and activities. We have this desire to be busy, we must do something, cannot just stay sitted and contemplate the view of the nature or the view of our friend’s minds sipping tea, we need to have more views from outside coming within us and spoil ourselves. I went to wash my hands at the toilette in the movie theatre yesterday and when I stepped into the bathroom it was totally wall papered with coming movie posters. I understand that something not always gentle is intentionally pushing its own way into our perception and senses wherever we go.


My inner world / system is working hard to keep the doors closed to these agents and imbibe itself with cool attention. This is a short note about how it feels to have a warrior mind today, a warrior of Silence. Attention & Silence, the same force.    

S.O.S. true spirituality in China, Hong Kong and co.

Spiritual cool stuff open the mind, the heart, the awareness. Absorbing them makes me growing and maturing, appreciating the real beauty around me and in the other people. Spirituality moreover is an urgent must in a city like Hong Kong. Materialism will never compete brilliantly enough with the wonders of deep self-understanding since it is based on dead matters, alienating facts, unclear and fakes personalities, weak characters roaming around.

But true spirituality is never boring and never ending, it can always keep growing just like the age. You realize the transformation is really taking place and you are undergoing constant changes in your mind and in you feelings. All these changes are for good because you know that the spirit is the source. “I am the spirit, I am the pure spirit, I am not conditionings, no ego”. It is the most beautiful affirmation one can say at least once in life! China has this beautiful history of dharma and spirituality that not all the other countries have already understood completely. And unfortunately today it is happening that even the Chinese do not really understand it otherwise they would show it and the country would shine in all its marvel and splendor.

One of the first time I went to China from Hong Kong I asked to my inner spirit (which I believe to be also my inner mother) “Please let me see immediately the problems of this country”. We were just landed in Xiamen and were on our way, as a tour group, to the hotel the very first night. We arrived to a beautiful hotel and while waiting for the rooms a horrible slideshow of local people just in front of our eyes, completely drunk, coming out from a room where they were holding a wedding banquet. Young girls, younger then me, drunk and helped by smoking men to walk thru the hall to reach the sofa. People vomiting on my right side and on my left side on sofas and chairs. After about an hour the tour guide said “Sorry this is not the right hotel, we have to get back to the bus”.

Well, at least I got one good answer to my question and the rest of the tour was of course very pleasant and smooth.

When I read about Chinese news here and on international magazines, when I speak to my mandarin teacher who lives in Beijing, when I hear the comments of family and friends from Europe and America, when I look at my husband every day while staring with his deep sweet curved Cantonese eyes I get automatically sucked into another dimension and I am aware of that.

There are no clear words to describe it unfortunately since it is something that should be lived and experienced to understand. I really hope China will resurrect gradually in its own spirituality again in this modern world which is not needing liquors, nor cigarettes, nor brand new companies and products, nor 100 tallest buildings, nor even English speakers but only of a huge dosage of awakened awareness towards the need of a deep inner revolution in order to sustain proper evolution.