Father and daughter on real experience and solid bounds


It’s my father birthday, he’s just 57 and you would feel on heaven by sharing his cmpany. They say there is a special link between daughters and fathers so it maybe possible i am writing this out of this special connection but i dont think so. Infact each and every person who is getting along with him now and in the past is clearly benefitting of his compelling personality and adorable heart. He has been my guide for over thirty years, he still is at the right level of maturation, being the perfect father that each daughter would love to have aside. I had many girlfriends along the years but no one of them could compete, in their own bound with their father, with the one we have been blessed with. Yes, this is pure blessing which happens once in a while to our generation. The connection goes far beyond the daily material necessities that he always generously lavishes. I love my father’s spirit so nouishing and so much founded into first hand experience, consistency of character, morality, discipline, straightforwardness, clarity of feelings and words. He is an  example of how a man can rise with his own inner wisdom and understanding  from a not vantagious social and political situation to a point where life becomes interestingly flourishing and soothing. Beside having a great  joyious character he is also a self made artist dedicated to always different tecniques, designs, and daily care of edible, ornamental plants, flowers and trees. [all pics are his artworks, Lillo below we drew & painted together more than 20 years ago]




5 thoughts on “Father and daughter on real experience and solid bounds

  1. that’s a sweet way to tell the love and bonding your share with your father 😀
    yay.. the art looks kool
    thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Very heatening to hear of you and your father’s connection! 🙂 It is a special one, no doubt!

    I can testify for it because I feel that same connection with my father. It goes beyond words and beyond boundaries! Best things in the world are anyways meant to be felt, arent they? 🙂

  3. yes girls i could have shared much more because therelationship is indeed rich in many aspects.

    Nova, sooo good to hear u have the same experience that means you are very confident and knw how to talk to people ~

    Aiz, yes i also love his art too, there are more more pics also about home design and home decoration,painting on wall and using ornamental plants as sculptures but they are not stored in thsi pc at the moment 🙂

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