Motor force in the background

Forget the past forget the past. What is this? …Erase the past? …Understand the past? …Give dignity to the past? Past is a source of power, a spiral of gems waiting to be lucidated and finally sparkle in all their splendor and sacrality. Each person has a special background because each person is special. Two Mondays ago i has the fortune to walk around Rome, the only world city where history comes alive and you cannot forget your past. Rome sucks you back wherever you are born and whatever is your motherlanguage. Rome does make your inside bell ringing: Love Your Past, Give it the Dignity. This is why Rome is awsome and this is also why I am pervaded by immense gratitude fora pretty long Roman pastlife. She understands me. Of course my visit was not only for pleasure causes but there was a productive reason linked to important working documents that She was still taking care of. It was now the time to be fully entitled the predicted sole owner of these Papers. And there i was enjoying the renewed past. When we k.n.o.w. where we are coming from, extraordinary motor forces get ignited. Never forget who we really are if we want to take the chance to drive. 

Grandma Palmira Birthday

I love palmas, they are beautiful decorative strong trees,they also carry coconuts, an amazing versatile fruit. Palma is also nick name of my grandmother a born Slavic (ex-Yugoslavia) lady who went thru several refugee’s camps when few years younger than myself and served there as bilingual translators for Croatians and Italians. We have plenty of pictures in b/w from this period, they look fascinating and misterious to me, lots lots of people that she never met anymore. They are shown playing guitar and dancing around a campfire, sitting in the grass, laughing in groups and posing for pictures. Occasional family to share those difficult post-war times in Europe. I often reckon how thankful i have to be forever to this woman because she is the one who being asked to choose, said that “no we are not going to Southamerica with the cousins, we want to be shifted to South of Italy” and the rest is history (but I could have been born as a different me in Southamerica too eheh, eventually we are nothing but the spirit)

Wishing you long life and Love dear Grandma,

your “stella”

Where virtual games lead thru herbed halibut and new catastrofi


Popping by hub’s facebook page briskly reading “he just whipped up some fresh herbed halibut at some Cafe place” . Adorable Hub whipping fish at the stove in a Cafe’? No no, cannot be him. Or may be in his dream. So i left him a comment: can you do it at home for 1 time pleeeease? At least it will sound more enthusiastic than cooking halibut thru the Virtual cafe on facebook. I really really want to know where virtual games lead our mind and what is so attractive in them. The answer is nothing and it depends also on the time people spent on them, how big is the portion of our Complete attention stickying on them.

Instead of playing virtually you can just do it. Learn a recipe, have fun in the kitchen, chat with the fish shopper at the market, make up some relationship, and cook your halibut. It s just a fishy example but can be applied to virtual pokers, real estate, farmville, fashion shop: virtual games do cover all kinds of real world fields. They relax the mind? They alienate a person from human contacts? They give some distraction during the working time? They develop modern catches in the body & soul? You will know the answer soon while you play them.  

In addition, what is the percentage of attention = time, drooling on the end of the world stuff, the maya calendar, the astronomy and the prophecies; there is also a mad-catastrofe-effective movie called 2012 on that; how about focusing on exploration of divinity of the present world? the divinity of the human abilities and potential? …Like cooking some fresh halibut for example.

But the main point is of immense capacity. The whipping herbed fish is another story. An the end of the world stuff are a waste of sacred time. maybe  they are also connected.

[photo by national geographic stolen to another blog i dont remember the name]

Father and daughter on real experience and solid bounds


It’s my father birthday, he’s just 57 and you would feel on heaven by sharing his cmpany. They say there is a special link between daughters and fathers so it maybe possible i am writing this out of this special connection but i dont think so. Infact each and every person who is getting along with him now and in the past is clearly benefitting of his compelling personality and adorable heart. He has been my guide for over thirty years, he still is at the right level of maturation, being the perfect father that each daughter would love to have aside. I had many girlfriends along the years but no one of them could compete, in their own bound with their father, with the one we have been blessed with. Yes, this is pure blessing which happens once in a while to our generation. The connection goes far beyond the daily material necessities that he always generously lavishes. I love my father’s spirit so nouishing and so much founded into first hand experience, consistency of character, morality, discipline, straightforwardness, clarity of feelings and words. He is an  example of how a man can rise with his own inner wisdom and understanding  from a not vantagious social and political situation to a point where life becomes interestingly flourishing and soothing. Beside having a great  joyious character he is also a self made artist dedicated to always different tecniques, designs, and daily care of edible, ornamental plants, flowers and trees. [all pics are his artworks, Lillo below we drew & painted together more than 20 years ago]




Daily streets from Viet Nam

they are like in Southamerica, with supersimple ” tiendas”, stores selling basic food, staples, clothes. Lots of hairdress and nail art places. Lots of people sitting in the shadow,  chatting or resting. They are not large. Mostly silent.  The buildings are very interesting, usually each one is a house for one family; they are developed in height on 3 or 4 floors. Many have been built in the last five years, pretty young and smart in design.





