Dont blink ~ the light is ON


It’s Diwali. Cant you feel? Close your eyes and dont blink, it’s Diwali. No need to know what is Diwali, no need to be from some country, it’s just Diwali for all because everybody has its own light inside, somebody has it turned on, in somebody else it is off. If you know how to turn it on then just connect.

Today i went to one of the most furnished stationary shop here at the corner to look for clay for making diyas, little lamps and home decorate with plenty of tiny lights, flames. Went up and down alonge the aisles of the big packed shop and ended up showing some gesture to teh shop keeper with my hands. I was simulating to play with clay with my hands in front of her, i dont know how to say clay in Cantonese and didnt have the cell with me to ring my hub for help. so i just said in half chinese and half english “mgoy ni you clay?” and acting in front of her like rubbing clay in both hands. She looked at the hand for quite a while and then started blinking furiously, then run back to her stuff mumbling mumbling.

Happy D i w a l i     

  • dont
  •  blink
  • switch
  •  the
  •  light
  • ON

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