I love families in Viet Nam. I met different people, young working couples with kids. They have helpers at home and enjoy the tremendously well known traffic every day. Everybody knows about the chaos provoked especially by rivers and rivers of motorbikes. Also taxi-motorbikes of course. Here we got caught by heavy rain on a Saturday night.


Electronic learning games & toys are not crucial for infants development


It is such an exageration of this materialistic minds scattered all around toy industry today that electronic lightning rattles are beneficial to a child development. It is fine for a kid to have one electronic toy ever year, just to have some taste of this light-flashing, spinning-sounds environment a lot of us are plugged in, and with them plenty of modern families too. But it is really eveident that these toys are not at all crucial for the development of the core values and qualities that a child requires in order to be a good and wise gifted man or woman in the future of their real life. Recently, when during a medical conference here in Poly University of Hong Kong i had the opportunity to share some insights from a psychological and evolutionary point of view with the lecturing doctor about these toys , i was not surprsed at all when he said that these tools can have damaging effect on the optical chiasm of the little brains. It means that their development will proceed in a slower not balanced way:  the opposite of what many managers in toy industry trust nowadays.

Adding a couple of considerations collected on a base of three years work as game editor in Chinese toy industry and on a base of master training in developmental and educational psychology and on a base of past two years teaching at primary school. It is all connected 🙂

  • Educationally motivated societies now like to stress enlightenment contents as their curriculum. Electronic learning games today are so much lacking in lifting spirits of children up that they only transmit mediocre learning messages.
  • Love is always the master key to a fulfilling learning and educational process. I always wonder at which level is this nourishing love intentionally sent thru these products?



One thing Hong Kong does miss

They say that Chinese and Italians have in common the sense of the family. It’s true. In fact Italians and Chinese mothers know very well how to take care of their sons in general. They are loving and firm, simple and spiritual in their way of educate and grow them up. They have strong desire to see the family united and happy, that everything is normal and work hard to preserve good feelings among the members.

Right now Hong Kong is undergoing some slight changes into the familiar asset. They are mainly due to the pressure of this money oriented society. The young people work and study very hard often morning until night. Many are disoriented falling into a circle of earning and spending. It is increasing the number of singles and couples who are going to live in a flat independently from the parents and see the family during the festivals, public holidays after having arranged day, place and hour of meeting. In how many cities of the world does this happen? That we have to set up an appointment to see our parents. Never in my Italian life this had happened! I used to be with my family almost every weekend or see each other during the week, it’s one of the most pleasant thing that a crowded city will miss forever.

Thoughts recorded by the “daughter within” myself


From the Mother:

Don’t lie to me because I already know everything about you.

Don’t ask too much, you also have to know when keep silent. 

Are you conscious of what you are doing? Or you just don’t care? 

Play with and love all your friends coming from other countries because they are children just like you. 

Why do you want to study psychology?  

Enjoy the people any moment you spend with them because you don’t know when you are going to see them again. 

Don’t use a bad language otherwise it will be retorted against yourself one day. 

You have to be a little bit fatter. Men don’t like skinny ladies. 

You have to use comfortable heels you can walk on because you are a woman. Also use skirts more often then pants. 

Help your sister and forgive her all the time if something goes wrong.

It doesn’t matter, I don’t want to listen anything else, you should just forgive that person. Just forgive okey?   

From the Father:

You should not think about money too much because money will come. The most important for you is to behave in a honest and respectful way with your colleagues and supervisors. In this way you ‘ll get any job you wish. 

I expect the other people to talk good about you when they meet me. I don’t want to hear any complaining about you. 

You should nor copy nor follow anybody, you should be yourself all the time and seek for the dimension you are looking for. 

Listen to the people and be interested in their life.

Don’t talk to much, by listening you can grow faster. Listen especially to the elders because the fact that they have white hair it means they can count on a longer experience than yours.

 If its possible try to help everybody at the same way. 

Life is beautiful because is never the same. 

Life is a game. Sometimes its like playing card, you have to decide which card to put down in order to make the best play.  

Don’t lie to anybody otherwise your life will become very confused and complicated and you mind will go crazy. 

When you go to sleep at the end of the day see if your consciousness is clean and light. Every day you should test it. 

Don’t think about the past, it is totally unuseful and blocks your growth. 

Measure yourself, you must know how far you can walk anytime. Don’t make a step longer than your leg (Italian proverb)

Talk to yourself in the mirror. When mistaken have the courage to tell yourself “you are not good, you did something wrong, now forgive it and keep going”. 

Who knows yourself better? Yourself or the others? 

You have to find equilibrium in everything you do and say. 

You should have discipline with yourself, try to get up early every morning. Don’t spoil your body. 

Don’t smoke and don’t take any drug otherwise you will become addicted and loose control upon yourself. 

Don’t believe in the love is commercialized around by the TV and at the movie theatre. This is not the real love. 

The politicians are all there to make you laugh, they are like comics. Same the TV shows.

The culture is not important, the experience is more important.